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  1. mmmccart

    13 weeks of pregnancy

    you look so cute in this picture!! so happy for you
  2. mmmccart

    anyone from Massachusetts?

    how are all the MA people doing so far? I hope everyone is staying on track and making great things happen!
  3. mmmccart

    Really getting some muscle definition! I've been working hard.

    great pic. wished my arms looked like that!
  4. mmmccart

    anyone from Massachusetts?

    im in MA. had my surgery at Winchester hospital by Mr.Ameri. Next month I'll be 1 year out.
  5. mmmccart

    9th Month

    looking good! keep up the hard work! so happy for you
  6. mmmccart

    SUGERY TOMorrowwww

    good luck! you'll do great!
  7. mmmccart

    comparison picture from july 2010 to march 2012

    amazing pictures! Congrats on your successful journey!
  8. mmmccart

    Just got home from hospital

    glad things are going well! Keep up the good work
  9. mmmccart

    Do We Bruise Easy Now?

    dude! i have totally been bruising like crazy since surgery. im almost 6 months out. and my legs are usually covered in little dot bruises. and i get bruises on my legs from the leg machines at the gym. idk whats up with that. my PCP took blood work and said everything came back fine. so i dont know whats up with that.
  10. mmmccart

    I love this picture because I'm genuinely laughing.

    i love laughing pictures! soo fun!
  11. mmmccart

    1 Year Ago Today, 220 Pounds Gone!

    you looook sooo good! congrats on such a great journey so far! keep up the good work!!!
  12. mmmccart

    NYE 2012 - 1 year out :)

    how did you get your arms and legs to look sooo good!?!? Did you do any special workouts?
  13. mmmccart

    Christmas party

    post more!
  14. mmmccart

    Christmas party

    so pretty! You do look like a model! great picture!