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  1. Keep & Kill

    <<<<<<< show time
  2. Hi Claire.....Did you quit Face Book? I don't see you on my friends list anymore :( Hope you are well. Teri

  3. my bony butt

    I haven't logged in for awhile.... bony butt...yep, I have one too and just pray you don't fall on your bony butt....did that twice and boy that hurts! I had to sit on a cushion for 2 weeks and ice my rear...ugh!
  4. Not nervous, not normal????

    Not for me...the last thing I remember is being wheeled down a hallway...don't remember the surgery suite or transferring to the surgical table. I was totally out before they got me into surgery. By the way....I wasn't nervous at any point before or after. Hated the gas pains and had a headache, but all that was forgotten once I started healing and losing weight. It's one heck of a journey and well worth it. I have no regrets!
  5. Hey olddies, and lurkers....

    I've lived in Long Beach for over twenty years and have never stepped inside Joe Josts! Maybe it's time this gal did!
  6. Hey olddies, and lurkers....

    I'm another one that hasn't been here in a long time. My life is very full and rewarding now that I've lost weight and can live like I should have years ago. I'm raising my eleven-year old granddaughter. It can be a challenge, but it's soooo worth it when she puts her arms around my waist and tells me she loves me more than the universe! TT helped me when I began my journey over two years ago. I lurked in the background...doing research...trying to figure out if surgery was what would be best for me. Once I decided to begin my journey, people here shared with my triumphs and down days....and I pulled knowledge from those who had surgery before me. I appreciate all who have crossed my path on TT. They are special folks indeed!
  7. A new me!

    Corrine, Thanks so much...I rarely have any free time now so sitting in front of my computer is a once in a blue moon happening. I like your avatar! We started out at about the same weight and wow! you've lost a lot too! How have you been doing? Are you still concerned about being underweight? I stopped stressing myself out about it. A few pounds under wasn't going to kill me and as long as I'm healthy, then I'll just enjoy my new life. Yes, at times I look gaunt and very old....but heck, I'm not young either!
  8. A new me!

    Thanks so much for all of the kind words!
  9. A new me!

    Hi all! It's been awhile since I've posted here. Life has been very busy with raising my soon to be eleven year old granddaughter and working. I feel great and am finally at a point in this fantastic journey where I can say that I truly like myself. Sure, I have saggy skin and the girls are all but gone, but hey, I've never been healthier or happier. I have no regrets, except for not having the surgery sooner. I can't seem to post my pictures here in the message (dummy me!) They are in my album....sorry they are mixed up (another dummy me moment!)
  10. Help..major bad breathe

    Make sure when you brush your teeth that you include ALL of your mouth. Tongue included. The bad breath eventually goes away as you're able to eat normal foods.
  11. For OJ & SWMBO

    Hey Jim! I posted this on Facebook, but in case you haven't logged in there.... You gotta check out this great item....go to New Age, Spiritual Gifts Yoga, Wicca, Gothic, Reiki, Celtic, Crystal, Tarot at Pyramid Collection and search for item number P24-395 I'm going to order one of these for myself! Happy New Year!
  12. I received a nice card in the mail today! ;)

    Thank you Robin! That was a pleasant surprise!
  13. How many members are over 50 years old??

    I'm 57. I've lost 130 pounds and I feel great! I can do stuff with my VERY active 10-year old granddaughter and have energy to spare. My only regret is not having it sooner!
  14. Happy Birthday I Love Hello Kitty!

    I hope your day was wonderful!