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  1. Over the last 2 weeks I have been having pain under my right rib cage near the outer edge. It is kind of a dull pain that is there more than its not. I addition to that, I'm having excessive diarrhea, bloating, vomiting early in mornings and sometimes later in day,even had hot and cold spells. I have been researching it some on webmd and It sounds to me like my gallbladder, just not sure. I called my doctor and they first did a upper endoscopy 2 days ago, I had no ulcers and nothing that would explain my symptoms. Now I am going to have a ultrasound in about 48hrs here locally to look for problems. First, does it sound like gallbladder to you. Are there any tell tale signs. Second, I live 3 hours away from my GBP doctor. If it is gall stones, should I go to a doctor that does GBP or see a local doctor about removing it?
  2. I wanted to give a update on what has happened since this post. I now have successfully quit alcohol again for 3 months. I really struggled with doing it alone and went back to alcohol many times over the last year. I strongly suggest if you are going thru this to get someone that can help. Because it is a tough road by yourself. Before I had my GBP, I really was only addicted to food. Now after 8 years I can get addicted to anything really easy. I'm pretty sure I did alot of damage to my body, I just hope there is time to fix it. Thanks for the advice and I hope I can tell you soon that I have a alcohol free year.
  3. I have went to about 8 AA meetings. But with my work schedule, I am out of state a lot and sometimes out of country. So if I'm going to do this, and completely get away from the alcohol. I somehow have to learn to be able to do it on my own, or with minimal help. So does anyone have any proven the advice?
  4. I'm not really sure what to think. I have not been on this forum for a while, because I was pretty disappointed in myself. Before I had the surgery I had absolutely no issues with alcohol, I barely drank. About 3 years post op, I started to drink occasionally with friends and out on social occasions. At about 5 years post op, I needed to drink every single day. It got so bad, that I was drinking a ton of vodka straight every day. In the past two and a half years, I have quit drinking for seven months at one point, a few times for 14 days or slighty longer, but most times I give in between 7 hours and 7 days. I literally wake up in the morning sometimes, trying to figure out how I can go get a drink and not have nobody notice. I have quit the hard alcohol for over a year, but I still have the beers. My weight started off around 330 pounds, I went all the way down to around 200 pounds, I am now around 270 pounds, depressingly. One day, not long ago, my wife watched Oprah one day, and saw a lot of other people who had gastric bypass had this problem, and told me about it. Until then, I thought it was just me and my weakness. I assumed, it was just all my bad choices. I feel so bad, when the same people who used to say wow you have lost a lot of weight. Now ask me if I have gained weight. I really need some people, that have either went through this or have known people that have, to give me some advice. I really don't need people to tell me you can do it, and other stupid crap like that. Because obviously I haven't. So please just respond to this, if you can actually help. Thank you
  5. What are foods that as gastric bypass patients we should stay totally away from. I am putting some weight back on and want it to stop. I can eat anything without any consequence. I just want to see if I am eating very many of the foods that I need to avoid. If anyone out there can put together a list of foods (good and bad) ranked from 1 to 10 on whether we should eat them, that would really be helpfull. Because once we see it and read it, there will be no more excuses.
  6. At night when I am relaxing, my wife says I tend to eat more than I did in the entire day. I have gained 25lbs since my lowest weight. So I need to get back on track. I am going to do the 5DPT next week. But afterwards, what are good foods that any of you have used while sitting around watching tv. I love fruit, but can to much canned fruit be bad for you.
  7. Yesterday I drove up and saw my parents for the first time in about 2 months. The first thing my mom said is that I see your putting weight back on. I was used to the good (WOW) moments, but not this kind. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since. She's right and I have to put a stop to it now while its only 20lbs. About 3 months ago I was at my lowest, 198lbs. I looked great and was getting alot of compliments. I basically had to do nothing to get to that point. The weight just came off, I did almost no exercise that whole first year. Now I'm 219lbs today and I can see in the mirror some of the weight I have put back on. I have also got into the habit of eating my old favorite food. (Ice Cream) I have had it almost everyday, I keep telling myself no, but I feel like I'm addicted to it. My pouch must be getting bigger also because I can eat alot more than before. But I do usually wait 30-40 minutes to drink after I eat. Another bad Habit I got into is eating after 9pm, that I have to stop. But it is so hard, because that is usually when I am my hungriest. 9pm feels like my supper because I dont get up till 11am each day. I come from a small town and we don't have any support groups around here. So you guys are it. So for those of you that have been thru this before. Please help! I have to figure out a way to put a stop to this before 20lbs turns into 100 lbs. I feel like I know what I need to do, but doing it is so hard.
  8. Hi Jerrod! Looked over your site, and its amazing! You look great, and much younger! I am from Cedar Rapids and have an appt to see Dr Jamal on Friday. How did you like him? How was the U of I? Did he put you on a liquid diet 2 weeks before surgery? How long after your initial consult did you have the surgery? I am so excited, but have a million questions running thru my mind and it seems surgeons are all different! Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!

  9. Well its been 8 months since my surgery. I am below my target weight so I should be totally happy. But, the extra skin around the belly and the man boobs really suck. Any advice on getting rid of those. Also, during this whole time, other that my work I have did less than 10 days of excersise in. Will this catch up with me. I am eating fairly healthy, but I notice that about 2 hours after I eat, I am hungry again. I dont really like that. And I can eat a whole 6" subway sandwich now at one sitting. Is this normal, I did not think my stomach was that big. I put my before and after pic in my profile if anyone wants to look. Thanks for all your support.
  10. I read horror stories all the time on here of people getting sick because of certain foods. I am alittle scared, because I can eat anything I want. I dont even have to chew food up all that good anymore, about like I did before the surgury 6 months ago. I have tried a few of the foods I am not suppose to have just to see if it would make me sick. Like the other day I tried an ice cream cone for the first time and at christmas time I had some chocolate peanut butter and caramel things that were awesome about four different times. However I was expecting to get sick or feel bad after eating them, but nothing. Is anyone else like this. I am afraid it would be easy to slip back into my old patterns again and put the weight back on. I thought when you got this surgury that dumping would occur if you ate the wrong type of foods.
  11. It has been 3 months & 3 weeks for me since surgery. I am starting to get hungry throughout the day. I am not eating alot but definetly more often. i have not lost any weight for over 2 weeks now. I have started eating alot beef jerky & Denny Moore Beef stew, that is about the only change I have made. In this whole process so far I have only threw up 3 times and that was because I did not chew up my food good enough. I am worried about not losing no weight though. Am I going to get to where I am hungry alot of the time or does this pass. Because I can eat a small meal and be hungry an hour or two later again. And since my hunger has started to come back I have not lost a pound & I still have a ways to go.
  12. I will be 10 weeks out on 10/09/07. I have lost over 70lbs in this short time and have not worked out hardly at all except for my strenuous job. But even then I only work 3-4 days per week. So I guess my question is, is the weight suppose to come off this easy at first. I was only 325lbs to begin with and my goal now is only about 30 lbs away. Which at this rate I will be there in less then a couple months. This cant be healthy can it. I am scared to actually work out, I dont want the weight to come off any faster. Does this happen to everyone.?
  13. Are there any shirts or supports out there that kind of hold your excess skin so it dont jiggle all over.
  14. I honestly am doing no exercise except for my work. I have a very strenuous job. I do alot of heavy lifting and walking everyday. So I get my exercise in, just not the traditional way.