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  1. Congratulations Debs - I am envious of your achievement. Getting under that 200 mark is my goal.
  2. WOW! Not long to go. You must be really excited - I know I was. Hugs.
  3. I got some Global Health ProCel Flavorless powder from Vitalady Deb - OK in soup etc. but it still has the "protein powder" ring about it and that's the stuff that's making me heave. I'm just knucking down, pinching my nose and continuing to try and get some down me in any shape or form.
  4. Doc - I read this just as I was finishing a snack of 1/2 pot Lime Jello! I laughed so much I was in agony. Now I'm sitting here inspecting my tube! LOL
  5. Mike - we had our surgery the same day and so far, I'm with you every step of the day. I managed just one day of the protein bullets and powders etc., and got 71g. If I make half of that a day now, I'm doing well. I can generally gt one protein powder down me - made with fortified milk, and that is stretched throughout the day. I can't do more. Liquid is fine - mostly herbal tea but I'm around the 60oz mark each day.
  6. There has to be someone somewhere who can do this surgery.
  7. I've had it with protein stuff Deb - I'm glad I got a few through GNC cause at least I can return them and get something else. I'm having a terrible problem finding a less sweet drink.
  8. Thank you as always. I know I was told I'd have the drain in place for at least 14 days and I know the change from redish pink to clear orange/yellow is good. I just can't recall the part about quanitity. It hasn't increased so I'm OK with it.
  9. Dave! That is an amazing amount of weight lost. Congratulations.
  10. Oh Dear God - you were watching over those two yesterday. What a terrible, terrible accident. Blessings to your husband for being alert. Hugs.
  11. I'm 9 days out - came home with a drain that exits high on the left side of my stomach. Anyway. I was shown how to empty it and what to look for as far as changes were concerned. Question. I'm still consistently producing 80-100ml of fluid each day and although it's changed from a pinky red to a clear orangeish colour, the amount seems pretty consistent. Is that usual?
  12. The last box ticked off. Hang in there - it won't be long now.
  13. Patrick, I've hung on every word you've ever posted - you've been an inspiration to me (and to others I'm sure). You deserve to be where you are right now. Hugs.
  14. I just have this thing stuck in my brain about no meds or supplements that aren't liquid or can't be chewed. I'll be glad to get off the full liquid diet Mandy - I just want something savoury now. I just wish it could be a big salad - I really want something crunchy and fresh tasting. I know that won't be for a very long time but I can dream. I hear you on the drain - I'll certainly be glad to get rid of mine.
  15. I don't know what I'll choose as my first pureed meal. I've got a hankering for a poached egg but I don't know for sure. All I can tell you is that it won't be anything sweet. I am sick to death of all this sickly sweet stuff. So - what did you choose in th end?
  16. I'm with Janine's husband on getting an attorney involved. Eric, my heart goes out to you for what they're putting you through right now.
  17. Just sip that baby all day Mike - that's pretty much what I've been doing. My love affair with the protein bullets lasted a whole day. They make me heave just to look at them now.
  18. You've done a wonderful job Amanda - you're a very beautiful young lady.
  19. That would have been something I would have loved to have heard.
  20. I received another order from Vitalady yesterday. I'm in the same state which I know makes a difference but my shipping was only $9.95 for a box that must have weighed around 7lb ($3.51 friggin state tax tho').
  21. Without thinking, I popped two acidophilus capsules into my mouth and washed them down with water. Before I'd put the glass down, I realised what I done so called the hospital and spoke with a doc. He said that I shoud be fine as the capsules are very tiny and told me to keep sipping the water but to go to ER if things changed. Touch wood - 2 hours and and I'm still OK but it prompted me to go through my medicine cabinet, refridgerator and drawers etc. We now have a Tupperware container JUST for my chewable/liquid stuff.
  22. Sweetheart..... I'm sure that on the scale of things, one "small" meal wouldn't be the end of the world. Kinda have to wonder what's going to happen in 6 - 8 hours when that one "small" meal has been digested and you've given your tummy good reason to believe they'll be another 'small' meal coming along soon. Is it really worth it? Start hitting the warm liquids - that seems to help a lot of people. redinsc, There doesn't seem to be a norm for the pre-op diet. Some surgeons want a good length of time, some just a 24/36hr period. And there are some, like my surgeon who didn't have any pre-surgery dieting. Just nothing after midnight.
  23. I had surgery on 24 September and I'm right with you on the protein drinks. I'm fine on water, tea etc., but the protein stuff causes me a real problem. The one I'm having most success with is a Global Health ProCel Flavorless Protein. There's only 5g protein but that's for a tiny 6.6g scoop. I've been adding it to broth, soup, cold and warm drinks and so far - it's the most acceptable. I got it from Vitalady:
  24. I didn't get any Prilosec! I have sachets of Zegerid - OMG that is some nasty stuff. I heave every time I have to take it (once a day). It's just sodium bicarbonate but I'll have to talk to the doc about an alternative. I did try mixing the bullets with water - it just makes me gag Mandy. But I can get 60+ protein in with just the shakes so I'll continue that road. Yogurt is on the full liquid diet list but along with regular FF milk, it made me feel sick. The lactaid milk has been fine though. I'm looking forward to getting to the pureed foods...sigh. Things are looking better today - I must be on the up again! lol
  25. I already had loose skin so with a 35lb weight loss prior to surgery, I had to invest in my first pair of Spanx pretty quickly. I just smother on lots and lots of lotion - if I don't, I get a little itchy.