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  1. Left shoulder pain

    That's good but I'd also recommend upping your walking - that can help a lot with trapped wind.
  2. Left shoulder pain

    Post-surgical shoulder pain is pretty common after WLS but it's generally gone within a few days and the fact that it's worse when you breathe deeply Carry on makes me feel that you should air on the side of caution and put a call into your surgeon.
  3. Congratulations Lyds - it's good to have you on the losers bench.
  4. The only time I've experienced that Kio was when I fell behind with my fluids. If that's not the cause of your dizziness, you could try some electrolyte drinks and if that doesn't help, put a call into your surgeons office/PCP.
  5. Tinker-bell's profile shows that she had a RNY. It's not uncommon for a gastric bypass patient to suffer with acid reflux or less common, GERD.
  6. Valerie jean

    Things are a little different here in the US Valerie but we have some UK members who'll hopefully be able to answer your question.
  7. Protein Question

    Check out Walmart for New Whey Protein Drink shots were the better for me and I preferred to add them to my water. Like most shots, they are a little strong in flavour so diluting them is a good way to go.
  8. Valerie jean

    Look to the upper right of this page Valerie and you'll find "Follow".
  9. Valerie jean

    Welcome to Thinner Times Valerie jean.
  10. 20 more pounds

    Nor have I deviated from my plan Tom. It got me to my goal and it continues to keep me there. I have no desire to go back to my pre-WLS life of yo yoing myself back up again.
  11. How did you know when to stop?

    I've had the same conversation with my doc Aussie but she gave me the facts. Even after weight loss, obesity may harm health later in life. I can't remember all the facts (because I choose not to) but one I remember was that even if we maintain our weight loss, research shows that we are at a heightened risk for sudden cardiac death later in life. Here's a link I have bookmarked but haven't read past the first couple of paragraphs basically because I worried myself sick about dying an early death due to my morbid obesity and took drastic steps to improve my life expectancy. I continue to maintain my weight loss after 10+ years post-WLS and I keep as active as possible - I'm damned if I'm going to let my past ruin my future now:
  12. 8 days out and struggling!

    I'm sorry you're still struggling Liz but you're right to talk with your surgeon. I have only fainted once in my life and that was 4-6 weeks post-op and that was after a shower. It wasn't too hot and I was extra careful but I went down like a ton of bricks and caught my face on the vanity unit as I went down. I was not a pretty sight for a few days.
  13. Feosol ferrous Iron works well but it can be upsetting on my tummy so don't buy too much and it needs to be taken on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. I had quite a lengthy battle with iron deficiency and hands down, for me carbonyl iron. You can get that from Walmart too.
  14. Tubal ligation

    I don't think that a tubal ligation will help with heavy periods.
  15. 20 more pounds

    Regardless of what form of WLS someone has and regardless of how long post-op they are, many have been able to lose more weight and they've done that by just going back to basics and following their programme. Also, the 5 Day Pouch Test has proven an invaluable tool in kick starting weight loss whether it be a few pesky pounds that have crept back on or for those who want something that'll give them the final push to their goal weight: