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  1. My gallbladder finally died:-(

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vogue


      hope ya feel better...Im working on getting mine taking out proavtively

    3. AnnaJean


      Had mine out three months after GB surgery. Had an attack that was worse than anything I've ever had, even the kidney stone! Had the surgery, only sore one day and was back at 100% three days later. Even left for a diving trip to Cozumel the next week, you never would have known I just had surgery!!

    4. Fat Bottom Girl

      Fat Bottom Girl

      Does this happen a lot? I still have my gallbladder.

  2. Almost 100lbs down

    It is one day from a year for me and I am almost 100lbs down. I'm so excited. I could have done much better but because I have been cheating and now I will force myself to get back on the band wagon. I have cheated with sugar and wine. I absolutely love wine and hard candy. I quit the sugar filled wine and candy. I am now back on my sugar free but imagine where I would have been had I not cheated. Please folks learn from me. Almost 100lbs down but could have been so much further. I will do better in the next six months. You can count on it.
  3. I am almost 100lbs down. Almost there!!!! I'm so excited.

    1. flames428


      wooooooooow, way to go!!!!

  4. Bmi Reduction

    Hello folks, I am happy to report that my BMI has reduced from 51 to 38.4. That is more exciting to me than looking at the numbers on the scale drop. Slowly but surely I am becoming a healthier me. Yippy Skippy 312 to 224 and more to come
  5. Strange Or What?

    Don't worry! You are not broken. I thought that for the longest.
  6. I am happy I have made it this far with relatively no problems. Initially it was challenging learning to take in less food and managing my allergies but I have come to the conclusion that if you do everything they tell you, it will be easier than trying to reinvent the wheel (which is what I tried on my occasions) I am officially 82lbs down. I am officially five sizes down, CRAZY RIGHT. At six months your weight loss progress decreases. Now the challenge is I notice that I eat more and sometimes when I am not hungry. So I have to make sure old habits don't creep back in. NO MINDLESS GRAZING. Not too many carbs. I am making a conscious effort to cut back and recognize if I am eating because I am hungry or bored. I must keep my focus so that I can reach my goal of 100lbs down by June 20, 2012. I will keep yall posted
  7. GP said I was doing wonderful. She was so proud of me. Thanks for asking.

  8. Strange Or What?

    What does it mean that I can eat a chocolate cookie with no consequences? Is there something wrong with this picture. That makes me nervous. I am still loosing but is it going to stop at some point? In addition to that, I can eat more than I was initially. That scares me.....
  9. What did the GP say :)

  10. By the way, I baked a sugar free banana bread. It was delicious. Was that bad? It was sooooooo goood.

    1. NewMeNow2010
    2. San


      Sugar free sounds great to me. Yummy

    3. Rain91


      The recipe remains the same. Just replace the sugar with sugar substitute. 26 packs equal one cup.

  11. I am a little nervous. Going to see my GP Tuesday; wonder what she will think of my progress...

  12. Bravery

    Well folks I can now report of more progression. Prior to the surgery, I would be embarrassed to tell folks if I could not eat something because of my allergies. I mean, really, looking at me you could not tell I ever missed a meal. So I would rather have an allergic reaction than not eat something someone had prepared for me. However, I have grown since my surgery on June 20, 2011. Now I not only refuse food I am allergic to but also refuse to eat more than I can handle. Victory? Yes!!!! Today my husband I attended an event in which he was speaker. A wonderful spread was prepared for us. I consumed a chicken leg and a few bites of veggies and that was all that I could handle. So I asked the waitress for a doggy bag, only to find out that they were not issuing them at that event. Of course that got the attention of all assigned to our table(so I felt) The old me would have been in panic mode; they are all looking, what waste, someone had to pay for that you know! I sat calmly and continued talking to those seated near me. I picked up my knife to cut another slice of chicken, and said "NO!" The gentleman sitting next to me said, "Excuse me?" I politely smiled and changed the subject. At that point I decided not to make myself uncomfortable anymore for anyone. It is my life on the line. I am going to fight for it. No more eating just because someone else wants me to or made it especially for me. The step I took today took bravery for me and I pray that I can continue. Something else that took bravery for me was to finally post a picture of me before surgery. I will upload some after surgery shots when I feel I have made significant progress. Kinda of scared of that one.... Just thought I would share.
  13. Three month visit today. I am officially 72lbs down...............

  14. Chocking Sensation

    That is exactly the sensation. I explained it wrong. What did you do to fix it?