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  1. Welcome Yara! You're off to a great start.
  2. Welcome to the losers bench K.So! If you're just on liquids then the lack of BM's isn't concerning but just in case, I'd recommend you have something on-hand. Colace (docusate) or Dulcolax (bisacodyl) work well but in different ways: Colace: Stool softener: works by drawing in water from the small intestines. Dulcolax: Stimulant laxative: causes the intestinal muscles to contract rhythmically which helps push out/stimulate a bowel movement. Either way, up your fluid intake as much as you can.
  3. cinwa


    Yep! I'll be 13 years out in September and I have still use Miralax (well, a generic Polyethylene Glycol 3350 from Walmart which is the active ingredient in Miralax but it's a whole lot cleaper - 70 cents per oz as opposed to 91 cents per oz for Miralax) .
  4. I drink herbal teas of various kinds 5-6 times a day and none have caused adverse effects.
  5. It's good to see you again daisychains. Have you taken a look at doing a pouch reset? It used to be a 5 Day Pouch Test way back but it would seem that the 10 day (or longer) is proving more successful: The Pouch Reset – Losing Weight After Weight Regain
  6. Welcome to Thinner Times Dleaird! I found Metamucil or Miralax (fiber supplementsl) better than stool softeners (Colace) but you have to increase your fluids as much as possible.
  7. cinwa


    Welcome to Thinner Times Bernard. Might be worth taking a look at some of the bottles of protein infused water - Walmart has a pretty good selection. I'll be 13 years post-WLS in September and still use them - I don't eat meat so a protein drink (or half of one usually) helps me keep up with my protein goal. Wherever possible go for whey protein: Protein2o Protein Infused Water, Premier Protein Clear Protein Drink, BiPro Protein Water are a few I use but I find them a little strong as is but I dilute them with water and sip away all day long.
  8. Like a lot of career dieters, I found it difficult/impossible to keep off the scales early post-op so I had my DH hide/lock them away. They came out once a month. That was the best thing I could have done for myself. It allowed me to focus on following the programme and keeping up with my daily walking/exercise schedule.
  9. Something that can help slow you down a little Brandi is to use your fork/spoon in the opposite hand.
  10. I'm with Tracy. It's just water weight. After surgery the body retains fluid - the interstitial spaces (spaces between cells in the body) fill with the fluids - that's called edema. And surgery related stresses accounts for high level of ADH (Anti-Diuretic Hormone) - that encourages your kidneys to save water for the body. The stress we go through can trigger a hormonal imbalance and that can lead to fluid retention too. Combine that with all the drugs and medication they give us and decreased activity early post-op all leads to most of us coming home with a few more pounds than we started out with.
  11. It's always worth trying a pouch reset. It used to be a 5 Day Pouch Test way back but it would seem that the 10 day (or longer) is proving more successful: The Pouch Reset – Losing Weight After Weight Regain
  12. Welcome to Thinner Times Tammy! Have you tried the pouch reset: The Pouch Reset – Losing Weight After Weight Regain
  13. I had a bit of an iron issue early post-WLS - this might help:
  14. My entrance to bariatric surgery was because of a hernia that needed repair too. My surgeon suggested doing a RNY at the same time because unless I lost weight (and kept it off), any repair was unlikely to be successful for too long. That was back in September of 2007 and here I am, still sticking with the programme and holding fast between 118 and 220lb.
  15. I haven't been able to eat meat regardless of what or how it's prepared since having my RNY. I eat beans, legumes, vegetables and/or fruit with zero problem. But like Res Ipsa, I have to be careful with artificial sweeteners unless I want to spend a great deal of time counting tiles in my bathroom. I don't drink alcohol.
  16. Tracy, If you've ruled out too high a fat or sugar content, could it be that you're eating a little more than your designer digestive system is happy with?
  17. I didn't but the advice we were given was to keep a bottle or whatever of fluid in front of us at all times and take a drink every few minutes. The goal was 64 to 96 oz of non-carbonated water/liquid per day of water or sugar-free beverages with no more than 5 calories per 8-ounce serving. But to this day, if I had to rely on plain water to keep hydrated, I'd be struggling. I use sachets of Crystal Light (Mango Passion Green Tea) but find them a little strong so add more water than they suggest. I also like a wedge of lemon or orange in water too.
  18. Welcome to Thinner Times Jeff!
  19. Welcome to Thinner Times! I'm sorry your WLS was rescheduled but it sounds as if you're off to a great start with your pre-op diet.
  20. Welcome Beccy. I know that not being able to vomit post-gastric bypass is not unusual. I'm getting on for 13 years post-RNY and haven't thrown up once and believe me, there have been times when I wish I could but all I do is heave.
  21. Tracy, Walmart sells NOW Supplements, Calcium Citrate Powder. I have never tried it. Early post-op, I used Up Cal D. It's calcium citrate powder that you can add to any fluid (hot or cold), soups, yogurt etc. etc. It's tasteless. Sachets. Canisters
  22. Hang in there Zandria - for most of us, the pre-op was the worst part of our WLS. Up your fluids as much as you can and try warm drinks - they're often more satisfying than cold ones.
  23. Ignore the scales - you are doing an amazing job and you're so close to your goal. Congratulations!