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  1. That's the best news I've heard all week. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Dave.
  2. I keep checking in for updates - Keith has been on mind constantly.
  3. This is a wonderful place Marlen - I've spent hours pouring over the threads here. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone. I still haven't made my mind up about surgery but I'm going through the classes and support groups to get as much information as I can. You're in the right place.
  4. My heart went in my mouth when I read this. Good vibes coming from WA.
  5. cinwa


    Just wanted to add my best wishes and send you a big hug.
  6. A lady at the support group I joined took great delight in telling us that the office gossip where her husband works is that he was having an affair with a skinny blond! They hadn't seen her in almost a year........
  7. I've always used Puritan's Pride for my supplements. I had an email this morning giving free shipping - I can't vouch for the chewable vitamins but at $41.98 for 6 x bottles (100 count) - they're worth a look at.
  8. And I'm excited for you too!
  9. Hi Cameo! "..... gain the energy to be a healthy Mommy." Bless your heart....hugs
  10. WOW! You are one pretty lady. You don't look anything like your first picture now!
  11. Congratulations on the century - you sure turned into one head turning gal. I'm now wishing my opportunity had come alone a few years earlier.
  12. This is precious - I don't think I've laughed so much in ages! Thank you...
  13. Bless you. I think you're right - jealously is probably at the root of most of the negativity I'm getting. Fact is, were it not for the fact that my husband is retired career military I wouldn't even be here. Thankfully, we don't have to shoulder any of the cost. And yeah - it could well be that I'm reading more into my husbands remark than there truly is. Fact is, he could do with some serious help with his weight too but as his age, he wouldn't be considered. I need to lighten up and stop thinking about what others think. hugs
  14. I use the term "friends" losely Marie. My husband and I live in a rural part of WA and have a pretty secluded lifestyle but that's purely out of choice. Just after posting, I had a call from our local pastor and he put a few things into perspective for me. This is a very low income area and most don't even have insurance yet to most, I'm thinking about what they consider a purely cosmetic thing. One even told me flat that I was being vain and selfish and then proceeded to tell me about about the varicose vein problems she can't afford to have sorted out. I've decided that I'm not going to discuss it further with anyone from around here. Most aren't prepared to accept that I'm serioiusly considering this purely because a want a future - one without the disabilities that being 120+lb overweight is almost guaranteed to bring me.
  15. I'm only 1 week into this yet I'm struggling with the negative responses from those around me. To backtrack slightly. It was just last Monday that bariatric surgery was even mentioned to me. I've been experiencing IBS type symptoms for a few weeks and one major problem is that the umbilical hernia I've had for a good 17 years started causing me problems. So, along with other investigations, I was sent to see a a doc about it. Nice guy but he dropped the bombshell of telling me that although he was more than willing to take care of the hernia, unless I addressed my weight problem (259.5lb that day), the hernia would be back in around 5 years. Out of the blue, he told me as of right now, as I don't have any of the serious medical conditions associated with being obese, I'd be a good candidate for bariatric surgery. I knew little about the process but agreed to go through the "Bariatric Pathway" courses/support groups etc. My husband was with me and both then and now, he has appeared to be genuinely supportive. Unfortunately, none of my friends have been. I've had stupid comments like can't I just go on a diet etc. etc. And if that wasn't bad enough, my husband made a comment to one of them to the effect that I'd lose the weight and leave him. My husband is 71 - 19 years older than me and we've have a wonderful marriage. I asked him if he wanted to talk about what he said to my friend but he brushed it off as just joking. I'm beginning to wonder. I tried pushing it but he just comes out with all the statistical reasons why I should have this done. Like I said, he's actively involved in this - he's going to the groups and participating. He's done a lot of research but I don't know if he's addressing his emotional side. So - what with that and the lack of even a basic understanding from my friends - I'm totally confused as to what to do.
  16. I'm so glad to be reading - in detail - about the hazards of pushing the envelope .....ooops! Sorry Pat - I'm certainly not glad you had to go through that.
  17. Big hello from me too. I'm at the start of this journey too.
  18. Thank you for the great welcome - I appreciate it. Today's first class wasn't so bad - I'm a little numb with all the information given but I've now got 7 other steps to go through that will elaborate on todays introduction: Nutrition Clinic Occupational Therapy Clinic Support Group Weight Managment for Healthy Lifestyle Goal Setting Living Well with Stress Communication Styles I was told that only the Nutrition and Weight Management were essential for me but I've decided that I'd really like to go through the others too. I've just ordered a pedometer from Amazon and am now busily searching for the vitamins and minerals that they'd like me to start straight away: Calcium Citrate Multivitamins Folic Acid Vitamin D Vitamin B (1, 2, 3, 6, 12) Biotin I was told to get chewable or liquid but that's proving difficult cause I'm probably not looking in the right place. I have found "Tropical Oasis Tropical Plus Multiple-Vitamin/Mineral" and "Tropical Oasis Liquid Calcium Magnesium" at Those two seem to cover what's on my list but I'm open to suggestions. Again, thanks to everyone - it's doesn't seem half as daunting knowing that you guys have been down the road before me.
  19. Hi Gary! I'm a newbie myself so I don't know that I have much to offer at the moment. Just know I'm right there with you.
  20. The second thing I did on Monday when I got home from the hospital (first being join this forum), was to order a copy of WLS for Dummies - I read Claire's thread! I hope it'll be here fast. Andie - I hope to find out a little more tomorrow. This has been a bit of whirlwind. I've a feeling you'll probably be hearing from me sooner rather than later.
  21. Well, things seem to be moving rather quickly for me so finding this forum has been a blessing. It was only this past Monday that gastric bypass surgery was even mentioned to me. I was at the hospital on Monday for them to look at a hernia that'd started causing me problems. The doc said it could be reduced but that unless I lost weight, it'd probably be back in 5 years. I currently weigh 280lb (5"5" tall, 52 year old female). I'm attending a class tomorrow which came as a bit of a shock but given the amount of pain and discomfort I've been in for the past few weeks, they felt it best get to attend the class sooner so that I had at least some of the information needed to make an informed decision. So.... that's where I am right now. Knowing practically nothing about it - frightened - confused - trying to find out the good, bad and ugly side of going through this procedure. hugs to you all. Corrine