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  1. Happy 1st Surgiversary Cardamom!  

    You have done an amazing job and Brittney is looking down on you with pride in her heart.

    It take a long time before our brain adjusts to the slimmer us.  I'm just over 11 years out and occasionally I still catch a reflection of myself in a mirror or window and see an obese me which is ridiculous when I'm wearing a pair of Riders 6M jeans (with a belt to keep them up).

  2. 2 minutes ago, Res Ipsa said:

    Actually, now that I am at maintenance, I bake a loaf of bread almost every weekend and enjoy a few slices at dinner on Saturday with either extra virgin olive oil or unsalted butter.  Yes, it fills me up quickly - but it is so good. 

    So Jen, now that you are at maintenance, occasional fresh bread is perfectly fine and yummy.

    Below is a photo of my usual loaf (I know, it is not as pretty as BB's loaf).  I also make a wonderful tasting Icelandic Rye Bread.


    OK - I want that recipe too Geoff - if you'd be so kind.

    Although I can't eat it, there is nothing more I love making than baking Artisan breads to give to my friends and neighbours.

  3. 17 minutes ago, BurgundyBoy said:


     Too bad about the Ryvita! Maybe there is some way I could dry this bread for you and send it as crackers...


    I believe I remember you saying a while back that you would post your recipe BB.  

    I confess, bread making is a passion of mine and I would love to make a loaf like that. .... So! .... Pretty please!

  4. 13 minutes ago, Jen581791 said:

    Thanks, @cinwa! That's very kind of you to say :) I was at a really low point in my life at this time last year - what a difference a year makes!

    There's no doubt that life has a tendency of throwing a few curve balls our way Jen but I speaking from experience, being slimmer and healthier has helped me cope far better than I would have done otherwise. 

  5. Sounds like you're off to a great start - congratulations!

    I have to laugh about your veritable banquet of half an egg - that brought back memories for me.  I was on a clear and then full liquid diet for close to a month post-op and I can well remember what it felt like to have something of substance in my mouth and of all things, it was cottage cheese.  I don't know that anything ever tasted so good - and I ate a whole 1/4 cup!  :lol:

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