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  1. I bought mine from $3.29 for a 2oz bag. I only ordered them once because once the bag was open, I couldn't stop at 6-7 pieces until the bag was empty.
  2. I need info and advice

    I can't help on the reflux Dramaqueen31 as I had a RNY but I send a warm welcome to the forum.
  3. Starting the removal

    Now, THAT'S definitely something to celebrate!
  4. Good articles on WLS

  5. The next goal is in the books :)

    To reinforce just what a success you've been Trish, grab a suitcase (or like - I have a rucksack), put it on your weighing scales and load it up with anything you can lay your hands on to bring the total up to 119lb and then try walking around the house carrying it. THAT is an amazing wake-up call.
  6. The next goal is in the books :)

    You do yourself an injustice Trish because 7lb in a month is not to be sniffed at and given everything you've been through lately, I'm surprised you lost that.
  7. Hi

    Checking in to see how you're doing Trey.
  8. It's not unusual Coachy, obesity increases the risk of elevated liver enzymes. I searched "obese elevated liver Enzymes" and found lots of interesting reading. This is one of them:
  9. Starting the removal

    Bottom line, I doubt you have much of a choice and what's another week on the grand scale of things. You've already shown yourself to be a real trooper. Your incisions look good and I can't wait to see the end product once you've had a chance to heal fully.
  10. A double milestone I could never have expected

    Given everything you've been through, you have done an amazing job with your revision Aussie. Congratulations to you!
  11. Recent Vertical Sleeve patient

    Welcome to Thinner Times Scott!
  12. My secret

    Lankyliz, Although I respect your right not to tell anyone about your WLS, unless you and your husband live apart, it's going to be pretty difficult to keep that a secret from him and trust me, you're going to need him for emotional and physical support.
  13. 2 weeks liquids only!

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow - there'll be a warm spot waiting for you on the losers bench.
  14. Her surgery isn't until tomorrow Tammy.
  15. Menopause-I NEED HELP!!

    I haven't taken it in some years now - it's been a good few years since my menopause symptom stopped. I took a vitacost one: I had to play with the dose and settled on 1 x daily, 2 on Tuesday and Friday. This is a good read: