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    Wife, kids, family, and my friends, who like my family are always there for me.

    oh and rugby, and once I get some weight off, waterpolo again.
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  1. I am going to assume that 40 is probably about all you can absorb at once, I have heard this many times as well from many different people. Since your body can only absorb other things like calcium, iorn and vitamin c so much at once, I think its safe to say protein has its limits as well. Plus a 40 gram protein shake is alot of liquid, unless you like trying to choke down a bunch of powder. I personally do 3x40 gram shakes through out the day. Good luck.
  2. i love how my knees dont hurt afterwards. Try doing some high intensity interval training, HIIT. thats where you condense your elliptical workout into around 12 minutes or so. do your typical 4-5 min warm up, then you put the machine on max resistance and max incline for 1 minute, and go as fast and as hard as you can for the whole minute, its going to hurt, trust me. then once the minute of hell is over you get 2 minutes of rest at a slower easier resistance. then back to the one minute of hell. Do this 3-4 times and then do a cool down. Be careful when stepping off the machine you legs will be jello. Do this once or twice a week, its a butt kicker. let me know if you try it and tell me how you feel after. Cheers
  3. Just Nick

    Tired Of The Compliments

    OK, I am almost 6 months out, and have lost 130ish lbs and and about 40-50 more away from my goal weight, so thats good. BUT, you know what, the compliments are getting tiring and kinda embarrassing. How do you guys/girls deal with it, other than saying just thanks all the time. I am no where close to being skinny, but every one of my friends says " whats up skinny" or "look at skinny over here" I have had to ask a friend I see all the time to please stop. and they didnt understand why, cause I really couldnt explain it to them, just that it was getting annoying. I wasnt a bad looking dude to begin with, but the one that really bugs me, is how good looking I am now compared to before??? Are you saying I was ugly before??? lol, Anyways, just ranting. Hope every one has a great day! Nick
  4. Just Nick

    various pics of myself

    Just a bunch of random pics i am putting on here to remind myself of who I am, who I was, and who I am going to be.
  5. Just Nick

    Increasing Food Intake Over Time

    Its does getting bigger over time, What I do is really focus on changing my old habits and keeping these good ones. I know for myself, being active and eating healthy even if I have a few more calories than I am supposed to is ok, as long as I stay active. how are you feeling energy wise 4 months out? I am only two months out and I am still kinda dragging butt.
  6. so there you have it, since no one else replied, I must have been 100% on my answer, lol. Good luck, I hope your pains go away. I know how much I hated my shins bothering me. Take care.
  7. Just Nick

    Stupid Things (Stupid) People Say

    The Worst one is, "The only reason your losing weight is because you cheated!"
  8. is your pain under where your shins would be? if it is, ice them, and get some shoes with better cushioning. I wouldn't says its any type of deficiency, just walking on hard surfaces with flat shoes causes shin splints. I used to get them all the time just from running on a baseball diamond, home plate to first. after the game my shins would kill me. Ice and an anti-infantries were my only relief. Its comes from the hard impact of your steps on a hard surface. If you pain is elsewhere, you pain may come from a deficiency, but unless we know, its hard to tell. good luck with everything. hope your legs feel better.
  9. Just Nick

    Why Am I Not Losing Weight Any More?

    Its hard to explain, but your body thinks its starving. It will fight to keep the fat cause it doesn't know when your going to feed it again. If you go a couple of days and eat extra carbs and something maybe not as healthy as you have been, your not going to put on weight. if anything it will trick your body to start using your fat as energy again. Plus the fact that your working out, actually puts your body in shock more than anything due to the lack of calories you are taking in, now your just burning muscle. Which is a big no-no. Keep your body on its toes, mix it up and trick it from time to time, that will help you keep your metabolism going. Stalls are your bodies way of telling you that it figured you out, and your going to have to get up early in the morning to pull one over on it. Also, up your water intake, and take some melatonin at night to help get rid of the free radicals in your body from the weight you have lost so quickly. nick
  10. Just Nick

    Tanita Scale bc-1000

    images from the computer program that graphs my scales input.
  11. Just Nick

    Stretching Before Working Out

    Another thing to to to really help keep you from being sore is to make sure you get 30-40 grams of protein with-in 30 minutes of your work out. I always take a Protein shake to work outs. As far as stretching cold muscles I have no clue, I always stretch after my warms ups anyways, seems like I can reach further, plus it breaks up the workout. Good luck with every thing.
  12. Just Nick

    I Feel Like I'm Dying, Seriously

    Have you ever had to do anything that you didn't want to do but you knew it was for the greater good, consider these 14 days just like that. I know it can be tough, but honestly who told you that this was going to be a walk in the park. On top of seeing if you really want to stay committed, this pre-op diet is to help shrink your liver for the operation. I really don't know what to tell you other than, this has to be a time for you to change your lifestyle, the way you eat, but also more importantly the way you think about food. You said your a picky eater, for a while after your operation you wont have time to be a picky eater. Assuming your diet will be a typical first few weeks post op, it will consist of mainly clear liquids and sugar free jello. My advice for you is to get mentally tough pre-op, and read over the info your surgeons office gave you on post-op diet and get your cupboards ready. Try different brands and flavors of protein shakes now, and learn how to make home made chicken broth, and or buy your favorite broth. If you think the pre-op diet sucks, wait til you get to the other side. I am not to good at sugar coating things anymore and I apologize if I come off rough, but just call it tough love. One of the things that has helped me get through some of my crappy days is just going for walks. When ever I had head hunger, I did something active, took some very deep breaths and went over why I am doing this. The reason why people start putting the weight back on later in this process is because they didnt really break their old habits, or if they did, they introduced new bad habits. Its that simple. You need to think about food as a fuel source not as something that fills your stomach and makes you happy or what ever it was to you before. I am not trying to scare you away from going through with it, because this is so worth it. But if you WANT to be successful and see some good weight loss and get healthy you need to be Mentally Tough to win this battle. No time for being a weak willed food sissy anymore, get up and do something about it.
  13. Just Nick

    How Fast Did You Lose Weight?

    Every one is different, I had the same questions as you. I wanted to know where I should be and what was decent. As of now, my two months is coming up on the 19th and I am down 71 lbs. I would have never thought it was possible. Keep plugging away and stay strict with your new lifestyle, until it become habit.
  14. Just Nick

    Long Live Obese People

    I was in the same boat, my cholesterol was near perfect , by blood pressure was normal, and so were my triglycerides, blood work always came back good and I was 380lbs. Go figure, lol. In the mean time I ran and swam, and played rugby, just couldn't beat the night time bored eating.
  15. Just Nick

    Wooooooaaahhhh We're Half Way There!

    Nice, I like reading this kind of news. I cant wait until I get to my half way mark/goal. Cheers,