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  1. Please Help Me With Puree Food Choices

    I've been eating greek yogurt. I take some Crystal Light Peach and some Splenda and mix it in. Tastes great! Mashed potatoes from Boston Market are delish too. Melt some cheese on top and you've got some protein. I also puree the chicken from Boston Market with Cream of Chicken soup made with skim milk. Just some suggestions that have been working for me. Good Luck!!!
  2. How exciting! 7.1 pounds down 1 week after surgery! SO excited about this. And I have more energy than I've had in years. Feeling very blessed.

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    2. Minister AJ

      Minister AJ

      You'll be running with Bri soon!!! Great job Lynnnnnnnne!

    3. JanPuppyLover
    4. Kimismurf


      So glad your doing well! Keep up the good work.

  3. The journey is well on it's way! 4.4 lbs lost already! Very exciting.

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    2. LuvilyBri
    3. JaxHockeyFan


      YEAH!! Great to hear!

    4. Digikitty


      YAY!! been MIA, sorry about that..glad your on the bench!! congrats!!!

  4. Hey! glad to hear surgery went well. It got discharged same day as you! how are you feeling??

  5. sorry I missed to surgery...glad you're ok Lynne.

  6. Surgery went like text book and I'm being discharged today!!! So happy to be on the other side!

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    2. Mytime2shyne


      Glad to hear all went well...wishing you a speedy recovery! Good Luck to ya!

    3. newmari


      Congrats Lynne..

    4. JanPuppyLover


      Congratulations Lynne-- I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and are at home now. Great news!

  7. Hey Lynne hope all is well and you are just sleeping peacefully waiting for an update :) take care.

  8. Hope ur doing ok :) Im worried lol

  9. My surgery is at 12:15 tomorrow! SO excited!!!!

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    2. Xeniak


      goodluck! let us know how it went when u get a chance!

    3. Mytime2shyne


      Goodluch HiTechGirl! Save me a seat on the Loser's Bench!

    4. newmari
  10. I'm sorry Lynne! I don't know how I made that mistake since I'm always thinking I'm getting my hair done for your surgery (my hair the day before and my teeth two days before). I'm going to be looking good for your surgery hunny bunny!!!! :)

  11. Hi Sweetie!!! Thanks for the encouragement! But the surgery is on Friday :) I'm So excited! It can't come soon enough! <3

  12. Hey hunny bunny!!! Two more days left... I know you're excited and maybe a little nervous. I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. These two days are gonna zip by and then it will be Thursday morning... SURGERY DAY!!!! Yay You!!

  13. Hey lynne I think I set the room to private and I will be making sure on the list :)

  14. One Week! Only One Week to go until the beginning of my new life!