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  1. HELP!!!!! I am a little over a year out of surgery, I am down 110 lbs but I haven't been as good as I should be! I am ready to get back on seriously and start seeing that scale go down again.. I just thought I would ask suggestions on different things to eat for breakfast and snacks.. What keeps everyone full? What snacks are easy and good.. Thanks in advance
  2. Ok so I recently got back on the depo shot, I haven't changed my eating habits at all and I was wondering if this could have something to do with my stall lasting so long.. Any thoughts..
  3. oh sorry I am almost 8 months out. Once I hit 198 I will be at 90lbs lost I still want another 40-50 lbs!!!
  4. has anyone tried any protein pills? I have a hard time with the shakes and was wondering if a pill form would do the same for me??
  5. So I finally broke 200 but I can not get below 199.. That leaves me 1 pound away from 90 lbs lost. Can I get some ideas on how to get my weight loss going again please....
  6. ok great!! thanks guys!
  7. so we are getting ready to go to vegas for our bdays and I need to dye my hair.. I am about 5 months out and just wondered if anyone else has had any problems with dying their hair? I have lost some hair, it has really just thinned out, but I don't know that I want to risk it falling out more... Has anyone else gone thru this?
  8. hello all! I am just about 5 months out of surgery. to date I have lost right at 65 pounds but now I am stuck. I have been going up and down about 2 pounds for about a month and don't feel like its ever going to pick up again. I try to remind myself that I am only about 5 months out and I have to give it time but seeing that scale not move is very discouraging. did anyone else have this stall around this time? if so what are some things to try to get it moving again?
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