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  1. Today has to be better than yesterday

  2. OK did 27 miles last week lets see if I can top that!

  3. Tough Mudder

    Mud races are a blast. I personally prefer Spartan races as I am the very competitive type. To train for an obstacle course race you need a ton of cardio and upper body. I would focus on more body weight exercises like dips and pull ups. You should also find a step hill and train running up it. When you can do that add a sand bag!
  4. Oct 2012

    210 lbs
  5. Nov 2012

    205 lbs
  6. Aug 2012

    220 lbs
  7. July 2012

    ~225 lbs
  8. Before Aug 2011

    320 lbs or heavier
  9. Training for the Boston Marathon! Feel great to be thought of as an athelite and not as the fat guy!

    1. nanny is thinner now

      nanny is thinner now

      That's AWESOME!!!!! Good luck!!! Bet it feels great!!

    2. Lori88


      good for you......

  10. Just hit the sub 200# mark. First time since I was 13 years old!

    1. Zinneerah
    2. Kathleen


      Congrats!! I am so looking forward to getting there!

    3. fickleme75
  11. Just stood up from hernia and abdominoplasty. Holy cow batman that hurt!

  12. Check out my new blog that I created to document my training for the Boston Marathon.

  13. I am Boston bound, marathon that is! Please support me if you can. I am running in memory of my parents. What a journey I have been on this past year.

  14. So the 5 mile race went well just over 45 min (official). Not my best time for the distance but good splits with PR's for mile (8' 13") and 5 k (26' 33"). Since there were tons of hills I will take it. Lesson for half marathon better pacing!

    1. Silenus


      Ohh and I just had to buy new jeans size 32! Holy moley batman

    2. Lori88


      AWESOME and congrats!