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  1. cinwa

    Think I sick

    That's good to hear Tracy but take it easy for a couple of days.
  2. cinwa

    Think I sick

    Checking in to see how you're doing this morning Tracy.
  3. cinwa


    Welcome to Thinner Times Jess and congratulations on getting rid of that first 12.5lb - here's to seeing many more pounds disappear over the coming months! Bit of advice, try not to weigh yourself every day - that'll just drive you insane. You have lost an average of just over 1/2 a pound per day since your WLS. I think that's outstanding. Scales have been the undoing of my 35+ year history of dieting - all sabotaged by what I perceived as a failure the moment the scale showed no loss. Because of that, I chose not to have scales in the house until I got into the normal BMI range. I relied on surgeon/NUT/PCP visits for an update on my weight. That allowed me to focus on the important matters of following my programme and getting some exercise in on a daily basis - even if it was just a good walk with the dog. And when I did buy some new scales, I found that they no longer had a hold on me which was liberating!
  4. cinwa

    Think I sick

    I'm sorry to hear that Tracy. Stick with clear fluids and papaya for the day and see if that helps. Drinking some baking powder (1/2 to 1 tsp to a glass of water) can help a sour stomach. Fresh ginger tea is great for a queasy tummy if you have some (I keep some in the freezer - easy to grate when it's frozen). Same with peppermint tea. A tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water can help an upset tummy too. My DH finds that 1 tsp each of baking powder and apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water works best for him.
  5. cinwa

    13th Month post op

    A sublingual (under the tongue) Methylcobalamin is my choice over Cyanocobalamin - I keep my levels on the higher side too. This is a good read about the difference between those two forms of B12: Methylcobalamin vs Cyanocobalamin: What's the Difference?
  6. cinwa

    One year surgiversary!

    And you look like a million bucks too! Congratulations and happy 1st Surgiversary.
  7. cinwa

    Last nut appt over!

    That's great news - exciting and wonderful times await you!
  8. cinwa


    That's a pity - drinks like Bai only have 5 calories (or less) and they make a refreshing change(I dilute mine with water).
  9. cinwa

    13th Month post op

    Good to hear you're on top of your supplements again Tracy. Vitamin D and/or B12 deficiency isn't something you ever want to deal with. I was compliant with my supplements but had to up my B12 (sublingual) and vitamin D (dry form D3). The B12 because I developed horrendous peripheral neuropathy pain and weakness in my lower legs and had to use a cane for a while because of a dropped foot.
  10. cinwa


    Welcome to Thinner Times April and congratulations on your approval for WLS. Programmes differ and the only one that matters is the one your doc. gives you. I didn't have pre-op liquid diet, just a post-op one and this is what I was allowed: Clear liquids (for 1 week): Water (I added Crystal Light), clear broth or bouillon, decaf tea and coffee, apple and grape juice (no added sugar) diluted 50:50 with water, sugar free popsicles, sugar free Jell-o. Full liquids (for 2 weeks): All the above + Skimmed/non-fat milk, unsweetened soy milk, protein powder/store bought protein shakes (I used Syntrax Nectar made with ff milk), non-fat yogurt ("light" or sugar free - no fruit/seeds), low fat strained soup, sugar free pudding (Jell-o).
  11. Anita - hit the "Follow" button 0 top right of this page and an email will be sent letting you know when anyone posts.
  12. cinwa

    Biker Chick

    You were one of our members who were here when I started my journey Marie and it's always a delight to see you post. Today is especially delightful - you on a Harley - looking trim, fit and totally gorgeous. ... I rest my case.
  13. I'm 11 years out latina and I can't eat much in one sitting but I've always planned my meals/snacks and weighed/measured my portions and when it's gone, it's gone. I also eat by the clock. If I feel empty, I just drink more water. Were I not to weigh/measure and eat at the appointed time, there's no doubt that I could nibble and graze my way through the day.
  14. cinwa

    2 week liquids

    I can only speak from experience but protein drinks should give you some sensation of fullness compared to water but the effect don't last too long and the only reason that happens is that the pH of stomach acid is low enough to coagulate the milk proteins so it stays in the stomach a little longer. Personally, warm drinks are better at satisfying a grumbling tummy - I like Celestial Seasonings tea for that. As for how far apart to drink the shakes - that's entirely up to you but try not to drink too much shortly before bedtime or you'll be up and down all night.
  15. cinwa

    Help! Can't keep anything down.

    Teresa - just to be on the safe side, I'd put a call into your surgeon's office and ask their advice. In the meantime, keep drinking water - you don't want to end up with dehydration.