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  1. Meisha216

    6 Years Later

    Yes I had the bypass. My only advice is to remember your pouch lol I to this day eat with my head and with meat it's not good for me I have to sometimes bring back up because it's stuck for too long. Yeah it's funny and fun not being recognized. Especially because I'm a nosey person. It was weird tho not having family recognize me. My goal was just to be under 200lbs I met that 13 months after surgery and the rest was slow and gradual. I don't know if I can say this here but Medicinal plants help me with my appetite, my hyperactive mind, and my addiction to sweets and juice. I've picked a gum chewing habit too.
  2. Meisha216

    6 Years Later

    Everything is going good. The only thing is I'm just now experiencing the dumping stuff so I had to adjust my sugar intake.
  3. Meisha216

    6 Years Later

  4. Meisha216

    6 Years Later

  5. Meisha216

    GOAL! 32 months out...

    Thanks to everyone!!!
  6. Meisha216

    GOAL! 32 months out...

    32 Months out and I'm at 158 Crazily I still need pictures to realize that I have lost that much weight, it still doesn't feel real to me. I feel like I still dress like I have to cover so much of myself.... HW: 336 HRW:326 GW: 160 CW: 158
  7. Meisha216

    Another Onerland Photo

    22 MO HW: 336 CW: 197 GW: 165
  8. Meisha216

    Finally Onederland

    Thanks Ladies!!!!
  9. Meisha216

    Finally Onederland

    HW: 336 CW: 197 GW: 165 I have finally reached ONDERLAND after 22 Months and a lost of 139lbs
  10. Meisha216

    1yr post OP

    Thanks Everyone!!!
  11. Meisha216

    1yr post OP

    Lost 115lbs. Have been in a stall for a couple of months no results on the scale but I have been losing inches.
  12. Meisha216

    11 mths 184lbs gone forever!

    You look gorgeous!!!
  13. Meisha216

    10 Months Out -115lbs

    Haven't posted a pic in a minute. Had to put a pic of some shoes that I would not have been able to wear last year that I rocked this past weekend!!!
  14. Meisha216

    8 Months Out -106lbs

    Thanks Everyone!!! I'm so excited and I'm 60lbs away from my goal. @ tribud93 most people still recognize they do have to due a double take though LOL
  15. Meisha216

    8 Months Out -106lbs

    Down 106lbs!!!! Body Difference and Face Difference