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  1. You Can't Shop Here Anymore

    WOW - I really hope that this original post provided some inspiration and now the follow up. I made do with a small summer wardrobe but had to beef it up to go back to work. Now I still miss Lane Bryant until I discovered Loft - SCORE!!! What is great about Loft is that they cut generously as I am wearing a size 10 bottom, large top and medium dress - amazing feeling to love the way I look in clothes (out of them is still a work in progress). I will say that with the exception of 1 fat outfit, I gave away every single solitary piece of clothing that no longer fit - no fall back for me. Hope everyone else is feeling great.
  2. Trader Joe's food question

    I do most of grocery shopping at Trader Joes's as I am usually shopping for one. My list is: Scallops with peas and mushrooms in cheese sauce, teriyaki chicken, butter chicken, filet of sole with butter beans and spinach (at least 3 times a week), an individual chicken dish with smoky pepper sauce (add a large dollop of greek yogurt to cool it off), pulled chicken (in the prepared foods department), frozen edamame, pre-cooked lentils for lentil salad, yogurt, great prices on protien bars and vitamins. Enjoy and happy shopping.
  3. Cruise tips!

    I went on a 16 datly cruise at 4.5 months out and did not gain an ounce. The following week, down 5 pounds. Walked 3 miles a day on board, much more on excursions and stayed far away from all buffets. Had the best vacation ever!!!!!!
  4. Cruise tips!

    I went on a 16 datly cruise at 4.5 months out and did not gain an ounce. The following week, down 5 pounds. Walked 3 miles a day on board, much more on excursions and stayed far away from all buffets. Had the best vacation ever!!!!!!
  5. Bra's.... help forum

    Soma was fabulous and offers more sizes and styles than Lane Bryant (as you move down in size) . I was also more comfortable there than Vicky's as there were real size women working and shopping there.
  6. I feel trapped... (psycho vent, sorry)

    Bettina, Good morning. Eating light on a diet and eating as an RNY'er are different - remember that protein is SO important and each meal should have a good amount in it. This will help more with the full feeling than heavier foods. Before WLS my lunch was always a large salad with egg whites, beans, chicken or salmon, mushrooms and mandarin oranges, fat free dressing and fiber one cereal instead of croutons for crunch. It was enough protein. I did have the luxury of one of those chopped salad places but that lunch kept me going for most of the afternoon. It is hard to eat a post-surgery diet pre-surgery but if you aren't a breakfast eater try a shake for breakfast - again, it is all in the protein. You and I have the samne starting stats and I am down over 70 pounds so you go for it and go for it hard!!! Best of luck.
  7. OH NO! My clothes don't fit!

    Ditto on the name change - go for something fabulous as you are. I quite deliberately chose a name that was a goal and, at the time, was so far from where I was and now - I am so glad I did.
  8. What Happens When You DO Take All Your Vitamins?

    Cinwa - thank you and I believe that it is your regimen I follow. My surgeon's office makes it possible for me to download the results of my blood work directly from the hospital, which makes it so easy to dump into a spread sheet. My biggest concern is my next labs are scheduled for 6 months from now and while I have no intention of changing my habits - it does make me nervous. Even if I have to self-pay, does it make sense to have new labs done in three months?
  9. Risks?

    Think about this - if you needed to have surgery to remove your appendix - would you feel the same way or is it that this is a so-called vanity surgery that you might be punished for having? PLEASE think of this as you would any other medically necessary procedure because it is and in both the short and long term - it will save your life. Best of luck with your well-deserved surgery!
  10. Everything is too big!

    Kearston, Congratulations!!! It is truly THE best feeling. I still automatically grab the extra larges when I go shopping when in reality - I am a large and sometimes a medium depending on the cut. While replacing an entire wardrobe a couple of times through this journey isn't practical - go buy a pair of jeans, a top and a belt that fit wonderfully so you have a go to outfit that makes you feel great. Even my surgeon commented on how cute I looked in jeans and a t-shirt. Keep up the splendid work and know that just because you don't see it - doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't, because they do!
  11. I want to meet all these people who have failed weight loss surgery and hear how it failed - was it their non-compliant diet, their lack of exercise or their belief that the surgery alone would fix everything. Jodi, you did the hard work and you will for the rest of your life because you know how important it is. I decided that everytime someone started to tell me a failure story - I would ask these questions just to see how fast they would back off and wow - it is fast.
  12. Your surgeon calls you a rock star and congratulates you on your success. I finally had my six month check up and my blood work was perfection - happy dance time. My surgeon did tell me that one of the biggest issues her office faces with non-compliant patients are their unwillingness/inability to take vitamins. I just don't understand - it takes 5 minutes a day and they work. So, if you want to be a rock star - take your vitamins every day.
  13. OH NO! My clothes don't fit!

    I had a lot of my clothing tailored - a good tailor can go down about 2 sizes - it is only worth it if you can find an inexpensive tailor - which I did in New York's Chinatown. After that - GO FORTH AND SHOP and love it.
  14. You Can't Shop Here Anymore

    HeatherNicole, I can understand your mind trip as you have lost SO much in such a short amount of time (yay for you). Wearing clothes that fit well makes SUCH a difference in how I see myself and I like what I see these days.
  15. I'm Only Fat

    Thanks so much and congrats to you as well. My weight loss was WAY off this month - I just dropped carbs and need a better work out routine as I had to let my gym membership go.