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  1. Hair Loss??

    Thanks Cindy, Can you educate me as to why this hair loss occurs...I am assuming it is due to decreased nutritional intake ?? With chemo it comes from cellular destruction. My friend had her surgery 7 years ago and was still having this problem. It only stopped when she started taking a juice made with Acai which has very high antioxidant value. I was thinking of trying to help other people with this problem but first need to fully understand the why of the hair loss. Thanks !!!
  2. Hair Loss??

    Cinerbelle, I truly am only looking for information. I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor and oncology nurse. I have spent 23 years caring for cancer patients and know how difficult hair loss is for them. I friend who had gastirc bypass also experienced hair loss and I wanted to know if this was a common problem. She tried a nutrional supplement that really helped and I have suggested it to my patients who also had good results. I was trying to gather more information for this forum. As you can see I am not trying to sell you anything. Thank you
  3. Hair Loss??

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and need some responses to this question; Is it common to experience hair loss after gastric bypass surgery ? I am an oncology RN and know that this is a common problem for my patients but have heard that it is also a side effect of this type of surgery. I am involved with a product that truly helps alleviate this and wanted to know if perhaps I could help some other people as well. Thank You. Blessings to all,