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  1. Hello fellow members , I hope you don't mind me making a post here and sharing my GoFundMe account, I too had gastric bypass a few years ago and it has helped my life tremendously.  But ever since I have unfortunately had quite a few more health  problems crop up. I have recently been able to get back on my feet after a year of homelessness and get an apartment but I'm struggling with both my thyroid cancer and complex regional pain syndrome and am hoping that some of you will take the time to read my story and give prayers suggestions and possible donations I hope you all have a blessed day

  2. Hello Everyone!! Its been a while since I have Posted in TTF but I wanted to give you all an update as to how Ive been doing and to thank each and every one of you for your support over the years!! Since my WLS in 2011 I have dropped to my lowest point so far of 150lbs and it feels wonderful!! So dont ever get down on yourself everyone has setbacks! and if i can do it you can too! This was me last year around christmas time!! This is me just a few months ago I have been fighting a myriad of health issues my whole life but I never let it beat me! I found out a few months ago I had cancer and wanted to share my story with you (please see link in my signature). Please if you have the time to read my story I pray it will at least bring hope to your life! and if you decide to aid my dreams you will be forever in my heart and have my eternal gratitude! ~ love always Gina
  3. Down to 150lbs and it feels amazing but I'm now fighting cancer and a myriad of other health issues :(

    1. BKooltome


      Sorry Gina ! Prayers going up!,

    2. dontrepeatme


      You got this! grab it by the b-lls and let it know you are the boss!!! this is your life don't let it control you.

  4. My God you all are so right, i love you guys thank you so much!!!! And you all are looking wonderful!!!! *HUGS*
  5. thank you both so very much! Lyn you are right! IT IS THERE LOSS! lol and Taralyn sweetie im sorry your having issues and going though friend loss so soon! i hope you heal up and remember what Lyn said cause she is right "Buckle up sweetie, lots of changes more to come!! All good ones!!" and lyn i love your explination of PMS on steroids ITS SO TRUE!!
  6. You all know how the old adage goes, if your friends are there for you during the good times but disappear in the bad they were never real friends to begin with? Well I'm starting to feel as though i have never had any real friends at all....and its getting kind of depressing....ever since i had my surgery my friend have slowly faded away some just stopped communicating, some seem to dodge me, some even have picked brutal fights ending our relationship. But what hurts even more is its not just my friends, its my friends families and even MY OWN! I'm not really sure how to cope with this, i anticipated many hurdles but not losing every bit of what support system i have had.... Any advice, anyone else going through these problems? I had hoped i might actually get a little attention from the opposite sex now and a year later still nothing in fact i feel avoided completely,i got more attention as a big beautiful woman yet i feel so much more confident now and so much healthier
  7. OMG!!! 173 this mornin' and feeling great!!!!

    1. Lori88


      Happy for U! congrats!

  8. Thank you again All i have to say is that if anyone every tells you THIS is the easy way out!!! THEY are dead wrong!!!! It has taken a lot of work but thanks to support like yours I am another success story! A GIANT HUG FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!! *HUG*
  9. I’m so nervous to post this but I really wanted to share my results so far enjoy!!!!!
  10. OMG YOU LOOK AMAING!!!! I miss talking to you and swapping recipies I have lost your number, if you still have mine when you have time shoot me a text I cant believe how great your doing!I have been so busy with work and now going back to school i missed my 3 month anniversary and didnt take any photos but my 4 month was on the the 24th and i will be taking photos very soon! ahhh cant wait to talk to you again!!!! *HUG*