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  1. 19 months post op, having some problems

    I haven't been tested for those, but looking at the symptoms of EBV, it looks pretty spot on. The headaches, joint pain and stiffness, chills, sweating, scratchy throat...I'm going to call my primary about this. Thanks!
  2. 19 months post op, having some problems

    I see a psychiatrist for my Focalin, and also a therapist. They've done testing, and I am not depressed. I have very mild anxiety, but it's well controlled with behavioral techniques and the Focalin.
  3. I haven't posted on here in quite some time, but I'm back! I had RNY 3/1/12. I wound up with multiple complications, and was in the hospital consistently for about 3 months. After those 3 months, it seemed like I was magically better, and I went on with my life. I have lost about 170lbs, and stopped losing at around 13 months out. Everything was great until 5/29/13, when I had a major allergic reaction to something. The medics gave me epinephrine, which caused me to go into v-tach. I was in the hospital for 4 days, and everything was good again. All summer, I was fine. Around the beginning of August, I started getting lethargic. I do not consume any caffeine, though I do take a stimulant medication for ADHD (which I did not take for about 2 months after the allergic reaction/v-tach). I had my bloodwork completely checked at the end of August, and everything was within normal range, but my ferritin was low, so my surgeon put me on Bifera iron, which I have been taking for about a month. I also do a B12 injection every 3 weeks, and take my vitamins and calcium. I get about 60-100oz of fluids a day, depending on my schedule. I get between 50 and 90g of protein a day, also depending on how I feel. I have never been able to tolerate any sort of protein supplement, so I rely solely on food for protein. My surgeon has run out of ideas. My levels are normal, including iron, B12, and albumin (protein). I'm getting fluids, but I am EXHAUSTED. I sleep 7+ hours a night, and after only being awake for 6 hours, my body and mind just give up and don't want to work anymore. I digress; I am taking a heavy course-load in school, working part time, and doing grad school applications - I am under heavy, heavy stress. It even caused my body to cause my cycle to come a week early (even though I'm on Nuvaring, which I've been on for over a year). I need opinions. Has anyone been through this so far out? My primary doesn't have extensive experience with bypass, so she's out of ideas. Also, I've noticed the past few weeks that I'll eat a protein dense meal, with little carbs. I'll wait 30 minutes to drink. After an hour or two, my pouch just feels completely empty, like it does when I first wake up in the morning. I'm just at a loss as far as what to do right now. Thanks!
  4. One year out! 170lbs down..

    Haven't been around in quite some time. School and work consume my life. To update, I'm a year out in two days. I was weighed this morning, and I am 170lbs down. My goal for the year was just that, so I feel pretty accomplished. Now to continue losing and then maintain for plastics!
  5. I'm 10 months out. I've lost over 160 pounds. I date guys, I'm open and up front about my insecurities about my body. They don't believe me. Then somehow, they decide that the extra skin is too much for them, and it ends. A few days ago, a guy I've been friends with for 9 years said we should go out on a date. I agreed. We went out twice. Last night, I sent him a picture showing him the extra skin (I'm very up front about it, for this reason). He said it bothered him. The 9 year friendship is now gone and ruined because I had this surgery. I honestly feel inadequate and not worthy of intimacy and affection because of my outer appearance. Every guy I've dated since surgery has ended because of my insecurity, but the fact that they end reinforces my insecurity, just as this situation did. I thought that a friend of 9 years would be a little bit more open and understanding, but I was sorely wrong. He made the comment, before I showed him the picture, that outer appearance isn't important. Then, after the picture, he says "you're getting that taken care of right?" I, of course, replied that I want to when I can get $25,000 together to pay for it. I wear spanx everyday, and hide the skin very very very very very well. I just feel incredibly worthless and feel like I won't ever be good enough for anyone.
  6. The real deal on loose skin...

    I'm almost 24. I have been overweight since I was 6 and obese since 13. My entire body needs reconstructing. My inner thighs are like horribly melted candles. They're sagging so much that the backs of my knees look saggy a bit. My breasts were always saggy, as I was a 52H before, and I'm a 36DD now, but it's all skin..no volume. My stomach is ridiculous. The panni gets worse by the day. My mons pubis is still "full" and is getting saggy. My arms are what make me most self conscious, though. I still have the indents when I bend my arm, and if I hold my arms out at my sides and stand in a T shape, I have at least a 5-inch hang of skin. I've measured it. My face and feet are the only two things that have gone back to normal. Even my calves are losing very slowly and they're still very big for someone at my current weight. I feel great, but I feel horrible that I did this surgery to get healthy, but I absolutely hate what I see in the mirror. The worst part is that I'm a student on very limited budget, and I am scared I will never be able to afford the surgeries I will need to finally feel confident for once in my life. Such a shame. Edit: I should mention that I work out 5 days a week. I work with a trainer 3 days a week, and then I work alone the other two. I did everything I could to minimize the skin, but nothing worked.
  7. Birth Control.. Womanly advice

    The IUD is statistically the most effective reversible contraceptive method, but many insurances don't cover them, and if you're nulliparous, it can be a little bit painful/uncomfortable for insertion.
  8. What can we as (GB) people NOT eat?

    I can't do steak, but ground beef/meatballs are fine. Turkey and eggs don't sit well. Chicken, when moist, and shrimp are my go-to's. I also tolerate some dairy, but not others (mozzerella=yes, american/cheddar=no). Weird. I'm also one of the rare few that cannot tolerate protein supplements (I become physically ill - I actually like the taste of some of them), so I get all of mine through food.
  9. Where do you eat out at post op?

    Red Lobster (shrimp cocktail appetizer and a side salad), Chilis (Margerita Grilled Chicken or Quesadilla Explosion Salad with no quesadilla), and my absolute FAVORITE - Outback (grilled shrimp appetizer and a side of green beans). I've been doing Chipotle a lot lately, also. Salad, no rice, extra beans, extra chicken, corn salsa, and some mild salsa as dressing. Jimmy Johns has the unwich, which is basically a sandwhich without the bread. They put 2oz of meat (I get roast beef, because theirs is amazing) with some tomato, cucumber, and light mayo, and I get two meals.
  10. Hey everyone! I am now in onederland! I hit it just over 6 months out, and am now 133lbs down. At almost 7 months post op, I am still dealing with many issues that can't seem to be resolved. I am severely protein deficient. I get between 50-60g of protein most days from food alone, but I have days at a time where i go without eating because of stress. My hair is thinning so poorly. I've started using Nioxin, so hopefully that will remedy it some. I have been majorly slacking on food. I have let carbs creep back into my life a little. First, it was a bite of mashed potatoes, then a few bite sized pretzels, and now, it has crept up to half servings of potato chips (I don't eat a full serving for fear of dumping). I have now tried 47 different protein supplements. Shakes, drinks, shots, bars, etc. Nothing works for me. I get physical pain and the foamies/nausea every single time. I just tried a Quest Bar (PB&J). I had one bite, and foamies/nausea ensued. It makes me want to give up. I have started seeing a psychologist for my body image issues. There is some debate as to whether I have BPD or depression, but they have put me on medications, which aren't really doing much. I translate this to the doctors, but they continue to tell me to 'give it time'. When I speak to the nurse at my surgeon's office, she tells me all of my issues surrounding food (anxiety with eating, protein issues, etc) are in my head, and that if I "truly want to succeed, I'll figure it out". I want to tell her to fxck off sometimes. I live at home still, unfortunately, and now both of my parents have gotten WLS. My mom has gotten the band, and my dad the sleeve. I find myself comparing myself to them constantly. I find myself critisizing the way they do everything. My mom, being about 4-5 weeks out from the band, still eats ice cream, drinks tons of coffee, only uses CIB as supplement, and doesn't drink more than 20-30oz of water a day. My dad, about 2 weeks out from the sleeve, has NO food issues, and I find myself being very resentful at the fact that I had to be on clear liquids for 6 weeks from complications, and at 6 months out, I still have numerous issues with food. We fight constantly (mostly them against me). I hate what I see in the mirror. I am 23, but have the body of a 60 year old. My arms would be tiny if it weren't for the skin hanging. My panni is still somewhat fat-laden, but it's getting droopier. My breasts have gone from a 48H to a 38DD, and look awful and ripply. How am I supposed to find someone to love this mess of a body? I want plastic surgery eventually, but the body I'm getting now is making me hate myself. I look amazing with clothing on..Spanx are my best friend. I, as everyone here I'm sure, have good and bad days. I just can't wait much longer for the good days to outweigh the bad.
  11. Some days, I just don't want to eat.

    I tried the Nectar prior to surgery, and it gave me the same pain in my real stomach. I think my body just doesn't like protein in large amounts.
  12. Some days, I just don't want to eat.

    I've tried 32 different protein supplements now. RTD, shakes, lactose free, egg white based, soy based, etc. Every one of them literally gives me pouch and intestinal cramping. I actually enjoyed the taste of the Isopure Zero Carb RTD ones, but they give me intense pain after 4-5 sips.
  13. For the past week or two, I've only been eating 1-2 protein meals a day. I'm just never hungry. I've gone 2-3 days before just on fluids - because I'm not hungry. I have no desire to eat. I find myself eating non-protein foods way more. Salads, grapes, watermelon, etc. Protein just feels so heavy, and I hate it. Any advice? I get nauseous quite often. I get physically ill from ALL protein supplements. Milk makes me physically ill as well, but I've recently found out that Carb Countdown Chocolate milk works well for me, and 8oz has 6g protein. Not much, but it's something, so i drink a cup daily. If I get 30g of protein a day, I'm lucky. I just don't want to eat.
  14. Acne AND Wrinkles? It's just not fair....

    You have to also think about the fact that if you haven't gone through menopause yet, it may be starting. I would go and see a dermatologist to see if they can recommend anything. Something like Solodyn, or even something topical like Avar may be your best options.
  15. Stricture

    Doesn't oatmeal have a lot of carbs? I've been afraid to try it because I can't ever find a low sugar one. I dump on 5g of sugar/carbs at a time. I can't eat much.