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    I enjoy Crochet (for a group called Knit Witts) making prayer blankets for people in need of comfort. I love to scrapbook, and take pictures by the bucket load. Beyond that I like to watch movies and make my daughter smile!
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  1. Weighed in at 299 today!!! Cannot believe I am under 300 for the first time in 5 years!!!!

    1. katiebug


      YAAAYY!!! Thats awesome.

    2. adrienne
  2. My Face

    Awe! thank you so much. I am feeling more so everyday
  3. Progress

    Some pictures of me from before surgery and current. Seeing simple progress
  4. I am 6 pounds from my end of the year and 6month goal. I have lost 149 pounds and in 6 pounds will be under 300!! Just bought some shoes to jog in. starting to train for the 5k in the morning!! yay I am living again!!

  5. I have lost 122 pounds in 4.5 months!! i am also loosing my hair... but i am on the protein intake now. so hopefully i can change that!! <3

    1. Ashtin


      OMG thats amazing!! HOW are you losing SO much SO fast!! I feel your pain with the hair mine is falling out bad!!! it sucks

    2. NewMeNow2010


      Congrats on your awesome weight loss!!!

  6. Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

    Best of luck to you!! Remember through everything that you are worth it and we are here for you!!! And just think by next summer you will be doing what you want to do and being who you want to be!!! Day by day we reach our dreams!!
  7. First Progress Post

    Thank you everyone! this forum has honestly been such a great resource and support! I love you all!!
  8. I am having a real hard time getting the vitamins and protein I need. I need to get back on track with that before I see the adverse affects. Someone please come kick my butt!!

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    2. Kirabelle


      do you have one of those 4 times a day 7 days a week things you can stick in your purse for pills/vitamins? that might help...

    3. LCGreen


      I will look into all of those things! the shot sounds good. I would really like to stop losing so much hair... *le sigh*

    4. LCGreen


      I just went and bought some of those protein shots. they look very promising thank you!

  9. Even though people keep seeing what we are going to do or have done as the wrong choice they need to realize that our obese weight is no longer an option. Day by day the weight takes its tole on our bodies and if they truly love us they will understand that we cannot lose the weight. Even though we have tried. This surgery is our chance at a full life. In due time our body will just give out if we do not get the weight off before it is too late. Hopefully they can come to understand. We are all cheering for you. Be strong and say hello to a better life. <3
  10. 104 pounds lost in 3 months and 1 week!!! Need to up my protein though

  11. 3 Months Out

    I have lost 99 pounds! one more pound to reach a hundred lost!!! I feel so different! Life is good
  12. Hello Everyone!

    I also had very little pain after my surgery. I was tired and weak but regained my energy in mere days. I am a rare case that has yet to experience dumping but I have followed the diet as well as I can. Everyone is different but be hopeful that in the end it will be worth it everyday! YOu can do this! we can do it together!
  13. today is my 3 month surgeversary and I am down 95 pounds!! I feel like a new person!

    1. Lori88


      Holy Weight loss! WTG!

    2. LCGreen
  14. On the lose again and feeling great!

  15. Ugh first stall. I was prepared for this. but it still sucks. LOSE AGAIN! LOSE!