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  1. Just in case you should swing by - HAPPY BIRTHDAY PODMATE!

  2. You did a great job keepin up with pictures of your changes!

  3. Dont you get on this forum any more?? i searched for you immediately after my operation in brugge, and found you on this site ! Great pictures by the way.. And i pmed you at this site Is any one know this person in prive ??

  4. The Bear has news!

    My Original Bear I haven't logged on to TT in months and look what I found when I logged on today! CONGRATULATIONS Jeff - signed copy please Hugs and kisses Gwen xxx PS: and gentle hugs to Corinne xxx
  5. Hi Kimberly Thanks for the post on my profile! Look who's talking!? I didn't recognise you and had to go and look at your photos to see who's been messaging me.... GORGEOUS!! Keep on rocking it! H&K Gwen xxx

  6. You are a very beautiful woman. You've transformed so amazingly. : ) I wish you continued success.

  7. Hey Gwen Just thought Id pop by and say hi.. Weight is now 10st I cant believe it!! Hope you are well? xx

  8. you stop disappearing! i think we need some new pictures pretty Gwen

  9. Hi Gwen, would you mind sending me your private email address? thanks Jas

  10. Cruisin with the Bear! (The untold story)

    I've regretted not going on this cruise but now I'm suicidal...... (only joking) Wish I was there and like Kim says - arrange the next one and I'm there! Love you BigBearJeff!!! xxx PS: When is your book coming out - I can't wait to read it
  11. Dear Cameron Thanks for your post on my "Newbie" thread! I don't visit TT as often as I should.... but just wanted to say "hi" and I wish I could have met you on the cruise. Take care Gwen xxx

  12. My dearest DesertBear Thank you sooo much for your kind words on Maline's photos, that she posted some time ago, and for my birthday wishes! You're such a dahling and how I wished that I could have been on the cruise with you to meet you and your Cam!!! You are looking amazing!!! Come and "play" with us on Facebook ;)xxx

  13. Happy Birthday Gwen and Bridgetgirl!

    Almost forgot...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGET!!! xxx
  14. Happy Birthday Gwen and Bridgetgirl!

    Thanks for starting this thread and for keeping the board together Laura Thanks Girls!!! Miss you too Eric Thanks to all of you! You are all doing so great - keep it up!!! xxx
  15. Happy birthday Gwen, Im sure you will lol Maline & Roy xxx