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  1. Good job for doing your research and getting your support team together. Keep your eyes open through the whole process, expect hiccups in the process, and be willing to change more than just your food after surgery. Sounds like you are getting yourself well prepared.
  2. I had several sensitivities and some vitamin deficiencies develop at about 12-18 months out. I didn't pay attention right away and it got bad before it got better. My vitamin deficiencies didn't show up on blood work for more than six months after symptoms and changing from one (surgeon approved) multivitamin to another helped the deficiencies and then some symptoms I was sure wasn't dumping turned more clearly identified as dumping. It was all very complicated and drawn out - but I share it to say - pay attention to your body. Regardless of weight - watch health indicators and talk to your doctor's early on. Get labs done even if it isn't "time" and look at where they are in relation to earlier labs as a bigger indicator than just reference values. While there are many commonalities, none of us are exactly the same. I have also found my sugar sensitivity varies not just by one meal, but by a combination of hormones in my cycle, exercise level, and how long its been since my pouch was "stressed" with a non GBP friendly "occasional treat". E.G. one wildly out of the box item won't necessarily make me dump though I would totally expect it to, but two or three lesser sugar forays on consecutive days can start of some low level symptoms. All of those eating guidelines after GBP - lots of them aren't just for weight loss. Lots of them are hard learned lessons from the early bypasser's on how to keep your digestive and nervous systems healthy after having altered your stomach and related apparatus. sorry for my wordiness - but yes - different sensitivities can and do develop a year or more out.
  3. So good to hear from you! Thank you for checking in! Hope your good days continue to increase :-)
  4. I don't know about while eating, by bari doctor told me that dumping syndrome can cause the "coat hanger" neck and shoulder pain. Its a lesser symptom (both less common and less severe?), but apparently its in there...
  5. I developed sensitivities after 18 months
  6. I see it sometimes and other times I feel like I see fat more than I did 100 pounds ago. What was really interesting to me is that no one else seemed to notice (or at least comment) until about 75 pounds was gone. But now, if I lose 5 pounds everyone seems to notice.
  7. Hey! We have the same surgeon. First person I have seen here from Dr. Anez Thanks for the response.
  8. Best part - being able to walk and hike without pain or feeling limited by my body; worst part - 8 months of horrible nervous system symptoms that took forever to diagnose and it came down to the vitamin and iron deficiency that wasnt showing up on the lab work. There is definitely for me long term health considerations - but when I was considering surgery, I said I had to be prepared for unexpected complications - so many in my work place had gone through the surgery, I knew some had worse than others. I don't regret it, but if I had known about the last 8 months, I might have not done it. I don't know. My recent hiking trip in Minnesota's north shore was absolutely glorious and I could never have had that experience before WLS - not even when I was a teenager. Life is better, albeit more complicated now.
  9. So, I am taking the Feosol (I tried one of the others first and it made me itchy?). I am noticing a great increase and stability in my energy level so I am happy about that. I haven't been able to get a hold of the hematologist my bariatric doc referred, but the bariatric doc was also ok with me doing iron supplements for a month first before we went that route. Here is the thing on my mind right now... I trust my PCP, but EVERYONE (PCP, bariatric, cardio) missed the anemia/iron deficiencey - my labs were fine in August including Ferritin(when all this mess started) and December - and it wasn't until I switched vitamins for 6 weeks (with symptom improvement) and had then had June labs that showed "slight" anemia according to PCP - but bariatric doc says worth more aggressive approach. I get that this is classic PCP looks at if for normal people and bariatric doc takes things like slight deficiencies more seriously. I like my bariatric doc, but I don't have the sense of trust with him that I do my PCP. That may come over time, or it may be a style and personality thing - he ( is by nature a bit more circumspect and I often have to look up things he tells me to get the full understanding of what he is talking about. Kind of like he is used to people just doing what he says without understanding why. He was also wrong in initial diagnosis of my problems. But the proof is in the pudding when the results came from changing vitamins and adding iron - it was malabsorption/deficiency causing all my neuro symptoms even though the blood work looked fine during the 8 months that I was suffering, and started to show the issue only after I started coming back from it. (I really wonder how low it got between December and June lab work). much do people use their bariatric docs as primary care. For example - now I am having diarreah - but I also have a case of foliculitis after having been hiking for 8 days in north woods of MN and in Canada. Who tells me if the diarreah (I know sp - but I am lazy in this non spell check app) - is related to the foliculitis (bacteria and I need an antibiotic) or if its related to Iron and I need to adjust? Also, other than specifically asking for the blood test - serum ferritin and hemoglobin to be re-run (how long - 6 weeks/6 months) - which do I talk to about how long to take the Iron assuming my now absent original neuro symmptoms have disappeared, and also assuming the diarrhea clears up (I havent taken immodium yet). I believe too much Iron can cause problems but web md and nibh list the symptoms of too much iron as almost identical to the symptoms I was having before I started taking the Iron. What a quagmire. I trust myself first, but I need a trustworthy medical touch point, and right now I feel very much caught between the trusted PCP and the less trusted bariatric doc, but the one who solved the problem noone else could. There aren't many bariatric docs in my area where I am now, and the surgeons he works with aren't highly regarded. (he handles pre-post op for the surgery center and is an IM with a specialty in bariatric medicine and nutrition - so he does know his stuff)
  10. Thanks. I am starting the iron tablets now, and making an appt to discuss with the hematologist. It sounds like its worth trying the tablets first for a month or two.
  11. Thanks. I ordered the supplement Cinwa recommended, and I left a message for an appointment. Still, I am on a quest for all the information I can find before making a decision. I appreciate your response.
  12. I am curious do you still have them; does the hematologist think you will ever be able to maintain with supplements? Is this a bariatric doc preference or are there clinical lines where its standard to move to IV?
  13. Would like an update from anyone who gets Iron IV infused - how common is this? Risks? Side effects?
  14. Glad to have found this thread. My most recent blood work at 2 plus years out, shows anemia (by MCV, I don't see Ferritin on my copies of the lab). My PCP said - eat more red meat. The bariatric doc (new to me) said pills, or he has started having some of his patients do IV infusion. Background is that for the last 10 months I have had severe symptoms thought to be neurological - autonomic dysfunction - my labs when my symptoms started and in December were fine - including thiamin which we tested specifically because neuro symptoms can be Thiamin deficiency. At that time all labs good. I am starting to recover with a change in vitamins, change in diet, LOTS more water, a bunch of stuff - but now that I am feeling better - anemia shows up with low blood volume. So my PCP reaction to bariatric doc recommendation of IV Iron - is its controversial and can be dangerous. She advises I research. Online NCBI, cleveland clinic and american society of hematology all say - for gastric bypass with persistent anemia - once anemic IV is considered - risk is reaction to Iron - anaphylactis, (less than 3 patients a year? to 7% from the quick survey of lit I did), but most of the risks discussed involve people with chronic kidney disease. Most of the symptoms I have been battling are listed as anemia (surprised it didn't come up before, but again my labs were fine till last week), plus I have heavy periods and other risk factors for anemia listed in addition to post gastric bypass. The supplements I am on now are optisource - which I take 4 times a day and has calcium, plus my morning protein shake has calcium - so I am wondering... Cinwa - you say you avoid the IV - because of risk, hassle, what are your thoughts? If I can do the IV once or twice and that lasts for a year (again based on quick lit survey from sources above and one from a bariatric med site I can't find right now). Do I start taking some known supplements and ask my PCP to do the Ferritin and Anemia blood tests again in... what a month? Or should I go see the hematologist (but I suspect if this bariatric doc regularly refers to him,,, they may move faster and more regularly on this than is necessary) I want the most effective, the fastest - if this is what has been making me miserable for the last 8 months but didn't show up on blood tests til now, I want it gone - no more messing around. But if the risks are substantial, I don't want to make a rash decision. I already eat plenty of iron rich foods, but I haven't taken Iron supplements since the first 3 months after surgery, when I am pretty sure someone in the surgeon's office said it was ok to stop -based on blood work and the other supplements I was taking at the time. Advice is appreciated. I am going to go look at the Iron supplements CINWA listed above. Buddy - so your hematologist tried the vitamins first and you didn't need the IV? Or did you experience the IV? Anyone else have the IV Iron and can share experiences?
  15. carbs make me hungrier; it takes about 7 days with NO carbs for me to get past the feeling like I need to eat more. Maybe consider being more restrictive with carbs than "careful". Its work and takes planning initially - but try for an absolute No carb (except fruit/veggie). Avocados seem to fill me up. They are not that low cal though.