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  1. Welcome to Thinner Times DrCohbi - looks like you are off to a great start.
  2. cinwa

    One month

    I haven't been able to eat eggs since my surgery - no matter how they're prepared. They just stick like a brick at the bottom of my throat.
  3. Welcome to Thinner Times Rachel. It's been close to 12 years since I had my RNY but the pre-op process doesn't seem to have changed much. I wasn't given an amount to lose pre-op but I had to lose weight and keep it off between my first consultation and surgery. That was 5 months and I lost close to 35lb. I was a little concerned that I might not get my surgery but all it showed was that I good at dieting (should have been, I had a 35+ year documented history of it), I just couldn't keep it off. Hang in there - life as a slimmer person is amazing.
  4. cinwa

    One month

    20lb down in a month is outstanding Robin!
  5. Welcome to Thinner Times Peachysmilz! Best advice I can give is to read all you can, ask question and join in the conversations. Couldn't have said it better!
  6. Just a thought but regardless what what option we choose to help/avoid constipation, the most important thing is to up the fluids as much as possible.
  7. ktallon, I'm holding you in my thoughts and prayers too.
  8. Welcome to Thinner Times Nae. Hang in there and try warm drinks like some fruity Celestial Seasonings Tea (or other caffeine free tea). Warm drinks are more soothing on a grumbling tummy and a little more satisfying than cold ones. I think you'll find that most of us were nervous to some degree or other just before our surgery.
  9. That's outstanding Tracy - both on getting below your goal of 167 lb and finding something that works for your heartburn.
  10. Here you go Nicole: 5 Day Pouch Test The 5 Day Pouch Test is for surgical weight loss patients who fear they have stretched their pouch, regained weight or out of control eating. Having said that, I have a couple of non-WLS friends who have used it to kick start their dieting programme.
  11. Try drinks of different temperature. I found out very quickly that my new pouch did not like drinks colder than room temperature and to this day, tepid to warm fluids go down much easier.
  12. You are looking trim, fit and happy! Bless your grandie for rescuing that dragonfly - he's a handsome looking lad too.
  13. WOW Sama! There's a dramatic change between your before and after pictures. Congratulations!
  14. If I could, I would like this post a million times over.