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  1. Hi...I don't know if anyone remembers me but I had the gastric bypass surgery back in Nov of 2011 but it was unsucessful. Because of my anatomy my dr had to literally undo it right then and there. My vessels were too short to rearrange as necessary up to my stomach etc bla bla...I lost about 40 lbs due to pre surgery diet and due to just having stomach surgery. well in April of 2012 I went in for the lap band but in my mind it's been horrible. Anything I eat thats good for me like chicken, vegetables, etc...well they get stuck unless i eat tiny bites and chew forever..Ok I get that..but when I eat that way I can eat just goes on through so whats the point?..I started picking foods that were easier to eat and went down easier and of course were more fattening. The dr lectures me all the time to make sure i only eat lean meats, veggies, fish etc only...well If I could live off of that diet I wouldn't be here in the first place! I was hoping...and the way I thought the band worked is I would eat my food and get full after just a few bites because I would have this little pouch etc like the other surgery..That I would eat lean meat etc and be too full to eat any more..but instead it either 1) gets stuck and is painful or i have to vomit to get it up or 2) eat tiny bites and slowly but I dont get full as it just goes through or 3) eat higher calarie softer food...Needless to say I have lost nothing with this band in over a year..have actually put on about 15 lbs of the weight I had lost..its so frustrating..I'm afraid to go in for another fill as don't want more pain..and don't want to hear how I need to just eat "right" all the time..because eating only healthy 100% of the time hurts and lets face it who can live off of lean chicken, fish, veggies forever..None of us would be in this forum if we could. Don't get me wrong..I do eat healthy foods most of the time...We try very hard to eat right even tho it hurts to do it..but I dont really get full..I do eat much slower as I have to wait for the food to pass down and get unstuck all the time. This is the crazy part..I have never been a sweeet eater, junk food eater in my life (I just ate too much of what I did eat) until this last year but I have developed a sweet tooth and want icecream all the time (im sure because it goes down easy) . Ug..I'm just not sure what to do..sigh. "Dieting" has never worked long term for me or I wouldn't need the surgery..and thats the way I have to be now to lose anything...a strick diet of heathly cheats..ever!...Well I can do that without the band or any surgery just as well..but it gets OLD...I just wanted to be able to eat a few bites of food...get full..and be done. Not have pain wtih every bite. I sooo wish the gastric bypass would have worked for me:(( Sad Cindy
  2. I think she may have already cut my stomach but also my Ins does not pay for sleeve and now my stomach is cut so she said in 3 mos after I am healed maybe a sleeve if I need it if ins will pay but she's going to have to "rethink" how to do things... Cindy
  3. wow sounds like you had the same problem, or similar...can you please tell me what he did to resolve this?? I would love to hear. I may try and pass your dr info onto my dr and see what she says but in the meantime please tell me how they fixed you. This is my dr. she is well known here and has really done a lot...thousands of surgerys and has an excellent success rate and very low death rate which was important to me. cindy
  4. hello everyone. I signed up here a few months ago at the beginning of this process. Well Nov 28 i finally went in for my bypass surgery and it seems that the blood supply that supplies blood to my small intestines (the part that gets cut and moved up to the stomach) wont reach my stomach. I know I know...never heard of it...well neither has my dr. She has litereally done thousands of this procedure and never had this happen. She tried every which way to move it up..even had it connected for a few mins but it was so tight she new it would tear apart as soon as I got home. She even fixed a small Hiatal hernia which in there to see if that helped..I believe she tried everything...SHe has an excellent record and i think this bugs her just as well. So..she had to sew my small pouch that she had cut back to the rest of my stomach with a connection about the size of a dime. I think shes trying to give me some weight loss benefit. She has NO CLUE what will happen with that connection..if it will stretch out...what will happen as this has never occurred before..Now i'm basically on the post op gastric bypass diet..hurt like the dickens...i have a large bruise circling my belly button...very large that neither of my bypass friends had..I imagine it was from all the moving things around etc. This has been VERY overwhelming...imagine finally having the surgery to find out it was not a success :/ My biggest delima is having to crush my pills (metformin etc) its just gagging me to get it down..sigh, hubby is going to start cutting them into small pieces to take that way. How is taking capsules? Like my Gabapentin for my neuropothy? Can I take those without cutting them and putting the powder into drink etc? Thats another one that makes me sick..actually all of them do but those are the two i dont want to go without. My sugar has been on the high side since my surgery if you can believe it. I thought it was going to DROP and its gone up instead...Not from what i'm eating either..just chicken soup that's been purried and low carb high protien shakes from costco. I'm really down in the dumps about all of this..any ideas would be helpful...thanks in advance, Cindy
  5. I just had my second visit with the psychologist...when she asked which surgery i was going to pick and I told her wasn't sure yet but leaning towards the gastric bypass..She then told me that since I have diabetes (and my last A1C came in at 8.1 ) with the bypass, it will cure diabetes in 48 hours!?! I knew it would reverse it..and quickly..but that fast??
  6. I wish you tons of luck...Cigna is a Bit*h to work with. I also was denied 7 years ago after jumping through all the hoops for a year...$1500 and 2 appeals later they never did approve me. Now i'm back with different insurance trying psych appointment to go..then meet with the surgeon...I hope you win! Don't give up the fight! I wish i had KEPT it up 7 years ago.. Cindy
  7. Hi all... 7 years ago I went through the year long process to have the lap band done..right before the surgery my insurance denied it. $1500 and 2 appeals later it was still denied. I started smoking again out of frustration and said I would never go through that again. About 2 weeks ago I decided out of the blue to try again. I have different insurance now, the laws have changed, and i have had a few friends that have done the gastric band successfully. Before it was 60 % vanity and 40% health reasons..not its more like 80% health reasons. My legs hurt all the time, my hips, knees ankles hurt, I get out of breath easy and my diabetis is out of control. Oh..and I quit smoking again about 17 mos ago. What a change my dr has made in the process. I did my first morning yesterday at the clinic..had blood work, EKG, seen nutritionist and seen the coordinator. I need the shrink visit which is scheduled for Aug 3 and follow up on the 11th and need the metabolic panel. Then the appointment with dr. SO, moving very fast...I'm determined to do this but have not decided 100% to do LB or GBP. I'm leaning very heavily towards bypass this time but will decide for sure after visit with Dr. I have a great support system but i'm just nervous! You all seem like what the dr. ordered. Other people that have gone through it (although i do have 3 friends that have also that i talk to) I'm 54 years old with a wonderful husband and we want to live long enough (he's very healthy ) together to enjoy retirement. SO hear I am. My name is Cindy. Glad to meet you all!