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  1. before/after 8 months post op

    You look fantastic. I'm sure you will reach your goal, just keep working at it. Your doing great
  2. Difference in a year...

    You look so amazing.
  3. VEGAS 2010 VS VEGAS 2012

    Looking good!
  4. CHECKING IN....

    You are doing awesome! I'm not sure about you but this is the best thing I ever did for myself. I am down 123 pounds and am feeling great. Just wanted to say hi and you look amazing:) keep up the great work.
  5. "Mama, it's so nice that you don't...

    I used to do the same thing Doesn't it feel awesome not to do that anymore
  6. NSV's? Yup, Sure Are!

    Yay. I love NSV, you are doing awesome
  7. Went to 6month post op and my surgeon was so happy with me. I've lost 90.8 since the day of surgery, 110 total. All my labs were perfect! I am loving life!

    1. BugdocMom



    2. Lori88


      WOW - GREAT NEWS and great job! Congrats!

  8. 8 Months Out -106lbs

    Looking good, your doing a great job!
  9. Finally put a full body before and after picture up under members photos.

    1. Goddessfit4life


      Congrats. I have still not done it. Just plain lazy on my part. (and a bit self-conscious to be totally honest)

    2. Mishell


      I am fully clothed in both lol, I'm not brave enough to do any bra and pantie ones or even my work out clothes. :)

    3. carrotop13


      I definitely need to do one :)

  10. Wow what a transformation you are doing so good!
  11. 6 month before and after

    The picture quality is bad because I took a picture of a picture. The before was taken in August of 2010, after was July 2012. I am down 106 lbs!
  12. I lost 3lbs on vacation, so excited. I am in the 160's, i haven't weighed this in years. i can honestly say this is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm so happy :)

    1. Flooter


      Hurray for you!

  13. I'm back !

    Welcome to the losers bench. Congratulations!
  14. Can't believe it !

  15. How I spent my summer vacation

    I'm glad you had fun, I live in Florida but we are staying out at a beach house this week and its so nice to play and swim with the kids, oh and fit in my beach chair