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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself Tracy. I'm close to 13 years post RNY and I still have to look stuff like that up.
  2. It's not unusual not to feel the same estriction with revision as you did with your original WLS surgery Delias. Best advice I can give is to follow your plan and I would recommend that you weigh/measure your meals/snacks because even to this day, I couldn't be trusted to guess a 1/2 or full cup of anything.
  3. Welcome to Thinner Times!
  4. It's on my no-go list Tracy. It contains Aspirin (an NSAID). Excedrin ingredients: Acetaminophen 250 mg, Aspirin 250 mg, Caffeine 65 mg.
  5. Happy 3rd surgiveresary Tracy and congratulations on maintaining your weight loss. Looking good lady!
  6. I have taken them with no problem.
  7. Welcome to Thinner Times Dallas! There's no way of knowing how much excess skin you'll be left with once you get to your goal weight. A lot depends on your age, genetics, the elasticity of your skin, yo-yo dieting and how long you've been overweight etc.
  8. Welome to Thinner Times Leslie!
  9. Welcome to Thinner Times Darlene. I'm sorry you're experiencing problems stomach problems taking Tramadol. Unfortunately, it's a known issue in about 5% patients. Have you tried taking it with food? This might help: TRAMADOL (ULTRAM)
  10. That is wonderful news harrahgirl - you're doing a great job.
  11. Tracy, I've been on the same protocol - I'll be 13 years out this coming September and my bloodwork results continues to be excellent.
  12. Welcome to Thinner Times Kelly. Best advice I can give is that you read all you can and ask questions.
  13. Welcome to Thinner Times Kirsten and congratulations on your WLS. The early stages post-op can be a bit of a bumpy ride but hang in there, it does get better.
  14. Congratulations! You've done an outstanding job and I'm sure you feel the benefits of dumping that excess weight.
  15. Welcome to Thinner Times Kai. Don't beat yourself up over 1 slip-up - provided it's just a 1 time thing. You still have 3 weeks to go before your WLS so aren't likely to have done any serious damage. But from now on until your surgery, follow your pre-op diet to the letter and you'll be fine.