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  1. cinwa


    What about this recipe using Jello (I'm assuming that diet Jello would work): 1 Cup Boiling Water 2 Cups 7-UP or Sprite (or a similar soda pop) 1 Four serving box of any flavor of Jell-O (Gelatin) As you normally would, whisk the Jell-O / Gelatin into the boiling water until it is dissolved. Pour into a square cake pan. Stir in soda pop FREEZE (usually takes 4 hours, I let mine sit overnight). Use an ice cream scoop to “shave” the ice.
  2. cinwa


    Wish I could help but I can't handle anything colder than room temperature (gives my pouch a toothache type sensation). Having said that, I did see a recipe a good while back using 1 cup diet fruit juice (Ocean Spray Diet springs to mind) or the lemon zest and juice to taste , 1 cup of water and 1 cup of Splenda (or similar) to taste. Cool. Pour into a shallow container - freeze and then get scraping with a fork.
  3. cinwa


    He is adorable for sure. I can't think of anything better than a cuddle with that little guy .... bring on the puppy breath!
  4. cinwa


    I can almost smell the puppy breath from here ..... do you have a name picked out for him Res Ipsa?
  5. I think the credit lay on you and his parents Trish. Sadly, too many people park little ones in front of a TV (or computer) and leave them to their own devices when exploring the world of textures and smells, digging for worms, planting seeds and watching a spider make it web etc. etc. etc. opens up a wonderful world for them and it's so much fun.
  6. LOL! I see that Harper is practicing with the Red Heart Scrubby yarn bath cloth that I sent him. He truly is adorable.
  7. Happy 2nd surgiversary Trish! Know that you're always in our thoughts (and prayers).
  8. Personally, I had no issue in sharing my story but can understand those who wish to keep it a private matter. I have a couple of WLS internet friends who didn't want to tell anyone so just said words along the lines that it was a personal matter that they didn't want to discuss.
  9. You have every right to be amazed at the turn-around in your life Jen. For many of us, just walking any distance was a struggle pre-WLS.
  10. I've never been a lover of highly spiced/hot foods so it's no big loss. Cold food/beverages are a real problem though. I can't eat or drink anything that's colder than room temperature. It gives my pouch a toothache type sensation.
  11. I've never been a huge hot spicy food lover but I've noticed that since my WLS, I don't seem to care for it at all - especially chilli, sriracha, harissa etc.
  12. cinwa


    I'd give anything to have a cuddle with that fur baby - as you may remember, I lost my beloved Meg a couple of months ago and I can almost smell Emma's puppy breath from here.
  13. Hernias suck! That's how I entered the world of bariatric surgery. I was referred to a surgeon about an umbilical hernia that was causing problems and it was he who suggested doing WLS at the same time because unless I loss weight and kept it off, the mesh patch wasn't likely to be effective for too long.
  14. cinwa

    I'm back

    That's wonderful news Robin - congratulations!
  15. You are my hero Jen! You truly have embraced the new life that being slimmer and more agile your WLS brought about and are living life to the hilt.