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    I'm sorry you're dealing with that Trish - constipation is no fun. Eggs have been a no-go for me since my WLS so I can't help there. They just sat like a brick - regardless of how they're prepared. I've had a few run-ins with severe constipation after surgeries and generic Miralax with stool softeners has always worked and believe it or not, along with upping my fluids, I was also told to take a fiber supplement like Metamucil (or cheaper generic). That works for me.
  2. Welcome to Thinner Times Gary!
  3. Welcome to Thinner Times! What you're going through isn't unusual in the early post-op days/weeks but hang in there. There are several causes such as reaction to anesthesia, antibiotics, pain/discomfort, reaction to painkillers, physical, mental, and emotional stress. It's worth mentioning it to your surgeon when you next see him/her.
  4. Welcome to Thinner Times AKDebs! I'm sorry to hear about your back/hip pain - I know that a lot of us have had that issue post WLS. Something that really helped me was Pilates. There are some really good YouTube videos that can help.
  5. That is an adorable picture - I'm sure they're going to have a wonderful time together. I admit to having a soft spot for retrievers.
  6. The Genie bras are 96% nylon, 4% spandex throughout so they're stretchy. No clasps or hooks to deal with either.
  7. Each can is 20 oz (566.99g). A serving is 5g (scoop provided) giving you 500mg of elemental calcium (plus 500IU of Vitamin D3 to aid absorption). There's 113.4 servings in 1 can. At 3 servings a day, a can will last close to 38 days.
  8. Excellent advice! Since my WLS, I've worn Genie Classic Bras and these when I want to have a little lace showing under shirts or scoop tops I like their Milana. I wear the ones with wider straps - they are amazingly comfortable. I usually buy them off eBay
  9. That's great news Kio! I confess - I didn't have any issues with my gallbladder removal either (1 year post-RNY) and I was glad to be relieved of upper right tummy and back pain.
  10. Robin - if that doesn't work, check in with your bariatric surgeon about something stronger.
  11. Have you tried chomping on a couple of antacids Robin? I still have periodic issues with gas - probably due to a high intake of vegetables and fruit but it's nothing that a couple (2-4) bog standard generic minty Tums (or cheaper from Walmart etc.) doesn't relieve. They're nothing more than calcium carbonate but they work for me and they come in a variety of flavours including fruity ones if minty ones aren't your thing.
  12. I've miss you too GAviv! I hope life has been treating you well.
  13. Early out we couldn't take tablet form calcium citrate. Check around for calcium citrate powder - my choice was UpCalD - pretty much tasteless, has the all important vitamin D3 in it so you could dump it in your drinks, yogurt etc. etc. I don't remember seeing it in stores but it's available online. The cans are cheaper than the sachets. And check out the internet for calcium citrate powder but don't forget to take a low dose vitamin D3 with it. And if all else fails, look for capsule form - you could pull the ends apart and use the powder as mentioned above. It'll only be a short while post-op before you'll be able to take tablet or capsule form.
  14. Welcome to Thinner Times! The pre-op diet can be difficult but hang in there.
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    Losers bench

    Welcome to the losers bench Robin! Sounds like you're off to a great start.
  16. I shall be thinking of you Robin ... see you on the losers bench.
  17. I agree with Nana Trish too - the T-shirt doesn't look snug - it simply fits your trim figure. But it's easy for me to talk. I'm the queen of self-criticism. I can be the best of shopping companions but when it comes to myself - I can stand in front of a mirror and annihilate my own appearance.
  18. Syntrax Nectar was (and still is) my favourite of all the protein powders and I like the shake type flavours best. And some of the Isopure Zero Carb bottled stuff isn't bad although I have to dilute it with water (50:50) because I find them a little strong as is. I have a friend going through chemo who likes Clear Protein (bottles) - again diluted with water. You can get those at walmart.
  19. Post surgery weight increase is pretty common. It's nothing more than fluid so hang in there, follow the programme, walk as much as you can and try to keep off the scales.
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    A wonderful world as a slimmer person awaits you Robin - exciting times ahead for sure.
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    A young male elk who adopted me New Year's Eve 2018.
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    From the album: before and after

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    before and after

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    Vacay time

    I wish you a wonderful vacation Jen - France is one of my favourite vacation spots. Have a wonderful time and take lots of photos.