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  1. Hello everybody, I used to be very active here and during the first two years I experienced a lot of health issues related to my surgery. I am now over four years out and some struggles remain (mental image of myself, maintenance, but not due to food more to do with alcohol). During my post op phase I was married to my long term partner and now I am divorced. However, I wanted to give words of comfort to everybody out there. Despite almost dying from Beriberi and now currently with an iron deficiency I regret nothing. I have traveled the world, become totally outgoing, a frequent gym bunny and now have a wonderful man and support network at my side. If I can ever support anybody else throughout this journey do not hesitate to contact me about anything (I am in Europe if that helps)! All the best to everybody embarking or currently on the path to a healthier you (attached is a photo I took one hour ago for this forum)
  2. Hey all, Sorry it has been an age since I have been here, I will try and be more active but the hectic city life of Shanghai and 13 hour work days are priority right now unfortunately! I am two and a half years out. I hit goal very early on...within 7 months. The problem I have been facing is the ability to maintain a weight I am happy with. I have never gotten above 140lbs since I hit that goal (the goal my surgeon set) and at 1.7m and a keen gym go-er this is ok. However, I am not happy at this weight and look and feel better at 130lbs (120 is the dream but oh well)! When I hit 130lbs people always comment how skinny I am and I need to gain weight (and to be told that in China by locals is pretty surreal) but I don't think so (picture attached is of me at around 137lbs). Anyway...I can lose weight when I want to, at the moment I am upp'ing my exercise and food regime and the weight is flying off (I gained weight due to recent medications I had to take). However, I don't seem to ever be able to maintain a steady weight, I fluctuate so much (within the 'normal' bmi) range. I don't do any silly starvation diets, I exercise everyday and I don't binge or go off programme. I get all proteins in etc. I just don't get it. I have researched, asked my Doctor and they simply say the old 'follow the programme, eat this' (they always think you are lying about what you eat and your exercise regime of course). But hand on heart, I stick to it because I didn't almost die to gain all that weight back! It isn't even that my body doesn't like to be at 130lbs...if I ate and exercised as I am I would still bounce up and down like a yoyo. It isn't the usual water weight and fluctuation during the day culprits. I am just baffled...how do you all maintain?!? I am sick of losing and gaining, I just want to stop obsessing over it! Thanks and sorry this is long winded!
  3. Hi all, Sorry for my prolonged absence and thanks for the kind words and messages. Thankfully my arm has all but healed, it is 95% there. Still weak but that is ok, I can live with that for now! Things have been certainly hectic in Shanghai, working 13 hour days definitely took a toll on my health at the beginning and I managed to get to a bmi which was deemed underweight. Thankfully, after telling myself to look after myself (and three weeks of antibiotics for an infection) I have stabilised my weight at 130lbs which I am happy about Things are still over between the soon to be ex and myself. He is still living with me (and off me) with no job to speak of but soon that'll be all over and onto bigger and better things I hope! I am hiking a lot and thrown myself into that side of school life accompanying the kids to various mountains...so wonderful. I have to carry a 15kg bag on my back and it is pretty tiring...I used to carry 60kg's extra - that is crazy! Sending love to you all from Shanghai x
  4. Hi all, I have an MRI tomorrow afternoon which will hopefully give more information and can lead to a more accurate prognosis. In other news, due to this and my personal situation I have lost the will to eat. I don't eat a thing until 7pm (I drink water and take vitamins) and what I eat is a small bite of chicken or an apple and quite honestly I have to force that much down my throat. If I try to eat more I just can't. I also barely sleep clocking a maximum of three hours per night...I don't know how I am standing quite honestly! I had lost 12lbs in 15 days, worried at this rate my body will start eating itself again. Should I go back to basics and try to force myself to eat with liquids and then moving to solids later?
  5. Hey everybody. Well the Doctor here was really good and so professional. My C5-C7 nerves are torn...not just pinched ;(. This is bad, however he said it will take three months to improve and may improve fully, i have sensation and continuous daily improvement (albeit it little) so I am staying as positive as I can. I have told my useless husband he has until Friday to get out of the apartment MY job provides. I deserve better than a man who leaves me at home and goes out drinking with single guys...anyways, I have had so many people literally beg to take me out on a date here that if I really felt lonely when he leaves I wouldn't need to be (I am not like that but it is nice to be told I am beautiful rather than being told I am a worthless piece of s**t). Ladies, guys, don't do what I did and settle for what you think you deserve because you suffer from low self-esteem!!!
  6. Unfortunately aviator I don't have contact with my parents and no job to return home to. My grandmother has offered to take me in. So after my appointment I will make the decision
  7. Hey, well a bit of an update... Still paralysed, it isn't looking good, going to see a specialist this Saturday. It has emerged that they used too much sedation (trainee) and when they tried to wake me up and move me "I fell". Since the incident I moved to Shanghai and hubby has been enjoying socialising every night leaving me alone, nice when I work and he doesn't. I cannot eat, I just vomit and have lost ten pounds in two weeks...my muscles in my right arm have started to show signs of wastage. Sorry had to vent somewhere. It is just one thing after another!!!
  8. I was born a big baby and have never been thin. Now that I am deemed normal according to my bmi I hate it. I preferred being overweight...weird huh!
  9. Hey everyone, thanks for the concern and support/advice. I should have clarified that I had to be sedated via my arm due to an abscess thus making it difficult to inject into my mouth. The neurologist assessed me and says I have neuropraxia. I will 100% recover but it is a waiting game. Basically the nerve is pinched...he said I may have wrenched my arm/neck during the tooth pulling. Apparently this is so rare it is "nothing too worry about". You know those statistics which say "fewer than 1% get this and this", well, meet the 1%!
  10. I consulted with my neuro over the phone when with my GP and he said there is nothing he can do aside from waiting and seeing...my hand is warm and nailbeds are pink which is a good sign apparently. I just feel like this kind of stuff is neverending!!! Sorry just had to vent.
  11. As some of you may have read I became paralysed shortly after bypass. It took a year to reach normalcy. Well I had to have a wisdom tooth removed yesterday and woke up and couldn't move my right arm at all. It hangs like a dead sack of meat. I went to my doctor who can't explain it and assumes it must have been in an awkward position thus trapping the nerve. They cannot say when or if it'll heal. So now I am totally paralysed in my arm, cannot drive, or even walk without holding it up with my other arm. Apparently the doctor has never seen anything this severe without some actual explainable reason for it. I am moving to Shanghai on Monday to start a new job...I don't know what to do, I am in total despair. It is just one issue after another! Anybody ever had this???
  12. Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins, I cannot stress that enough! Take your B vitamins, it would of taken extra B1 supplements, which cost me 5 dollars PER YEAR to stop me from becoming paralysed and almost dying... Don't mean to scare you, few of us get this (only Cinwa and me to date on here it seems) but I didn't know about this until it was too late...of course I took vitamins religiously but I didn't know my B1 would be as low as it was even with the standard vitamins my surgeon told me to take! If you start feeling weak in your legs or a burning sensation top up B1 and B12 (can't overdose on the former but can on the latter so always seek extra advice). But the less scary three would be: Cheap clothing (we lose so fast pants fall, shirts hang) don't buy expensive, waste of time and money! Measuring jug (only way to coax so much water into myself) Camera (document your changes, you can see just how far you have come when you feel low/stall) I purposely avoided food and drinks as I am living in Europe and it probably wouldn't help!
  13. Aviator - yes, Dutch! However, he has worked in England a lot so should of softened by now! My Husband is Dutch and even he was shocked by the comment (he wasn't in the room). Thanks everybody, it doesn't matter how good he thinks he is...he also hates fake breasts on women yet performs the surgery? I guess to surgeons like him, who do have a record of excellence, we are just cash cows. Now I need to go away and scare some children for scream energy (Monsters Inc anyone)?
  14. JRH...I am sure you don't need a TT and if so you can go for the over the top muscle look to compensate! Enter competitions and everything!
  15. Hey JRH, it didn't really bother me all too much, I laughed when he said it. I guess being British comes with a level of "they can't say that!!!" no matter how much I try to shrug it off . Darn our polite ways *sips tea*! Even so though professionals such as him are meant to be just that...I wouldn't accept such an off the cuff comment from somebody I know without putting them in their place. I despise a lack of professionalism.