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  1. So How Bad Is This Bowel Prep Going To Be?

    Either have some wipies handy or a top brand toilet paper. I only had cheap walmart brand available...and lets just say, um..things started to get painful. Thank god TMI isn't a biggie on these boards..
  2. Spicey Foods Post Surgery

    Prior to surgery, I enjoyed spicy foods but they had to be on the mild side. After surgery, I love love love spicy foods. The more it sets my mouth on fire the better! I've never felt like the pouch has been irritated or any ill effects from eating it.
  3. Problem Remembering To Take Vitamins

    https://market.android.com/details?id=com.garland.medminderfree&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5nYXJsYW5kLm1lZG1pbmRlcmZyZWUiXQ.. Theres several others but this was first on the list. Just do a search for 'medication reminder' on the market.
  4. Stuffed Peppers, Subsitute For Rice?

    I use quinoa...tastes good and sits well in the pouch
  5. Weird Cravings.

    Watermelon...I crave it constantly. Now that its out of season, its getting harder and harder (not to mention more and more expensive) to find some good quality watermelon. Thank god for Chile
  6. Quest

    I ordered my free samples a couple months ago and have yet to receive them. After reading this thread though, I broke down and ordered the sample pack. I've yet to find a protein bar that is WLS friendly and doesn't upset my stomach. Most of them are glorified candy bars. Also, as an above poster mentioned, you can get free shipping on your order using a promo code. She used Freeship, which didn't work for me but I decided to try "shipfree" and it accepted it, so maybe it alternates back and forth. Saved me $5 so yay!
  7. Lettuce?

    I was never given a guideline (never saw a nutritionist though except for the hour long group meeting a few days prior to surgery) of when I can eat what so I've pretty much been winging it. I tried lettuce at about 4 weeks and it went down just fine. I've yet to eat anything that my pouch can't handle, granted I follow the eat slow/chew thoroughly rules. Now, drinking milk/lactose free milks on the other hand.... =(
  8. Weighing In.

    When I got home from the hospital
  9. Self Pay Question

    I wasn't required to do anything except pay. At my initial consultation, I was told to call them when I had the funds together. One month later I called and scheduled then a month after that I was under the knife. My pre op appointment was the closest thing I got to a nutritionist since there was an hour long group session that was required to attend prior to meeting with my surgeon. I've yet to feel like I've "missed out" on anything by not seeing a psych/nut.
  10. Anyone Have These Problems? I Am Worried.

    You had major surgery, things seem relatively normal to me. I'm assuming you received heparin shots (I had bypass so our hospital stay might differ I'm not entirely sure), that could be what the major bruise is from. I got some pretty nasty bruising around the injection sites of those shots. The muscle spasms just seem like it would be a healing thing to me. Your surgeon had to cut through muscle to get to your innards. The IV site I would just chalk up to swelling. IV needles are huge and cause quite a bit of stress to the area. Don't be afraid to call your surgeon over your concerns. Best of luck!
  11. Extreme Exhaustion

    I went through the same thing a few weeks out as well. I'm not sure what it was from but it took me about a week or so before I felt like my energy levels went back up.
  12. Letting People Know?

    I only let three people know; my mom and two close friends. All three were supportive and I swore them to secrecy. The main reason I haven't told anybody else is due to being embarrassed about it. I'd rather not shout from the rooftops that I had to have surgery in order to help me lose weight. From what I've gathered lurking other weight loss forums that aren't WLS specific theres a social stigma towards WLS patients (much like there is to obese people) and I'd just rather not put myself in a situation where I have to defend/explain myself. However, people aren't stupid and I have a feeling quite a few friends/co-workers suspect it. I haven't been asked outright yet and I appreciate that because I'm not really sure what I'd say
  13. Isopure Shakes And Vitamins Supplements

    This is the brand I drink and I still take my vitamins outside of the shakes.
  14. Protein Shots

    I read somewhere here on the forums that most of those protein shots are made with collagen protein which is the worst possible type of protein out there. If I remember correctly, Cinwa is who posted that. I'm sure she'll come in here and give a much better answer then I can
  15. Well, I'm definitely interested. My only problem is money is a bit tight at the moment, my last paycheck was smaller then I was anticipating (stupid target and their stupid policies, meh). So, if you still have the vitamins in a couple weeks when I get paid again, I'll be glad to take them off your hands. Obviously, if somebody else comes along that wants to buy them before I get paid again, then by all means sell to them. =)