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  1. I'm glad you got to the bottom of your pain. I don't do pain!
  2. I love reading about your journey Patrick. You seem to be taking the time to savour every single detail. hugs.
  3. Best of luck for a smooth surgery and recovery.
  4. I'm sending both you and your Mom good vibes for a smooth surgery and a fast recovery.
  5. Welcome! I haven't had the operation yet so can't offer advice on anything. I can still send you a big hug though!
  6. I'm still pre-op but on a strict diet but I love watching the Food Network channel. My husband thinks I'm totally nuts - he doesn't seem to understand that I actually get a great deal of satisfaction just watching. I'm convinced that just by looking, I'm feeding my mind and that seems to be OK - I can leave it at that - it doesn't have me rushing for the kitchen.
  7. I'm glad to see you back Gina. Take it easy OK!
  8. cinwa

    Tummy tuck

    You guys are frightening the crud out of me. At a starting weight of 259lb (now down to 246), I've already got a panni and I'm still pre-op. I guess those Spanx(sp) panties are worth looking at after all!
  9. OMG Valerie! That is an amazing transformation. You must be really pleased with your results.
  10. I am a sucker for anything peanut so I'm ordering some PB2 now. Thank you!
  11. Doc D - thank you for posting this.
  12. Welcome from another Washingtonian. Look up at the mountain and I'll give you a wave!
  13. Read all you can Donna - this is a wonderful forum - they've helped me tremendously.
  14. WOW! You look utterly amazing! Congratulations.
  15. Bringing up the rear as usual.... Lots of love to Gina for a speedy recovery. I look forward to reading all about it soon.
  16. I've spent hours trying to find current statistic on complications, mortality etc. etc. for Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) in Tacoma, WA. All I've found is an article dated May 2002 - My husband doesn't seem to be too encouraged by those findings.
  17. cinwa

    New guy

    And welcome from me too. This is an exciting phase - I look forward to following your progress.
  18. I've always had a problem with severe hard/dry skin on my feet. The only way I can keep it under control is to be strict about soaking my feet in warm water with epsom salts and almond oil once a week. After about 5 mins or so, I use a hard skin remover - Dr Scholl(sp) has some good tools. That and being religious about using Swedish Formula Intensive Handcream every night after my shower has kept the worst of it at bay. If I didn't follow this regime, I swear I'd have a layer of hard, cracking skin an inch thick!
  19. Big welcome from the PNW! I don't have a date for surgery yet - just one more of the classes to go plus a colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled for next Thursday. I'm just enjoying having the time to read all I can about bariatric surgery and this is a great place to read of others experiences.
  20. John, I think that my attitude changed as the years went by. Put me back between 20 and mid-40's and I'd agree that my issue with my obesity lay purely in how I looked (or rather how I felt I looked). My turning point was hitting 50. Overnight I started experiencing weight related problems. Maybe my focus will change as I lose weight - I don't discount that. But as of right now - it's all about doing everything I can to up my changes of having a future that isn't riddled with everything that obesity brings with it.
  21. And a big welcome from me too Mary.
  22. Today is the day! I'm sending good vibes to you for a speedy recovery.
  23. I'm with Claire - at 52, I'm very sorry I didn't investigate this earlier. I've felt pretty crappy about my naked body most of my life and I can't see that changing after surgery. But I'm not doing this for the esthetics. I've got arthritis in my spine, hips, knees and one shoulder and although I have to accept that weight loss isn't going to make that go away, my body can only benefit from a 100lb lifted from it. My MO, diabetic Mother had a stroke and it was 4 days before she was found dead in her hallway. I know I can't guarantee this will never happen to me but without a significant weight loss, I'm heading for a thoroughly miserable (and painful) future. The years of self abuse have caught up with me - if I have any chance of a future, I don't see that I have any choice but to pursue weight loss surgery.