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  1. Sohappyididit

    Pennsylvania Post and Pre-Op Friends?

    Philly burbs here. . Welcome!
  2. Sohappyididit


    all of us recover differently. I had a lot of energy at first but felt that when I began to feel better, and exercise more, etc.... that i was very tired easily. It's all in our recovery....listen to your body and rest...and of course, talk to your doctor's office to work through it! the best to you and congrats!!!
  3. Sohappyididit

    New From Southern California - Questions!

    First of all - congrats to you!!! It's a very difficult decision to make and once made it goes smoothly. Just think postive, take each day and each step along the way. I was (and still am) obsessed but in a good way. The improvement to my health is the ultimate win-win for the wls.... whatever you chose, just know it's positvely good for YOU!!! PS-I had HBP and also sleep apnea...and am proud to say they are both gone now..... Each person progresses differently and each person has their own health related issues/reasons for the's always good to talk it through with your doc and work w/ your doc and nutritionist along the way (at least that helped me a lot). And, ppl here aer great with a lot of support and advice as well....especially bec folks here have or will be going through the same things as you....we're in it together and support each other!!! Take care...... HUGZ!
  4. Sohappyididit

    Goodbye Mushies!

    YAY for you...and yes, YUMMM
  5. Sohappyididit

    Not Losing Weight?

    I had two stalls and I'm approaching 5 months post op.... It happens to a lot of people. I agree you have to use a calorie counter to make sure you are getting all of your protein in each day, the water each day and the exercise. Plus, keeping carbs to a low amount is key too (at least it is for me...). My doc recommended no more than 50g of carbs each day and overall, I stick to that rule. I try to focus on the protein first, and then eat my salads/veggies.... once i began a routine, i got in a groove and was able to reclaim the weight loss flow.... i use which i like a lot!! good luck, hang in there it's just temporary!!! Cheers!
  6. Sohappyididit

    Don't Know How To Tell My Husband

    simply put - - the surgery is for YOU... I focused on this being a very big decision for improve my health. and I had to assess all of the benefits, risks, etc... Its a very personal/individual thing to decide...of course your hubby's approval is sought but ultimately it's for you, for your health.....and how you feel about what's right for you...there's a lot of homework and preparation for the surgeries (no matter which you go with).... You may not have everyone's support on your final decision, but you have to do what you need to do for yourself..... Good luck!! PS---I LOVE THAT I HAD THE VSG....I haven't looked back!!!
  7. Sohappyididit

    Excess Skin?

    HI - - fyi - - i'm 46 and so far (56+ lbs gone) I dont sense too much excess skin.....there is a small amount in the "jigglies" my upper arm (the back of my arm biceps?).......but my belly, legs, etc seem to be "normal" for my skin. I've lost the weight and I have concerns about the excess skin myself....but I'm working on toning....and building muscle in my arms for example. The cardio doesn't give me that and I have to make a better effort in the next months as I continue to lose to work on the toning and 'excess' skin. I'm planning on gettig a trainer I think to help me. BUT, I said to myself that if I feel like I might need surgery to remove someskin, I might...but so far, it's not something that I think will happen (but you never know). I'm hoping that I can tone, and deal with what's left after I reach goal by using spanx, toning and/or hiding in my SKINNY jeans I think I'll be happy too. good luck!!!
  8. Sohappyididit


    Congrats on your wonderful success & hard work. You've come far in a short amount of time. My guess is that once we hit goal - there's a whole bunch of emotions and mindset changes. First of all....remember that you've worked hard & have come a long way - so keep that in mind that you've done soooo well..... congratulations....this is great. And, secondly, don't allow your head saying you're at goal so you can 'cheat'.... though I think we are recommended to give ourselves a little bit of a cushion. I'm not a doc but I understand that it could take up to 18 mos for your system (and weight) to settle to it's natural setting after significant weight loss. Maybe try to lose another 5 lbs and work with your doctor for maintenance. At least that's what I think I'm going to try to do. Thanks for sharing your story and again....CONGRATS!!! I'm very happy for you!!!
  9. Sohappyididit

    I'm Super Frustrated.-Tmi

    it's frustrating.... i HAVE to remember to make sure I get all my water/liquids in each day - and that helps me. I've also done the stool softner thing.... I also add fiber to my shakes each day which helps (though adds a little 'gas').... TMI - I know. It will get better though...I found that after a few weeks and getting into a good routine...keeping up w/ my water, etc....things seem to run more smoothly. good luck!!! And, make sure you communicate w/ your doc at your next visit as s/he may have more insight......
  10. Sohappyididit

    10 Months - 6 Stone Lighter

    Congratulations on your progress. My doc told me there is a "slowing down" on weight loss for everyone at one point or another.. He said i have to (1) mix up my exercise routine; (2) keep track of my protein/calories/low carbs & mix up my food selection on occassion and (3) not to be upset if I don't lose (or even gain)....because the body does make normal adjustments..... so that all being said -- - - maybe try to mix up your routine and/or food choices. I feel lately that I've gotten a little lax (4 mos post op), I'm feeling I want to go back to basics, measure and track food intake and jet up my workouts to 5 times a week instead of three or four!?! I also struggle a little with my water intake - so I have to make a conscious effort sometimes to get all the liquids in each day!!!! Anyway - - you have done so great.......keep up the hard work.... Mimi
  11. Sohappyididit

    I Made Goal + In A Year!

    im so happy for look fabulous!! You should be so proud......thanks for sharing!!!
  12. congrats and good luck!! I had my sleeve done about 4 months ago - - haven't been happier!!! (things are going well for me too - no complaints!)
  13. Sohappyididit

    Preop Weight Loss

    First of all - dont beat yourself up too much. It's a struggle to lose weight no matter what. I was told to lose a few lbs before the surgery - - I think i was supposed to lose 10 lbs....I ended up losing only about 5 or 6 prior to the liquid diet. I wasn't happy with myself either....but then I thought.....I can and WILL do this!! So, when it came to the pre-op liquid diet, I killed it. I made the decision to follow the program and walllaaaaa - it actually works!! Pre op I lost about 15 lbs and then it's all downhill from there. If you know your struggles, talking with a counselor wouldn't be a bad idea. One thing is for sure....once you put your mind to it - being focused on YOU and your weight loss - you will do good. You can do it - - Good luck!!!
  14. Sohappyididit

    I'm New Here! will get a healthier/happier you back...... I had my surgery 6/28 and haven't looked back since!!!
  15. Sohappyididit

    Pre-Op Food Products

    pre op i did a liquid shrinks your liver and is better for surgery. I wasn't hungry after the first two/three was hard, and i had a headache (caffeinne or sugar withdrawal??) but after a few days I was getting used to the whole lower calories!!! And, belive it or not - 800 to 900 calories seems like a huge amount to me now... well, post op you will only be able to eat 2 oz at a time for a bit...then move to half cup, etc.. but overall - your end range may end up about the 800-900 calories as a normal caloric intake... AND it will be a lot. So, dont fret - -try to look at it as a checklist or a "must do" for pre surgery.... the minimal amount of calories will make you lose weight pre op and ultimately be better for you and it will start your body in the lower calorie mode so it will get used to the small amounts. i am astonished at the amount of food i eat now compared to pre-op. I used to eat, drink and consume so many, with the surgery, and careful monitoring, i consume an average of about 700 cals a day....some days I go over but rarely in the 900's... it'll be fine for proud that you're making a decision for you..and take it one small step at a time... good luck, congrats and GOOD FOR YOU!!!