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  1. Thinking of you today Grandma - have a safe trip to the losers bench.

    1. cinwa


      Checking in to see how you're doing.

  2. You've got this .... I'm so proud of you!

  3. Not long to go - post in the Introduce Yourself so we can welcome you properly.

  4. Low 50's one day, mid-80's the next! Crazy weather all over.

    1. TildyinTexas


      Are you in Texas? That sounds like our weather.

    2. cinwa


      I'm in WA (base of Mt.Rainier) so that makes it all the more amazing.

    3. Curveddifferently


      Same thing in Chicago. I'm sick with a cold because of it right now, but I'm so close to onederland, I don't care what the weather is because I am shining on the inside.

  5. cinwa

    Have a safe surgery today.

  6. A beautiful November dawn in the PNW.

  7. Sending best wishes for a smooth trip to the losers bench today.

  8. Thinking of you this morning babe - have a safe trip to the losers bench.

    1. lsmalldon


      Thank you, cinwa! All is going well so far. I'm looking forward to getting a little better each day!

  9. 1400ft in WA, May 22 and it's snowing ....... yuk!

    1. Kattrim


      It's gray sky's and rain in my neck of the woods I love WA.

  10. Sending you good vibes for a smooth trip to the losers bench.

  11. Take a look at the Socialize Forum. You'll find a thread pinned there called "Creating a Weight Loss Ticker - Easy Users Guide" - it'll help with your weight loss ticker.

  12. Middle of April and it's snowing up here in the PNW foothills - my poor little hummingbirds!

    1. vidisarah


      Oh no!!! I love my little hummers! I am hoping to see them here at our house in NW Arkansas soon!

  13. Welcome to T-T! Post in the Introduce Yourself Form so that we can give you a proper welcome.

    1. divahamer


      Thank you so much. It was so easy following your instructions.

  14. LOVE THE NEW HAIR CUT! That is really cute and is suits you!

    1. Xeniak


      i was about to come here and say the same thing!! I LOVE The new haircut - u look so cute

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caffe - I hope you have something special planned today.

  17. Hope you have a wonder birthday today!

    1. Holly Sue

      Holly Sue

      It was great, thank you!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you've got something special planned.

    1. rogejs1


      Thank you. I had a really good day. My daughter is helping support me after my surgery so knowing that going out to eat isn't the best place to take me she plannned a day out at the zoo (4 miles of walking) and an evening bike ride. It was fun

  19. Sending best wishes to you today Kearsten - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    1. Kearsten


      Thank you so much!

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have something special planned.

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