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  1. I have two sealed bottles, 120 tablets in each bottle, in the hot cocoa flavor for sale. They are calcium citrate. $20 + free shipping.
  2. Thanks :D You're not on Facebook anymore?

  3. Lookie how cute you are these days! I adore the new avatar! mucho <3 Kimber~

  4. Your symptoms sound exactly like what I've been dealing with these past few months also. I finally saw my surgeon, and had blood drawn...13 tubes, testing for what seems like everything possible. I'm vitamin deficient in quite a few different things. A deficiency in B vitamins played a big roll in my mood, and my hemoglobin level is an 8, making me anemic, so I was put on 65mg elemental iron twice a day. I was very tired from the anemia, and also very cold. I know you said you had bloodwork done 7 months ago, but could things have changed since then? Here's what I now take if you want to compare: Complete multivitamin with iron/twice a day Super B-Complex with 100mg thiamin/once per day Iron 65mg/twice a day B-12/1,000mcg per day Calcium 1,000mg per day
  5. I had this same thought before my surgery over 2 years ago. I made a thread here also about it...
  6. Hej Laura! Sounds like good news all round! Good for you and best wishes forward! Wow, Angel's a fine honey now! Beautiful she is! So glad about your Mother and what fantastic news about you having "emancipated" ie moving out from home and going to College etc. Do hope Julie is thriving under your care - strange how you two became IRL buddies! Seems a solid friendship. All the best til next! Hugs - Vim

  7. Hi Vim! I haven't been around much either. My mom is doing okay. She started back to work in January, but is still recovering. The surgery went well, but it's still not fusing. She still has very limited use of her entire right arm, but it's slowly improving. I moved out of my parents house December 28 to live down here in San Diego. I go home to visit every few weeks though. I'm going to college down here full time, and have scholarship application essays pending. Angel is doing great...though she misses me a lot. She's 70 pounds now, but still as cute and fluffy as ever. She loves to run, and she herds the little dogs around the house like sheep. Glad to hear you're doing well! :D

  8. Hej Sweetie! How are you Laura? As you see, I have been off for quite a while so I have lost touch with how you and your family are doing. How is your Mother? Puppy? (or not so little anymore!). All good here, must keep an eye on my weight though! Hugs for now, Vim

  9. UCSD is great, and Pomerado is also great. Scrips would be fine too, HOWEVER, do NOT go to PALOMAR HOSPITAL! Palomar and Pomerado are sister hospitals, Pomerado is great, in a rich area, but Palomar is not great, and the wait in the ER is horrendous due to the high hispanic population that Palomar serves. I hope you can bypass the ER completely and make your way on your cruise, UCSD Thornton hospital in La Jolla wins the Best Hospital Food Award hands down, FYI.
  10. I got $60 and a pair of soft purple socks!
  11. I wound up going with Penske. They gave me unlimited milage, with three days to complete my move. I got a 16 foot truck, but then decided that I only need a 12 so changed that today. They want $250 including tax and the environmental fee. I'm just about all packed up. I'm a little anxious about driving the truck 350 miles alone considering I've never driven anything bigger than a gocart, but I think I'll do okay. Sunday is the day.
  12. Could it be your pancreas?
  13. How horrible! I know how much she was looking forward to having her surgery. I know she will pull through, I just hope that she has a strong support system of friends and family with her at home and in the hospital. Get well soon, Stacie!
  14. I'm moving out of my parents house in less than two weeks and am looking for a moving truck to rent to haul my stuff in. I have quite a few large things so it won't all fit in the back of a car. I'm moving from 93446 to 92029 so it's about 340 miles. For a U-Haul it will be $300 plus about $150 for gas. I was wondering if any of you know of a cheaper way to go? Think it would be cheaper to rent something like a Ford long-bed from a car dealership? I don't need any supplies or any hired movers, just the truck.