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  1. Been awhile. Howre you doing? How was your first Holiday?

  2. Broke Up With My Surgeon's Office

    Yes, Dr. Desimmone.. hey I figured if he is good enough for Ted he is good enough for me. Good luck in November. I don't go until January because it will be my 6th month.
  3. Broke Up With My Surgeon's Office

    Hello again! I went to my PCP and he was very much against me not being under the care of a Bariatric office so I started to call around. I am proud and happy to say I have my sixth month check up with a NEW surgeon's office. They took me after only a few questions about my insurance. They said that sadly they had heard a lot of bad things about my FORMER surgeon's office and that calls like mine were way too common. So, there is hope if you (anyone else reading this) have issues and wish to change even after surgery. It also helped me from feeling awful about myself thinking it was my fault that I wasn't satisfied with their service. I've read and reflected a lot about all of the posts here especially the one post saying that there must be a reason why the NP was questioning me since I haven't lost the correct amount of weight. Honestly, it made me sad and self doubting. Had I not lost enough? Was that the reason she was grilling me? Is it just standard practice? I don't know because in the 8 visits I have had my goal weight was never discussed except for once with the good NUT who said a weight of 175 would be fine for me. I was never given bench marks, never had a goal weight discussed, never spoken to about what kind of progress I should be making. I started at 293, lost about 10 pre op, and now weigh about 228. My total loss should be 118. My loss so far is 64 pounds. This seems good to me. If its not, no one at my office ever told me it wasn't. I don't always eat exactly what I am supposed to. I admit that however, I feel like I eat fairly well over all. I don't exercise as much as I should but like I said, with the foot problem after being very active all day at work even walking to my bedroom hurts like heck. I spend at least 2 hours a day on my feet at my job often almost running around. Why I am defending myself I don't know Another gem said by my NP: When I brought my bf to an appointment and said that I wanted him to hear some of the info because he would be taking care of me she replied "oh, you won't need anyone to take care of you." Did I really need him? No, but my recovery was easy. I think it was pretty optimistic of her to assume I wouldn't need any help. Over all though the worst part about this entire experience was the level of contradictory information that was given to me through the entire process ALL by people who were supposed to be representing the same surgeon. Yes you can have pills after surgery, then I have surgery and can't drink anything to take the pills with. Luckily from reading here and seeing that some people did have trouble with pills I had elected to get myself off of the head meds I was on. The dietician in the hospital gave me completely different advice than the ones I had met with presurgery as well as the nurses and so on. I really wish I would have been strong enough to stand up for myself before I had the surgery.
  4. Home Made Chips

    I wanted to share something I saw last night at a Pampered Chef party my friend was having. They have a new chip maker. Chip Maker The rep made sweet potato and regular potato chips as well as apple chips. They were awesome! They didn't have the consistency exactly of "real" potato chips but they were a nice substitute in my opinion. If you feel like you really want chips but don't want the grease associated with mass produced chips I think this is a good alternative. It seems like the quantity would be easier to manage as well since you have to get and slice your own potato and cook it if you are someone who can't stop after a few. Even if you have sworn off carbs this would be a good alternative for kids as well. Bacon Blue Cheese Chips This is a recipe I would like to try. Modified of course..
  5. Broke Up With My Surgeon's Office

    They sound the same because they ARE the same I had Dr. Simon too. He was great. His staff not so much, although I do know of people who really like the staff there. They just rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Thanks everyone for the advice. I am going to schedule with my PCP for the labs and such. I am sure if had a problem with a complication I could go back to my surgeon's office since I haven't really been overly jerky. Its just so frustrating. The vibe I got from the surgeon was like "hey, I know you have struggled, I am here to help." The staff seemed more like " yeah, you are a fatty and doomed to be that way you failure." I guess they are trying the tough approach but I just find it insulting
  6. Need More Education On Caffeine

    I found Diet Caffiene Free Turkey Hill brand Ice Tea. It comes pre made.. I have only found it at one store though. I really enjoyed it but you may not. Its worth a shot Diet Decaf Tea
  7. Hey! I am good.. was thinking of you yesterday when I drove past upstate. How are you?

  8. bought a pair of size 20 skinny jeans.

  9. So.. today I was scheduled my 3 month appointment or well, thats at least what I thought it was. I get there a bit early, wait a few minutes, get called in at my scheduled time. I wait in the room about 10 or so minutes for the NUT to arrive. She comes in. There are two NUTs at my office and this is the one I dislike. She asks me how everything is going, I say fine fine, I feel fine, don't get sick. She asks if I am taking my vitamins I say yes, twice a day, then she tells me she doesn't know much about Celebrate. This is my first annoyance. She works in a Bariatric office and there are two types of vitamins. Would it hurt her to do some research? Then she asks about protein supplements and I say no. Not drinking them. Then she says I should be. Does not ask if I am getting enough protein in. (The other NUT recommended using skim milk boosted with protein twice daily in addition to my meals and supplement with shakes as needed. My paperwork also says discontinue shakes at four weeks out. I am at 11 weeks so.. ) So I smile and tell her whatever. I wait another 10-15 minutes and the NP comes in. Asks me how I am, I tell her fine fine. She tells me this appointment is so close to my 3 month that it might as well BE my three month. I am thinking.. uh.. yeah, that is why I am here right? She then asks if I am exercising. I tell her no, I have a bad foot and its hard. Then she tells me I should swim. Ok, I know this.. I know I should exercise and I know I put off a bit of excuse but I just started back to work and have been at meetings 2-3 nights a week for 2-3 hours in addition to my regular job. I don't tell her this because she won't care. She tells me if I don't exercise I will fail. Ok, no problem. Got it. The she tells me. Three meals a day no snacking. No matter what. Never. So I am wondering, did I do something to deserve a lecture on snacking? She didn't ask if I was snacking, she didn't mention my weight loss not being enough (44 pounds 11 weeks, four pounds a week). Then she tells me no nuts. She didn't ask if I ate nuts. At my last appointment I spoke to my good NUT about eating plan. She also said no snacking but when I mentioned that I go to lunch at 11:30 and I don't eat dinner until at least 5 she said that a snack would be fine. I DON'T SNACK, but there is really no way I can not eat for five/six hours in a job where I am typically on my feet and moving around for at least 2-3 hours at a time. I don't bother to explain this to her. I just shake my head and smile. She gives me a script to get my labs done somewhere else. I think to myself I just wasted a half day off of work to get lectured about snacking (when she didn't ask me if I even snacked) and to have blood drawn somewhere else which will require another appointment ect ect ect . So. I get up and go to sign out. There is a sign posted on a chair that says check out ---->. I stand and stare for a moment because there is a lady sitting right AT THE DESK. She rudely tells me to go to the check in girl. So, I go over there and she is on the phone. I am waiting again while she tries to help someone else. The girl at the check out desk is.. I don't know.. sitting there? Once the check in girl gets off the phone she asks me when the NP wants to see me back. I say three months but ask her if there is any way I can just follow up with my pcp. She copped an attitude immediately and told me that I COULD do whatever I want but I SHOULD come back and see he NP because that is what she wanted. I said, not to be rude but Ive been here for 45 minutes just to tell everyone I am fine. Then she told me that I could do "whatever I wanted". It is a 45 minute drive for me back and forth to this office as well. Since they don't schedule after four, I must take a half day off of work. So.. my questions. 1. Did I burn a bridge? 2. Anyone left their surgeon's office and regretted it? 3. Anyone switch offices after surgery? 4. Anyone have any luck finding any decent bariatric office? 5. Anyone satisfied with the care their PCP provided post op? 6. Is it typical for the Bariatric office to not take blood? 7. Think I over reacted? 8. Will they kick me out of my support group now? The only reason that I stayed with this office after the first few visits preop was because I really really liked the surgeon. Had it to do over I would have researched more into the other center in my area.
  10. Talk To Me About Carbohydrates

    I should add one more thing. Are carbs what got you in the position which you needed surgery? Can you handle eating 9 crackers at a meal (with tuna or pb ect) or will you snack on them continually all day? For me, the first day I opened my crackers I grazed on them.. I ate TWO additional crackers. That was enough for me to say to myself.. "self, don't be an idiot." Crackers are easy to resist for me though. I can say no. I can walk away. If you can't, better not to start. The carbs I REALLY want are cakes, pies, donuts, chocolate. Those I avoid. I found some chocolate chips in my cupboard and threw them out straight away. I knew myself well enough to know that sitting at my desk thinking about them would compel me to eat them. BAD BAD BAD. A wheat tortilla doesn't call to me from the fridge so I consider them safe.
  11. Talk To Me About Carbohydrates

    Whole wheat crackers were on my plan at two weeks. I ate some. They were good. I eat whole wheat tortillas about 2-3 times a week. I do not eat rice, pasta, or white bread. In my OPINION carbs should be limited but not avoided completely. When I eat yogurt I get the fruit on the bottom greek but I don't use much of it, just enough to add a slight flavor.
  12. The Bypass As Pseudoscience

    Then we go to therapy. Losing weight won't solve our problems. It might help but I bet for most of us the reasons we are/were overweight have a lot to do with our minds, eating for comfort, eating out of fear, eating to fit in. Those we will still need to work on. For me being fat is an excuse. I don't have to do new things, I don't have to fly in a plane, I don't have to keep up my looks. Hey, I'm fat. What do you expect? What happens if I loose weight and I'm still not good enough, slim enough, pretty enough? I'm done with hiding. My therapist says we don't really love ourselves until we are 60. Life is a process. A continual work to love and except ourselves. Happiness isn't dependent solely on size but what is in our heads. There are plenty of skinny people completely miserable. Weight loss surgery isn't as new as you may think. They actually started in the 1980's. As far as self image goes.. I always think I look better than I actually do, not worse
  13. Confused!

    Everyone has a different plan, sometimes even people with the same surgeons have different plans, pre op diets and rules. My OPINION is this.. do the best you can with what you are given. If you can stick with your plan then do so. Don't do anything crazy like try soda, alcohol, extremely high amounts of sugar or fat but if you are struggling and you find that you can eat a potato but everything else makes you sick, I think eating a potato is better than eating nothing and it will have some protein. Your Dr. probably wants you to avoid the carbs in potatoes but on many plans mashed potatoes are encouraged early out because they are mushy. For a week or so I ate a lot of potatoes because they went down really well and didn't upset my stomach. Your protein is going to be your most important statistic for a long time. Now that I am further out I eat less potatoes and more meat. GARRRRRRR MEAT!!! It does get easier as time goes on. You still have to plan your meals but I don't focus on it nearly as much as I did early pre op. The fudgies are fine just be careful they don't become an every five minutes treat