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  1. I've heard nothing but great reviews for Heart of America Bariatrics, 10007 Kennerly Road a, St. Louis, MO 63128. Phone: (314) 776-7112.
  2. Newbie from London

    We'll be thinking of you tomorrow Gladys - report back when you can. Have a safe trip to the losers bench.
  3. Pre-op

    Hang in there Anita. Most people find that after 3 or 4 days of a pre-op diet, things start to get easier.
  4. Sadly Anita, you can't unstretch stretched skin and it's not made any better if you're like me and have a history of yoyo dieting because it causes a loss of elasticity and collagen. However, regular exercise will bring muscle and that makes the overall effect less noticeable.
  5. I can't believe that you guys are being hit with another storm. Stay safe everyone.
  6. I've had quite a run-in with hernia repairs Kim. All but one developed prior to my bariatric surgery. The first one (umbilical hernia) was diagnosed pre-WLS and it was the surgeon who suggested having a gastric bypass and the hernia repair at the same time because unless I lost weight and kept it off, the repair was likely to fail. Three years later, I had bilateral femoral hernia repairs. Just after that, I noticed a hiatal hernia but it was small so we're holding back on doing anything about that. A couple of years after that, they removed the umbilical hernia mesh because that was causing problems (as I lost my excess weight, the mesh became rucked up) and they repaired a ventral hernia repair with mesh at the same time.
  7. I like that quote too - I've added it to our Quotes To Live By! thread.
  8. Quotes To Live By!

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”
  9. Last Required Monthly Visit!

    Congratulations Rakat! Let's hope you get your call sooner than later.
  10. 1 year Surgiversary

    Has it been a year already! WOW! That has flown by. Anyway - Happy Surgiversary BurgundyBoy ... I'm glad you're part of our community. Have a wonderful day.
  11. Newbie from London

    Welcome to Thinner Times Gladys! I can't help on the pre-op diet I'm afraid as I didn't have a specific diet. I was was just required to lose weight by restricting my calorie intake during the 5 months from my initial consult with my surgeon and keep it off until my surgery (5 months). As for surgery nerves - that's normal.
  12. Advice please

    That's outstanding - you've come a long way.
  13. Simply Amazing.

    Ditto! But I also find that not only do I take more time and effort into preparing my meal (and my DH's), purposely slowing down my eating made me enjoy what I do eat so much more than I did pre-WLS because I no savour the flavour rather than just shoveling it in.
  14. Go time


    My surgeon said that we have to be comfortable and 100% confident in our choice as to which WLS was best for us and it sounds as if you've arrived at that point Rob.
  15. Maintenance Month One

    It can take a while to settle into a maintenance diet Jen but it sounds as if you've got a handle on it. And thanks for sharing those pictures - it really does look an awesome place although I confess to getting a little winded just looking at that rocky climb.