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  1. Kryptonite70

    how am I looking now :) its a long way from 350 hehe

    <ul> <li>Amazing <img alt="" class="bbc_emoticon" height="20" src="" title="" width="20" /></li> </ul>
  2. Kryptonite70

    8 month Pics..... I feel amazing!

    Yes my stats are up to date... I am at 19% body fat so i am carrying good muscle mass... Thanks to all for the compliments.....
  3. Kryptonite70

    5 months

  4. Kryptonite70

    8 month Pics..... I feel amazing!

    Feeling strong and proud definately i feel blessed
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    Before Pic

  6. Kryptonite70

    Before And After

    woow you look great!!!
  7. Kryptonite70


    Me after 75lbs lost in 3 months
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    Just Me

  9. My doctor told me 500 calories was too little i had to consume 1000 calories a day. How can you even get your protein goal on 500 calories a protein drink is 170calories average. I have lost 65lbs in 10 weeks and never had a stall somone on here did say you have cycle your calories sometimes eat more than what you normally do then go back to eating how you were to break out of a stall. The dietician was so right after i up my calories the weight started falling off at a faster rate.... Hope this helps......
  10. Kryptonite70

    Rapid Weight Loss!

  11. Kryptonite70

    Finally Reaching Out

    I hope our conversation helped the other day and you got my support!
  12. Kryptonite70

    My Success Makes Me A Failure... Makes Me Hideous?

    I just have a couple of things to tell you sorry for the ignorance of the phone calls you recieved and remeber you are a child of God and he created you and brought you down this journey and when you find no accpetance in yourself or from anyone else he will always accept you. You are a beautiful woman created by God and he will always love you and my wish for you is to bring yourself closer to him and dont worry about what other say! I think you are gorgeous the way you are, physcial appearance is not everything. Its what inside what makes a person!!!!!! I hope when my journey is over i look half as gorgeous as you!!!!
  13. Kryptonite70

    Brand New to the site

    Thank you all for the suport
  14. Kryptonite70

    Brand New to the site

    I think each person is different for me anytime my weight went above 285lbs my sugars would be out of control. From what i understand i will always have diabetis but i will be able to control by keeping my weight under control.
  15. Kryptonite70

    Brand New to the site

    Hi my name is Isaac and i had my surgery on May 31st 2011 and i have lost 35lbs so far. My starting weight was 315lbs and i am now down to 280lbs. My goal is to get to 180lbs. My diabetis are now under control with no meds (whoo whoaaaaa). I hope to track my progress on this site and see what others are going through as they progress through their voyages to a new you!!!!