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  1. Good day to all.... Have a great day :)

  2. how am I looking now :) its a long way from 350 hehe

    <ul> <li>Amazing <img alt="" class="bbc_emoticon" height="20" src="" title="" width="20" /></li> </ul>
  3. Feelink like a champ this morning... Have a blessed day to all :)

  4. 8 month Pics..... I feel amazing!

    Yes my stats are up to date... I am at 19% body fat so i am carrying good muscle mass... Thanks to all for the compliments.....
  5. 5 months

  6. Check out my new pics... 8 months strong now and feeling amazing :)

  7. 8 month Pics..... I feel amazing!

    Feeling strong and proud definately i feel blessed
  8. Measured my waist this morning from 46inches down to 39inches in 5 months.... I feel amazing!!!!

  9. Its been awhile but yesterday was 5 months and down 101lbs..... Yeah buddy.... 16lbs away from my goal

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    2. Heartfix


      I am five pounds away from my goal. I can't even imagine the joy in reaching it. Good job.

    3. LukeAug9


      We had our surgeries 5 days apart. I'm still aways from my goal. Congrats on being so close to yours already! I can't wait to get there myself

    4. Kryptonite70


      thanks to all and good luck on your journies!!!!!

  10. Funny even clothes that i feel look good on me people tease me and ask me when am i going to get smaller clothes? I tell them i accept cash credit and money orders lol...

    1. RogaDanar


      Check thrift stores. I was suprised how much was available in them when I went a couple weeks ago.

    2. redsoxgoddess


      I'm a thrift store junkie...going through a size every month and half or so....have fun!!!

    3. redsoxgoddess


      I'm a thrift store junkie...going through a size every month and half or so....have fun!!!

  11. 17weeks 92lbs that leaves 7lbs for the next 3 months to reach my goal.... Praise the Lord....

  12. 16 weeks ago i had my surgery and did not know what to expcect. I am now down 90lbs and realisticly 25lbs away from my goal. I am thankful for this journey and pray for success for you that are starting your new journey.

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    2. Lori88
    3. Nicole


      way to go! so happy for all of your success!

    4. texasguy82


      Hey man congrats on your success. I'm definitely looking at you as inspiration. We are/were the exact same measurements in terms of height and weight.

      I'm currently going through the process of getting insurance approvals. I'm so excited about the possibility of a new life.

  13. 15 WEEKKS and holding strong 82.6lbs lost.... i am on a mission by december to reach my goal....

    1. Emsielee


      15 weeks?!?! That is staggering! Hoping to be there at 15 weeks too! Well done!

    2. Sohappyididit


      wow - that's so're doing fabulous!!! :)

    3. Mommy Dearest
  14. Weight loss has slowed down this month but i am down 81lbs approaching 14 weeks on Tuesday.

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    2. Sohappyididit
    3. Kryptonite70


      i sure am lifting and running daily....

      i started at 46% body fat i am now at 26%

    4. NewMeNow2010


      Oh you are totally gaining muscle, which is fabulous! It'll cause your metabolism to burn even more!!! Awesome work!

  15. Happy Monday/Tuesday to all.... Feeling great and looking great today.

    1. NewMeNow2010


      Happy Tuesday to you also!!!!