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    Wife, kids, family, and my friends, who like my family are always there for me.

    oh and rugby, and once I get some weight off, waterpolo again.
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    Memorial Hospital - Modesto
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  1. Finally, the one month stall is over! Adios 240's, Hola 230's.

    1. collinsjm


      Congrats! I'm currently stuck in the 240's... hoping to see the 230's very soon. :)

    2. Just Nick

      Just Nick

      congrats on egtting to the 240's though. That was probably something we would have never thought we could do! I know I didnt think I could!


  2. I am going to assume that 40 is probably about all you can absorb at once, I have heard this many times as well from many different people. Since your body can only absorb other things like calcium, iorn and vitamin c so much at once, I think its safe to say protein has its limits as well. Plus a 40 gram protein shake is alot of liquid, unless you like trying to choke down a bunch of powder. I personally do 3x40 gram shakes through out the day. Good luck.
  3. i love how my knees dont hurt afterwards. Try doing some high intensity interval training, HIIT. thats where you condense your elliptical workout into around 12 minutes or so. do your typical 4-5 min warm up, then you put the machine on max resistance and max incline for 1 minute, and go as fast and as hard as you can for the whole minute, its going to hurt, trust me. then once the minute of hell is over you get 2 minutes of rest at a slower easier resistance. then back to the one minute of hell. Do this 3-4 times and then do a cool down. Be careful when stepping off the machine you legs will be jello. Do this once or twice a week, its a butt kicker. let me know if you try it and tell me how you feel after. Cheers
  4. OK, I am almost 6 months out, and have lost 130ish lbs and and about 40-50 more away from my goal weight, so thats good. BUT, you know what, the compliments are getting tiring and kinda embarrassing. How do you guys/girls deal with it, other than saying just thanks all the time. I am no where close to being skinny, but every one of my friends says " whats up skinny" or "look at skinny over here" I have had to ask a friend I see all the time to please stop. and they didnt understand why, cause I really couldnt explain it to them, just that it was getting annoying. I wasnt a bad looking dude to begin with, but the one that really bugs me, is how good looking I am now compared to before??? Are you saying I was ugly before??? lol, Anyways, just ranting. Hope every one has a great day! Nick
  5. I'm sure most of the ladies on here that read the last comment you left for me are highly disappointed.

    But you look great, bet you feel like a different person

  6. posted one in my gallery, not shirtless like you! haha one day maybe!

  7. Just Nick

    various pics of myself

    Just a bunch of random pics i am putting on here to remind myself of who I am, who I was, and who I am going to be.
  8. i was trying to tonight, my computer is acting funny.

    i wish it would let us link them from facebook or google+

  9. Only 10 lbs separate us and you had surgery 6 wks after me??

    Yikes, I better step it up! Can't let you beat me!!

    When are you going to update your pictures?

  10. just came by to say hello, its been a while. I hope every one is having a good start to the New Year! Cheers!

    1. Lori88


      Hello and Happy New Year to you!

  11. haha, happy new years, just came by to check and confirm that yes you still have me by about 10 pounds! keep up the good work and dont let me catch you!

  12. Hey sugar britches! Things are good here..miss chatting with ya! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! :)

  13. Just wanted to say Hey, havent been on in a while. Hope all is good. take care.

  14. no complications here. Just trying to focus on working out and eating right. since I drink a lot of water at one time, i think my stomach is growing, and can eat more food. I dont like that, especially so early in my journey. I am getting tired of people always telling me how much thinner or good I look. I have had to ask people i see on the regular to please stop. lol. anyways, take care.

  15. I haven't stalled, but the weightloss has slowed from 5lbs/wk to 3 lbs/wk.

    But I've lost 114lbs since may 26. Seems you're losing at the same rate, maybe even a little faster rate than I am though if you started at 374 and are down around 90 lbs! Very nice!

    Any complications?