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  1. Breaking that 200 felt really good. But getting under what my husband weighed (195) was a huge triumph for me as well. You are doing really good and will move down pretty quickly now if you stick to the plan.
  2. Time4MeNow

    Where am I going wrong?

    Instead of mayo, try to use low fat cottage cheese, it really does taste good, especially when you have not eaten solid food in so long. I threw in a bit of pickle juice and some mustard for even more taste. You might want to also try other types of fish, like salmon and scallops. Both are really soft and I find them REALLY well tolerated by my sleeve. Lots of protein, very little fat as well. I had to travel during my mushy stage and Taco Bell pintos and cheese was wonderful - I only had about two bites, but it tasted really good. I also stalled around week 3, you body is just adjusting, so relax, no one fails in their first month.
  3. Time4MeNow

    I did it!

    Welcome home! Now the rest of your life is in front of you for the taking.
  4. I like sorbets, they are fruity and give me the same satisfaction for half the calories and 1/3 the fat. When the family has ice cream, I take out my cup or sorbet!
  5. Time4MeNow

    One week to go

    You are doing great on the pre-op diet, and a yogurt is not cheating - a big bowl of sugary cereal or bag of chips would be cheating!! Just keep going, you are already a success story and showing that you have what it takes to be successful post surgery. That mental part is worth more than anything in this battle, thus the psych testing, etc. I have seen people who should not have the surgery, take the psych test a couple times to try to pass it with different psychologist and come out of surgery a few months really struggling and blaming everyone else for their lack of success. This is about YOU, you can do it!
  6. Time4MeNow

    Feeling like a loser, and not in a good way...

    Protein shakes could be acting as a slider food for you, meaning they go in and right through pretty fast, not making you feel as full as you need to be, so you are eating other things to fill you. Many thoughts are for pouch control you should avoid slider foods after the area is healed in order to get a fuller feeling. Like avoid things like soups and such as well. Instead look for denser foods, like chicken with steamed broccoli for dinner. Both will fill you and you will get protein and veggies. I would also try to get more in than walks. Can you get an elastic band and do some resistance training for your upper body? Swimming? or other types of work outs that target other areas of your body? 40 pounds at 6 months really does seem a bit slow, but we all loose at different rates. The best thing you can do is to log your food on something like the Livestrong My Plate site, or Foodday.com - I mean I am still at about 1,000 calories a day, knowing where you are calorie wise and then calculating the work outs calories burned could really help you see what is happening. Also, post a couple days of your food diary here and let people comment to help you. Good luck, use the tools, they are there.
  7. Time4MeNow

    Why choose GBS over VSG?

    I went in thinking band, and after two different hospital support meetings and seeing all the band reversals on this site, the sleeve was my choice. My surgeon does the most bariatric surgeries in Michigan and he has about limited his band surgeries. He has also gone to the sleeve because they are seeing the same weight loss success and RNY. Also, for heavier people they can do the sleeve first, if they don't get to goal, they can still go in and do an RNY as a second procedure to stimulate more weight loss. In fact, that was how the sleeve was first started, as a precursor for the very obese, in excess of 400 pounds. We have had a person with RNY come in to our support group on three occasions with absorption issues, telling us to be good, take our vitamins and not choose RNY if we can, but wished they had had the sleeve. Those are pretty telling testimonials as well. I am VERY happy with the sleeve. I can eat anything, including a drink if I do want, although I can never even drink one glass in full even watered down, but I eat totally normally with friends. I just eat protein - like last night I had mussels for an appetizer (high in B12, really easy to digest, and very little bites) and salmon on a salad for my entree. I don't eat a lot, but many of my friends are naturally thin and don't eat much either.
  8. Time4MeNow

    Drink I found! No sugar no calorie!

    Thanks for the tip on the Hint water. I am always looking for new water to try!
  9. Time4MeNow

    Fat but in a smaller body

    Weights! Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you create muscle, you will loose more weight but firm up those areas and define them. My gym routine is now 20-30 minutes of running on the treadmill, 15=20 minutes of weights, then 10 laps in the pool (my dessert as I love swimming.) This week my husband really noticed how firm my arms are getting, so I know it is not just me. I notice a lot of people lose from the top down. We talked about that in our support group too, the hips seem to be the last to go. Our NUT noticed those of us who run got rid of the hips, and had us stand up. But I was one who's abs still need work and arms and she had people who did more weights stand and by golly their arms were a lot more defined by muscle. So we all have our success and our weak spots. We are a work in progress! -Marie
  10. Time4MeNow

    Biggest Loser - Dumb question

    Weights! In fact last night my husband said my arms were really muscular - well I have been doing a lot more weights the last couple weeks. If you are under 40, the skin seems to spring back faster. Remember it is a living organism that dies and is reborn, so it can shrink, but only so much. So if you are worried about arm sag, just do some weights, it will really help.
  11. Time4MeNow

    Regular sugars vs alcohol sugars?

    Some wise folks on here educated me on Flintsone vitamins and how bad they are compared to bariatric vitamins. I just wish our surgeons would get educated!!
  12. Time4MeNow

    I'm jealous of ME! :/

    I was kind of the opposite, I never saw myself as fat, until I saw a photo and never wanted my picture taken. In my mind I was always this size and never went up that high. Funny how our mind works!
  13. Time4MeNow

    Baggy Skin on arms, stomach,etc.

    Many in our support group have had tummy tucks, but we found that the arms and other parts are not so bad and with weight training, they tend to firm up over time. Of course, being younger than 40 you have a better chance with more elastic skin!
  14. Time4MeNow

    Vitamins and Medications

    Just pace yourself all day. I take my multi first thing in the AM, then my D a couple hours later, my B at lunch and my calcium 3 times a day.
  15. Time4MeNow

    Feeling a little frustraited!

    You are doing everything perfectly. Kudos to you for keeping on the shakes. You might try varying them a bit, add some flavors, but good job for keeping on them. So many give them up and don't blend them, which can be a big mistake early out, when you can loose the most. Also you might hit the dreaded week three stall - it is VERY common!! Week one you are just loosing all the fluid the hospital put in you. Week two is usually the highest loss week in the process or one of them. Week three your body is trying not too loose, as it is fighting back from the stock, then you will drop again week four - OR something entirely different - everyone varies!! LOL Just one day at a time! Be sure to get plenty of rest to let your body heal.