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  1. Hello! Things are coming along pretty nicely. I'm down about 40lbs and feeling pretty good. Dr.Alexander is great!!! I got very nervous close to my surgery date and he called me the night before surgery to ease my anxiety! Overall, I must say I'm very happy with having the revision done. It is such an awesome feeling to touch my stomach and not feel that buldge from my band. Also, my incisions are almost invisible!!! They look SO MUCH BETTER than my lap band scars. Not sure how he pulled it off, but I'm very impressed :-) Good luck with everything and keep me posted on your progress.
  2. MissE

    July stapler

    Tomorrow is my big day-man oh man, am I nervous. Now, I'm no stranger to surgery, so I'm not sure why I'm so nervous about this one. I am so happy that my dr has a great team that has talked me off the ledge TWICE-LOL!!! Good luck to everyone having surgery this month!
  3. Try natural Chamomile tea-you can buy this at your local grocery store. It's awesome and relaxes and calms you so you fall asleep and not get PUT TO SLEEP :-) Good luck!
  4. Good luck to you as well! I agree, I never considered bypass, but after speaking with my new surgeon-I wish I had met him before I made the decision to go with the band. I almost feel like the Dr. who performed my band told me what I WANTED to hear and not the things I NEEDED to hear. I want to hear all of it-the ups and the downs. You are right-it can't be any worse than what we are experiencing at this time. Have you developed any scar tissue around your band? That is whats causing me my grief right now!
  5. I had NO problems in the beginning and then a year in I had my first slippage. Went and got all fluid out because I couldn't get anything down-NOT EVEN WATER!! I learned after that I developed so much scar tissue and that was contributing to putting too much pressure around the band. Even though I have NO fluid in my band, I reflux and vomit very often. Sometimes I can't even eat at all.
  6. Hi All- I am scheduled for my revision 07/29/11 and I must say-I'm very nervous and excited. I'm so miserable from the band that me knowing it is coming out is helping subside the nerves to a certain extent. I have two close friends who opted for Bypass first when I was too afraid too. After speaking with them and my surgeon in detail and getting both point of views, I feel much more comfortable now! The band was good to me for like 10 minutes...I would never recommend it based on my experience and I'm hoping I have better results after my revision. Good luck to everyone and their journey. Any tips or advise anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!