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  1. having some episodes of serious low blood sugars. twice today I was 40 or under...has this happened to anyone else? what do you do about it..what causes it?

    1. Flooter


      What preceded this? Did you eat something high in sugar? I had an episode of low blood sugar after eating too much no sugar added ice cream. . .blood sugar was in the 40's - nothing since though

    2. Debbie52


      That's not good to go that should ask your doctor what you can take if it does! My doctor told me to call him if it gets under 100...

    3. cinwa


      Use our search function (the black cog wheel icon to the upper right of this page) for "hypoglycemia".

  2. needing to get back on track again...i just want to lose 10 more lbs...and stay there.

  3. 13 weeks of pregnancy

    you look so cute in this picture!! so happy for you
  4. congrats about the big news! Must be so exciting!!! keep us updated throughout your new journey!

    1. Xeniak


      thankyou :) I feel like this surgery made all my dreams come true and now i dont know what to do with myself

    2. Xeniak


      how are you? u need to update your picture!!!!!! :)

  5. anyone from Massachusetts?

    how are all the MA people doing so far? I hope everyone is staying on track and making great things happen!
  6. back on track. I had gained a few lbs and been lingering the 155-160 mark, but i weighed in at 151 today! still waiting to see the 150 or below!

    1. BugdocMom
    2. Xeniak


      i know how that is! I am so offtrack now and i am "letting myself" cuz i'm pregnant but i scaremyself and hope i never go back!!!!!!!!!!!

      you hang in there - you already proved to yoruseld you know how to do it and what it takes :) so you can do this!

  7. spent my entire afternoon and evening in the ER. Found out I have a ruptured ovarian cyst. man, that sure is painful.

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    2. SameMoDifferentSize


      praying for you! Get better!

    3. BugdocMom


      OMG! Sorry to hear that. Feel better soon!

    4. mmmccart


      thanks all. doing much better now. hopefully that doesnt happen again.

  8. i feel like all i want to do lately is eat. trying to make healthy choices, but still...i dont like wanting to eat all the time

    1. bobiodom


      I don't want to , but I feel like I am eating all the time. IT is hard to eat 5 or 6 small meals during the day. It is especially hard when you have to relax so your food will digest and also make sure you drink plenty of water.

  9. 9/28/2012. marks my 1 year. so much has happened in one year, but im thankful for all of it.

    1. CassMoxie


      Time flies post op, right? I just realized today I was 6 months out x.x Holy COW! I am sure you've had a lot of ups and downs, as most of us do, but I wish you the best on the rest of your journey! A big congrats to all you've done so far :)

  10. weighed in at 154.9 today. thats a wierd feeling. 5 lbs away from my first goal weight.

  11. 11 months...

    1. Lori88
    2. mmmccart


      yeah. kind of in a stall right now, but thats ok. ive been slacking on the gym so i dont expect to lose much without going

  12. hey! great doctor you have! hope everything is going well for you!

    1. LosingForGood


      Hey there! Sorry it took so long to respond. I LOVE Dr. Ameri, he's amazing! Things are going pretty well...having some difficulty keeping food down, but it's getting better each day!

  13. 9 lbs away from my original goal weight. But is it my goal weight anymore? idk

    1. MissyR


      I changed my goal several times in the first year. I am 16 months post op now and have stopped losing at about 15 lbs under my original goal. Just keep with the program and enjoy the journey. Congratulations on your success!!!

    2. San


      I had the same goal from the get go. Sometimes I had wondered if it was too much of a starting goal but I reached it and now I am happy about it but if I set mine any lower my hubs will kill me lol. Congratulations. Your almost there :)

    3. cinwa


      My goal was just to get into the normal BMI range. After that, I knew when I was at a good weight for me - it felt right.

  14. Really getting some muscle definition! I've been working hard.

    great pic. wished my arms looked like that!