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  1. Good to hear you ladies are doing so well. What's your new update. I'm at 178. I haven't been working out like I should but guess what I'm back motivated and ready to try and reach goal by June 11, 2013. My birthday.......
  2. I'm 15 months and a couple of weeks out. I've been having the hardest time these past 2 months. My starting weight was 279lbs. Today I'm 178lbs. I know you might say that this is good. I've was at 171 for about 5 months and I'm now seeing the scale go up. This is so disappointing to me. I followed the plan down to the last period in the beginning. Now I've been allowing myself to eat things that I haven't eaten for over a year........I need help....I DO NOT see my goal weight in sight.
  3. @Erin we pick out out dresses on monday so I know how you feel @chaemed LOL she didn't say we had to lose weight she wants us to motivate her to lose some weight and all her bridemaids are always complaining about weight @Nana I forgot my password on my home computer and can only get on TT on my cell...and don't know how to change my stat
  4. Hi, Everyone I'm in a wedding this coming June and the bride is making the entire wedding party hit the gym 3 days a week. For the first time in my adult life I'm not the biggest....and I still have 45 lbs until I reach goal....but it felt so good stepping on the scale in front of everyone...I've been around this group of family and friends for over 24 years.....man love my tool and can't wait to get to the gym........my NSV
  5. Caffe I love your comment......I will never forget it and will live by it.....
  6. Today is the day I guess better late than never I met my Christmas goal of getting into onederland....199 lbs....down from 274......for some reason I'm not feeling excited as I thought I would....:-( ....I think its because of how long it has taken me (stalls, stalls and more stalls)....this was my first time making a goal and I don't think I'll be doing this again ...to much stress.......DOS weight 255 on 8/8/11......
  7. I'm had surgery on August 8th 2011.....274 starting weight .....two week liquid diet and day of surgery weight 255 lbs. .....today I'm 203 lbs.
  8. Congrats to u .....I can't wait to feel the same...4.6lbs to onederland
  9. well today I got on the scale and down 4.4lbs......5.4lbs to go to hit onederland my Christmas goal.....I'm going to up my protein and exercise daily.........I think I can, I think I can.....LOL
  10. I'm beginning to feel sad about my Christmas goal...3 weeks ago I believe I was at 210 and made a goal to get to onderland by Christmas....well today I'm 208 and feel as if it is impossible to get there by the 25th.....at this rate I'll get there by Valentine's Day :-(
  11. I was sleeved on August 8 2011 and wanted to know how everybody else is doing..my highest weight was 274 after pre op the day of surgery weight was 255 and today I weighed in at 207....I'm happy but don't feel as if I'm doing as good as others......so if you was sleeved this past August please let me know how you are doing
  12. WOW moment for me today is that I noticed that after showering I wrap a "NORMAL" size towel around me and it closed completely no gaps ........
  13. I'm trying to upload a pic from my cell but haven't figured it out yet....Hope to get some up soon
  14. I know how you feel...I'm at the same point.....keep up the good .....you and I are shaped the same.....keep up the good work
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