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  1. How is insanity working for you? Are you still doing it?? I have always wanted to try it.

    1. LuvilyBri


      Sorry it took me so long to respond. I love insanity. I actually completed part one and i have part 2. I started it but emergencies happened so i had to stop. I love it

  2. ugh i gotta go somewhere that is going to be freezing cold and i have ZERO CLOTHES. I need either a size 14 tall or 16 tall
  3. OMG I LOVE HOW MUCH WEIGHT U HAVE LOST. You can really tell on ur siggy. Congrats hun. Keep up the great work. Its ppl like you that inspire me to be better!!

  4. correction 72 lbs down

  5. 71 lbs down

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    2. enjoylife


      You're in the home stretch Bri!!! What are you, like 5 lbs from Onederland?!!! Whooo Hooo!!!!!!

    3. LuvilyBri
    4. Kimismurf


      Het Bri, saw your new pics, lookin good.

  6. Fitbit

    I love my fitbit it makes me push harder
  7. Newbie.....somewhat

  8. 68 lbs gone

    1. NewMeNow2010
    2. enjoylife


      Knock em down Bri!!! What's your status now?

  9. How To Prevent Constipation?

    Try some miralax it will have you regular. I understand it can be sold over the counter. I have a prescription my dr say i can take it every day if i like.. that it is gentle enough
  10. What Is That Between My Legs?

    I love it congrats. I am the same way with the legs. let my gap come and it is on lol
  11. Tricare North

    I hate Tricare South. Tricare is so easy. Good luck
  12. New To Tt And Have Lots Of Questions!

    Hi I met you in chat. I have PCOS also. Like I said Jill had hers in Atlanta. As far as recovery it varies. My recovery wasnt that had by day 7 I felt great. You will dont be able to hold any thing heavy for a while.