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  1. Thanks all! I totally agree no GAINING after plastics. I've been stable at this weight for over a year and the doctors are not precluding surgery if I don't lose weight. It is my personal goal and I like how I looked at the lower weight. (in clothes that is...lol) I just had heard that you should not lose MORE weight after you have your plastics because you'll ruin the results. So... wondering if it really does ruin the result if you lose more weight after having plastics? .
  2. Hi All! I had gastric bypass almost 5 years ago and lost about 195 pounds. I gained back 25. I'm finally ready to get rid of all that sagging skin! However, I'm getting conflicting answers of whether I have to be at my goal weight (minus the 25) or not when I have plastic surgery. Some surgeons I did consult with said no that I should not lose it before surgery because I will lose about 20 pounds from the surgery and recovery, other said I should lose weight before because skin does not weigh much so I won't lose a lot. I'm very confused at this point after seeing 4 surgeons. I want a good result from the plastics and don't want to spend the money without optimizing, so do I need to lose that 25 again and go from 155 to 130 before the surgery? Thanks in advance!
  3. superthanks! That sounds like a great price after insurance paid for the panni.
  4. Just thought I'd inquire if there was any update on how much the insurance actually paid for of your surgeries and how your plastics turned out. Looking forward to an update on you!
  5. Hello All! I'm several years out now and finally ready to go under the knife again. I have three main questions: a. Doctors: I was hoping for a personal reference for a plastic surgeon here in southern California. I know about Dr. Gupta and Dr. Katzen and they are on my list to consult, but I was hoping to get a reference of someone who has personally had work done by another doctor here in Southern California so I could go see them. Also, did they take your insurance for anything? b. Insurance Coverage: Anybody had Anthem Blue Cross EPO insurance. c. Tummy Tuck vs Body Lift and need to be at lowest weight: I gained back 15 pounds from my lowest weight and I'm not sure if I have to lose that before I have an extended TT. Although, I've kept off over 175 pounds I really don't want to go for a body lift because it seems like such a huge surgery. I look forward to hearing about doctors and thoughts on TT vs. body lifts. Thanks!!!!
  6. Food addict unleashed!

    I tried to quit smoking 2 weeks ago and gained 8 pounds in three days. Then I went on a 4 day cruise over the 4th of July weekend. I didn't watch what I was eating and my inner food addict went on a spree! I did eat small portions, but it was high calorie foods and often. I basically gained 16 pounds in 2 weeks between the two and am now scared to death! I usually do a 5dpt when I go up by more than 3 pounds. Anyone had experience with a substantial weight gain in a short period of time and how to get it off? Will it come off quickly, or is it like pre-surgery where getting off every pound was a slooooow, painful process. Any input will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Broke a 9 month stall

    ditto that on the skin issue! It seems like the last pounds resulted in the most skin. BobbyD you have done absolutely wonderful and should be soooo proud!!!
  8. Broke a 9 month stall

    Hi Bobby!!!!! Glad to see you post, we had surgery the same day. I stopped losing about 6-8 months ago but was happy with my weight. I gained and lost the same 3-4 pounds for the last 6-8 months. What are you eating besides adding the orange and little bit of bread?
  9. Super congrats on your success and wishing you continued success as you will reach onederland very soon! yippeeeee for you. Here's my answers to your questions. 1) If I have a slip I feel vvvveeeery guilty. I usually will go look up the calories and see how much it was. Sometimes I find that it wasn't really a slip I just didn't have the calories, nutritional information when I ate it. I suggest getting fitness pal on your phone. It makes it easy to find out and remove guilt or eat something guilt-free. On your question number 2) sometimes I get a lump in my throat after eating something that I didn't chew well enough or is a very dense protein. This occurred much more often early on.
  10. We were told no carbonated beverages at all. They said that it was the bubbles.
  11. Someone also told me that it was the hormones being released from the fat. Also, take a look at the definition of dumping that contains anxiousness and nervousness. I never knew that losing weight or not eating right could so effect your mood. It really does!
  12. Understanding Dumping Syndrome

    Thank you so much for posting and pinning this educational posting. Early after surgery i would vomit at the drop of a hat on all kinds of foods that were appropriate (e.g chicken, etc.). So I really didn't have many slips until around last holiday season. I thought I wasn't dumping because I didn't vomit. However, now that I am more educated by your post I realize that I did have dumping from the slip. So glad you helped me make the coorelation that my surgery is still working and the negative effects of slipping!
  13. My surgery was in May, 2011. I usually average between 500-800 calories per day. If those calories aren't used for protein I don't feel well at all. I use bars, puddings, soups and shakes to ensure that I am eating healthy protein rich food in a hectic life. Essentially, they are my"fast food" to make sure I eat nutritionally right. Whenever I slip up and use the calories for low nutrition foods (aka the carb monster), I can really feel it. The take away from my story is that it is not always how much you are eating, but the nutritional value of what you eating. Also, I now loooove vegetables and they can be really low in calories but not a lot of protein, but add a couple protein pudding, soup, shakes or bars to the day and I will feel much better. I also know that some people simply add the protein powder to their foods and boost their protein intake. I would do what works for you and listen to your body. Perhaps your nutritionist's issue was with drinking the protein instead of eating it such as pudding, bar or added protein powder to food? Just a guess. Also, take a look at bottles of Isopure if you are looking for really high protein. It was available at Muscle Maxx and if I recall correctly a bottle had over 40 grams of protein and a hundred and something calories. Early out, it was a lifesaver.I would never have been able to get in a substantial amount of protein without it. I kept tons of bottles in the fridge for months in different flavors, but I have to admit I hated that "coated" tongue I got from drinking it.
  14. I'm about 18 months out and have gone from a size 24 to a 4. I've lost over 190 pounds and started enjoying life again. Unfortunately, I lost me job so I'm not sure if enjoying life is because I'm out of a bad job or almost 200 pounds lighter...lol. I had purchased a "Pinup Photo Shoot" for my daughter but she got sick at the last minute and I didn't want to waste the money so I did it. It was an incredible experience where they do your makeup, hair and wardrobe like a 40's pinup girl. Having a photoshoot was an amazing experience for someone who refused to have their picture taken for years because of her size. Anyway, I'm attaching a photo and I would highly recommend that everyone get all dolled up and have some professional photos. It's amazing evidence of the WLS journey we are all on!!!!
  15. Can you say SIZE 4

    Congratulations!!!! That is faaaabulous! Anybody who wants to go down a size, a try on "Not Your Daughters Jeans" brand at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, etc. I'm usually a 4, but easily fit into a 0 in this brand. Sometimes when I'm having a tough day and trying to lose I would go try them on as a morale booster as I was decreasing sizes. Also, they are the "tummy tuck" jeans so the hold in that abdominal area!!!! Gotta Love this brand!!!