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  1. I can't sign up on a date website. I'm too paranoid and I don't think I could handle online rejection or the fact that I seem to attract jerks and online jerks are probably worse than face-to-face jerks. Ok.. I'm a chicken. But I have no luck with this sort of thing. I am not the aggressor (stupid Southern Woman's Code). I cannot/will not openly go looking for a guy to date. Besides, if I found one... he'd be a jerk. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm male bashing. I know all guys aren't jerks. Some of my friends have WONDERFUL husbands or boyfriends. I'm usually the single one in the group. Well I haven't given up hope. I'm just not as hopeful. I think I finally had a good guy and I let past demons drive us apart. Hopefully I've learned my lesson and will do better if there's ever a next time.
  2. enjoylife

    9 months out, 190lbs down.

    You look absolutely GREAT!!! You must (and should be so proud of yourself!) Stay active and enjoy your success! Thanks for sharing your inspirational photos!
  3. Congratulations on your success! You have done an amazing job and I pray that you'll continue to do so. I love coming here and reading about others' success. It gives me hope and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your progress! oh... and everyone is right... those are some cute shoes!
  4. SweetP, you are very blessed. Stuff like that never happens to me. I really enjoyed reading your post. That was like one of those feel good chick flicks! Gotta love it. I hope your bbq/birthday party goes well. In fact, I'm looking forward tor reading all about it.
  5. I often wonder if I will ever find someone to spend my life with. I wonder if I will ever find someone who even likes me. I have always been very body conscious, even when I was thin. Now I am extremely body conscious. I don't care how hot it gets, I will not show my arms, I do not wear shorts, and I just started checking out dresses that show my curves. I did date someone post surgery (after being single and celibate for 10 years. That lasted about three months. We are still friends, but not together. It's not the same. I am resigned to being alone. I am complicated and a train wreck. I have been in bad relationship after bad relationship and I just cannot get it right. I would rather be alone than miserable. The last relationship was not bad. I was simply insecure and unable to trust what I was feeling or being given, or told. I just don't want to be sucker punched again, so I look for ghost... EVERYWHERE. Sometimes my situation makes me a little sad, but I know that's because I let my guard down and let somebody in. AS soon as I get over that, I'll be fine again. Quinton and Jim, you two are the best. Em... well you already know I think you're perfect. oh.. maybe you don't.. it's me (SF).
  6. enjoylife

    How is everyone doing?

    Well I'm late... but I am doing okay. I'm in Onederland (177 lb). I have 37 pounds to go to reach goal. I doubt if I will make that my my surgiversary, but I'm okay with that. As long as I make goal before summer ends I will be happy. I have loose skin, which is driving me nuts occasionally, but I have every intention of getting rid of that. My exercise of choice is kettlebells, walking, and Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I love trying on clothes, but rarely buy... I'm sure that will change once I get rid of my extra skin. I'm enjoying just being able to do simple things like raking, sweeping, walking, going to fairs and fitting through turnstyles! I am so thankful for this surgery because my head aches are lessening in frequency and strength. That and being able to do things with my daughter are the best rewards/benefits of this surgery to me!
  7. enjoylife

    So this is what 160 pound loss looks like!

    Wow, you have come a long way. You look so happy and confident in your after picture. Congratulations to you!!!
  8. enjoylife

    What a difference a year makes

    You look amazing! I'm sure that you feel fantastic (or at least I hope you do). Congratulations on your success. Next stop - GOAL!!!!
  9. enjoylife


    Scale Stomper # 102 reporting: I am 184.4 lb. That's 44.4 above my PCP's goal weight and 84.4 above my Neurologist's goal weight for me... I'm shooting for 140 lb because I just cannot fathom being 120 lb at 5'6". I am working out everyday and loving it! It was painful to start, but now I am into it and seeing some results!!! Yay ME!!!!! It's so good to see so many reporting good news and to see that some have joined since I did. I love this thread!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!
  10. enjoylife

    Not 1 but 3 NSVs!

    What a cute NSV story! I'm telling you, I don't know which is best sometimes, losing weight or shrinking!!! Of course doing both is best, but if you're to experiencing one, it's so nice to be experiencing the other!
  11. enjoylife

    DRAIN TUBE? Who had one?(hope I don't)

    I had a drain tube. I hated it. I forgot I had it, the tape came loose. I was at home. Got up in the middle of the night, went to the bathroom and the bulb fell... Worse pain to experience when the rest of your tummy is getting over being cut in several places. Since, it basically pulled itself out, my doc told me to pull it the rest of the way out. Then I drained onto a white bath towel for the rest of the day. But that was my worst experience. I also had a drain tube when I had my hip replaced. That one was easy breezy. So you may or may not get one and it may or may not be a small problem... but, imo, the results are worth the risk.
  12. enjoylife

    1 Year Ago Today, 220 Pounds Gone!

    What an absolutely amazing transformation!!! You look so good and healthy! You should be very proud of yourself. Your post has truly inspired me.
  13. enjoylife

    4 month pic

    You're kicking butt Hon! I wish I were losing as well as you! Keep up the great work and thanks for posting your inspiring pics!
  14. enjoylife

    Status Updates

    ok... I feel stupid. I think I just figured it out.
  15. enjoylife

    Seriously What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Why am I posting here? Because I was stupid enough to let someone get past my wall, mote, gate, barbed wire grass, legion of pit bulls, and scathing sarcasm. So, I guess it's my own fault.