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  1. I had gastric sleeve August 8th 2011. I I used to weigh 385 lb. I lost a hundred and fifty after gastric sleeve. I then found work after my surgery been working 4 and 1/2 years. I have had two wrist surgeries, and just recently in May had knee surgery to repair my meniscus. I have gained about 50 lb back, and hate myself for doing it. I have thought about trying The 5 day pouch reset is there anyone that can suggest any on that. I hate myself right now being home not working due to surgery recovery I'm being out of work no pay does not help. I am hating myself!!! Please comment and help!!
  2. I am also looking for a wls surgery desert for xmas as a gift to my family, as i had my surgery in aug 8,2011 at 338.00 nd now down to 263.00 . any kind of desert such as cake or something i decor xmas like.
  3. My surgery was aug 8,2011. I had the same issues crying over nothing and over the littlest thing. it is because body is changing and you are no longer substituting food for depression. i have been seeing a phsych and therapist and that has helped tremendously. i have lost about 50 pounds or more.
  4. Hi Mandi, I am in delaware and had surgery aug 8 from my highest weight in January i lost almost 50 pounds as of a week ago. which doc said is good. I also went threw all the cardio and pulmonary and np, nutrtionist, at pmri.. you will learn alot at all the class and life skills. that help me to loose some weight by putting things i learned into my everyday life, and i did loose some weight. My surgeon at chrias is Dr . Wynn. and everyone on the 7th floor of christiana are awsome nurses and friendly. you will do fine. INcase you didnt know already there is a support group every third tuesday of the month at john hammond center, you can drop me a line anytime.
  5. I had my surgery Aug 8 and i had the sleeve and doing very well altogether i have lost about 50 pounds i started in January at 339.8. my second post op i was 295.4 and with family doc in the same week i was 293. so i am very happy with the sleeve. i have not had any complications, other than feeling a little nautious in hospital which is normal, but i never got sick. Also a good note my family doctor took me off one of blood pressure meds already. On the other hand my best friend had lap band and she is doing well. But with that you keep going back for a fill. I didnt want that. It is definatley up to you what you decide. But everyone is different with side effects also.Whatever you decide good luck and this is a great site to get questions answered and see what others have to say about just about anything in regards to surgery. Welcome to thinner times!!!!!!!
  6. Before I had my surgery i was on optifsat. which was nothing but liquid. clear soups. and shakes threw my doctor office. I jsut came of myb pureed this week. my surgery waqqs aug 8. and im doing greast. i have lost 50 pounds
  7. I went for my second post op appointment yesterday i have lost more weight I now weigh 295.4 i was in January 339.00 wohooo.. now. I am trying to go to gym everday and rying to build fat into muscle. I am going to fight till i get where i wqnt to be.
  8. i had surgery of gastric sleeve aug 8 . i was told take chapstick. cause you will be dry mouth since cant eat or drink and lips will be dry so that helped me.. and happy belated bday to your 4 yr old mine was sept 2. and good luck. you eill be fine. doctors no what there doing . just trust in god he is watching all of us. :P
  9. Well it is SEptember 2 , and it is my Birthday " lordy , lordy im 40... where do the years go. I did get a little good news today. i went to dollar general in my hometown, and saw a pair of workout pants i wanted they were on clearance and a size smaller then i usually wear.. so i got them. i thaught what the hell ill try them. and guess what they fit. i have gone down a pants size since aug 8. woohooooo
  10. Ty all for the kind words and comments, I am crying at the drop of a hat. I am also trying my best to keep myself busy.. LIke going to gym when i have a vehiicle which is also broke down. this year has been the worst year in so many ways , but in others it is good , because i am getting healthier and have a roof over my had at least.
  11. Ty i apprecite that.I am also seeing this ticker and trying to see how it works i posted it to my fb . but not sure how to operate it.
  12. i am trying to figure how to use thsi ticker you have posted . could you please give me some idea. im not sure if done correctly
  13. how r u doing my surgery was also aug 8 in wilmington de
  14. I am 3 1/2 weeks out. i went for my first post op appointment on the Aug 22. As of that time i had lost 22 pounds in a month... My family are animal lovers. and rescue animals if found. someone my family knows found a baby kitten. and braught it to us. i was keeping an eye on it for the last week makeing sure it ate and learned the litter pan. I began to call her "tinker." As of today aug 31 my mother asked me to take her to pet store we have to many cats and two big dogs as it is. after only a week of having her i am crying after i took her to pet store. I know it is for the vest. she will get a loving home. and the vet care she needs. My mother said it dosnt help when I am not substituting food anymore for problems and depression. It also dosn't help been unemployeed for a year. but my health comes first. Anyone else having these emotions with everday issues?
  15. I had my surgery aug 8 .and doing great. just started this week going back to gym.I am still on pureed but i am trying foods in baby bites here and there. you surgery was yesterday so i hope you are doing well good luck.