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  1. Things are good with me. Having some issues with my gall bladder and meet with my surgeon around that Monday. Just a bump though. Down 171lbs now... I'm at 245! Crazy! I can't believe it. The weight loss has definitely slowed and I have been increasing my exercise to keep it going.

    You will be there in no time darlin'. Glad you are going okay!

  2. Thanks for sending me a message! I'm doing ok. I hit a bit of a stall for about a month, I've started to lose again now. Being on 'regular' food is wonderful, but difficult! How are things with you?

  3. Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Thinking of you!!!

  4. Finally under 400 lbs. That's -52lbs since Oct 14th. Things are starting to look up :)

    1. LMT


      Wowee! That's really fantastic!

    2. meggers82


      Congrats! Wonderful news :)

  5. I'm still really early on, but I've been thinking - for those of you who are post-op, how long until you were able to eat out normally? What I mean is, has anyone been able to eat a slice of pizza? A hamburger? I'm not saying that those kinds of foods are 'all the time' things, but on occasion, are you able to eat these kinds of things? If so, when were you able to tolerate them?
  6. Having a bad day today - feeling depressed, barely got out of bed. I really feel like I'm starving to death. My stomach hurts so much, and I can't seem to eat anything.

    1. EmpressNeedsThisChange


      I hope you feel better soon.

    2. Christi E

      Christi E

      Hang in there!! The first few months I think are just down right hard!!!! Make sure you see your doc if you get to down on yourself!!!! It is so important to stay hydrated and in 6 months you will see why you went through this!!!

  7. Drain

    For some surgeons, it just depends on how much drainage per day you're having, for others, they only put in drains for people over a certain BMI. I had my drain for a week, believe me, I hated that thing!!! There should be a little extra tab of plastic on the drain, you can push a safety pin through it and pin your drain up underneath your shirt, and it'll help with the pulling and falling out. Just make sure to take it easy when they do take your drain out. For me, I had a lot of pain at the drain site the day after it was removed, it made it very difficult to breathe.
  8. Should I Force Myself To Eat?

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I'm still feeling overwhelmed, but it's good to hear that I'm not the only one. I still have cravings for foods, for example I 'miss' pizza...but I feel so full the thought of actually chewing and swallowing it makes me feel sick. Does anyone else feel that way? It's almost as though a switch has been flipped inside of me, I feel like I could go days, weeks, without eating - but I know I can't so trying to find something to eat is so hard.
  9. Should I Force Myself To Eat?

    Usually for my 'shake' I have a scoop of unjury w/ a half-spoonful of decaf instant coffee and milk. I've been trying to eat 1/4-1/2c of puree at each meal (1/4 if I'm having sweet potato or something along with whatever protein food I'm having). I've also noticed that I always feel very thirsty, but I still feel full. I'm not diabetic, but I wonder if there's something about the thirst that's making my stomach hurt?| (PPS: My sister suggested flat diet ginger ale to calm my stomach - I'm going to leave an open can in the fridge overnight. Has anyone had success with this? Will it help?)
  10. Hello, everyone. I'm a little over 1 week post-op, now on the purees diet. 3 'meals' a day are purees, the other 3 are protein shakes. Here's my problem: Right now, I'm (over)due to have another shake, but I feel so full. My stomach aches, and thinking about drinking a shake makes me feel nauseous. I don't want to do damage to myself by overeating....but I don't want to skip meals either. I just don't know what I should do! So, should I 'eat' on schedule, or just when I don't feel full, or what?
  11. Trying to find a yogurt with less than 5g fat and sugar in a 1/4c serving. Anyone know of one?

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    2. meggers82


      I buy the plain greek yogurt and add a bit of spenda. I like the sour taste though. I have had good luck with Source and Silhouette in Canada.

    3. Tuesday'sMama


      My surgein told me that the 5g of fat/sugar do not apply to yogurt. They recommend greek because it's high in protein. But, they also recommended Dannon Light and Fit which is really good!

    4. Tuesday'sMama
  12. Surgery went well, still very tired. Hoping to update later when I'm more awake. :) Thanks everyone for all your support.

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    2. Lori88


      Congrats! glad all is well!

    3. ILuvmyfamily


      Congratulations so good to hear that surgery went well, good luck

    4. Mommy Dearest
  13. I hope everything went well with your surgery. I look forward to hearing an update from you soon! :)

  14. Due to an insurance hiccup, my surgery's been delayed to the 14th of October.

    1. NewMeNow2010


      That's pretty much right around the corner, it'll be here soon!!

    2. Goddessfit4life


      I have a feeling I may be getting bumped myself from 10.3.

  15. Congrats on your surgery date! Wishing you nothing but luck!