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  1. I'm Sexy and I know it....LMFAO ah a song to put some pep in your step

  2. Swelling?

    If I remember correctly, it took me about a good month. HANG IN THERE
  3. Pre/post

    Oh SAL I love you, almost 31, YIKES!
  4. Posted new before/after pic in the member photo forum

  5. Pre/post

    Start/DOS/Current/Goal 234/220/162/120
  6. finally out of the 170's!!!!! 168 today, finally

  7. Smoking

    TTry the really takes the edge off from smoking and eating.
  8. tring to upload photos from my phone, one was successful and the other said "too large" gosh i was even to fat for uploadable pics?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. ResQRotor


      if the pictures size is too big and you don't have an editing program on your computer, you can go to a site like, create a free account, upload pictures there, re-size and then re-download the TT friendly size file.

    2. msdepew


      Thanks for the help

  9. HOLY FAT, I ate like my old self today!!! BACK TO THE GRIND TOMORROW!!

  10. happy and healthy wishes this holiday season to my TT family

    1. ResQRotor


      You too! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Boils (Skin Abscesses)

    I have these issues too. Soak in a hot hot bath with 1/2 a bag of epsome salts. Do this daily and it will help with this problem
  12. I stopped losing after week one as well. My body took a two week break from losing. Deep breaths it will be ok, I promise. Don't get discouraged.
  13. First Photo Shared After 73# Loss

    Stunningly beautiful. That is one deserved proud smile!!!!!!!!
  14. so excited, my employer (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) is having a huge weight loss competition starting 1/1/12........

    1. msdepew


      I have this in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. ResQRotor


      Nice! Any prizes??

    3. msdepew


      Yes. Lots of prizes and extra pair time off

  15. Pounds Per Size In Clothing

    Per David's bridal 20 pounds equals 1 size