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    ART/Painting, Walk on the Beach, Road trips an Holding hands with my Husband, My children & grandchildren.
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    Dr Jonathan Carter
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    UCSF Medical Center "University of San Francisco, CA
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    5 25 2017
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    Gastric Bypass
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    Dr Jonathan Carter /May 25 2017
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    Dr Patrick Coates / Nov 22 2016 & Dec 22 2016

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  1. Welcome !!! Nobody knows like those who have been there !!! I have learned so much from this forum, and I am so greatful for everyone paying it foward ! They are not just here in good times, cheering you on with each success, but in the trying times as well with caring support. You will see !
  2. Hello Debbie ! Welcome !!! I too went to sleep and got up weighing 100 lbs more !!! Mine came after my 4 Daughters. I truely understand what you are saying!!!
  3. Brenda Gongradulations on your up coming date! April sounds like a great time for a Change!!! I am still in the grandstands, hoping to be in the game soon!
  4. Way to hang on !!! Sending you GOOD vibrations !!!
  5. There we go! I didn't copy the whole bb Code box !
  6. Starting over again, square 1 ! God Help Me :)

    1. michieluvsu


      Today is a NEW day, onward and upward~

  7. Im glad it went well for you! We deal with Mark when we go in, he is very knowledgeable !!! Oh they will also do a special order for you if they dont have it in store!

    Were you able to check out the Calcium chewables at Walgreens? I forgot to tell you that they are the Walgreens brand! Enjoy! :)

  8. I did go to the vitamin shop on Pelandale that you recommended and they were great. They have a really good selection of products. Thanks for the pointer.

    1. sunshine54


      Hello TBMODESTO

      Its been about 7 years since I met you at the Kaiser Bariatric Group meeting! Time sure flies!!! Just wanted to see how you are doing! It sure would be nice to have a Bariatric partner close by!!! Hope too hear from you!!!