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  1. Check out eBay Tammy. As of right now, there are 3 sellers showing: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=Spectravite+Women's+Gummies&_sacat=0
  2. Welcome to a fellow Brit. (but I now live i the US). Thing are a little quiet on the forum but hopefully that will all change when they get on top of the covid virus.
  3. If it's any help to others, aversion to plain water early post-op isn't unusual. Other than a cup of tea with milk first thing, plain water (usually with a slice or two of lemon) or sugar free Crystal Light is all I drink now.
  4. Congratulations on maintaining your weightloss Velma - truly, you are looking amazing. Just goes to show: mature women can look hot in jeans p.s. Love your furbaby too ...
  5. Welcome to Thinner Times Mandie! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Have you had bariatric surgery or are you looking into having it?
  6. Welcome to Thinner Times Sandra! I was pretty sore for a few days after my gastric bypass but I also had hernias repaired at the same time and came home with drains. Best advice I can give is that when you get home from hospital, you take little walks around the house/yard at regular intervals and keep up with your fluids.
  7. A warm welcome to Thinner Times Rashell and congratulations on dropping 51lb - that's excellent! Yep! It's pretty common to see a fluctuation in your weight during your period cycle. Just keep doing what you're doing.
  8. Susan, Check with the hospital where you had your surgery or call your local primary care's office. They should be able to give you the information you want.
  9. I haven't had any issues like that - it sounds scary. I'd recommend you have it checked out with your primary care provider sooner rather than later.
  10. Welcome to the losers bench hairteaser! The pain will ease but it often helps to do some gentle, slow, hip rocking movements.
  11. cinwa


    Welcome to Thinner Times Grace. What you're feeling is not unusual but WLS will work provided you stick with the programme.
  12. If you knuckle down now and stick to your liquid diet to the letter for the last 5 days, you should be OK.
  13. I didn't have a gastric sleeve but the best advice I can offer is to try warm drinks - whether it's in your mind or not, something like fat free (or low fat) broth should help. Early out, I found that more satisfying. Walmart stocks College Inn Fat Free & Lower Sodium Chicken Stock - that's the best tasting I could find and at just 5 calories per cup, it's not going to derail your weight loss.
  14. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow too. Have a safe trip to the losers bench.
  15. It's great to have two new members. Best advice I can offer is to read all you can on the forum and ask questions from those who've walked-the-walk. A whole new wonderful life awaits you.
  16. I had iron issues post-WLS until I went through the menopause. Carbonyl or Polysaccharide iron were what my bariatric unit recommended. They're the least abdominal apparently. It helps to take some cheap and cheerful vitamin C with it to enhance iron absorption but be careful about bottled or carton juices, they can be loaded with extra sugar. I can't advise on what dosage to take - best to follow what the doc. recommends but up the fluids - iron supplements can be constipating.
  17. Val, If you're having a problem with everything you eat, I'd suggest you get an appointment with your surgeon.
  18. ktomakin is talking about a stricture. "...the new connection between the stomach pouch and the small intestine may narrow. This is called an anastomotic stenosis. It’s also known as a stricture.".
  19. Happy 4th Surgiversary Tracy! That is a pretty amazing transformation. You have to be proud of yourself. I know I was - especially when I ditched the leggings and was able to wear (and feel good) in jeans.
  20. I chose to have a bypass because for me, bariatric surgery was a one time shot and I knew that I needed a more restrictive diet (intolerance of too much sugar and fats etc. ). As of this morning, I weigh 124.7lb (I have small frame) and I'll be 14 years post-op next month. I'm now 66 - an age I was unlikely to see had I not had bariatric surgery. Can't say that I've had an issue with diarrhea but even now, I stick to the programme.
  21. Welcome to Thinner Times! The early stages post-op can have some hiccups but it won't be long before you start feeling better. Best advice I can offer is to walk regularly - even if it's around the house and/or yard. And don't forget to keep up with your fluids.
  22. Welcome to Thinner Times Val and congratulations on taking the steps towards a slimmer and healthier you - I see that you're off to a great start with losing 32lb - that's excellent. Do a Google (or whatever) search for "Bariatric Pureed Recipes" and it'll bring up plenty to choose from - likewise the following stages of your programme.
  23. This is a good thread (use the search option for more). It's worth the read: https://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/121129-iron-levels/?tab=comments#comment-1303986 This is what I wrote: "I took Carbonyl (and/or polysaccharide iron) because it's the least abdominally distressing (for me and most bariatric patients I know) and is 100% bioavailable so if you take 60 mg of carbonyl or polysaccharide iron, you'll get 60 mg of iron.....".
  24. Welcome to the losers bench ZhivagosGirl The early days post-op can be difficult but the best advice I can give is that you take little walks as often as you can - even if it's just around the house.
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