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  1. Anyone 5 years Post Op?

    I know a lot of people on this forum are going though the first year of their weight loss journey. Just would like to hear from someone who has gone more then 5 years, were you able to keep your weight off or not? Would love to hear from you, where you are at and where you are going. Inspirational stories would be a plus. Thank you
  2. Gastric By Pass Depression and Tinnitus

    thank you gamzap.
  3. Well haven't posted in awhile but I am wondering if there are other people who have in the past or are having problems that I am having. 4 ½ years I had my Gastric By Pass, lost over a 100 pounds in the first year, have gained a few pounds back but my surgeon who is a good friend of mine is not worried. My dieabet3s is gone and never came back, along with some other problems are gone. Physically I feel great. Happy with my results and love my 2nd lease on life. But several years ago, I started to just withdrawal from things in my life. Things that I thought was important just had less and less interest, in my life, And I started having these ringing in my ears. Very disturbing during the day, and It effects my sleeping too, and now I think I am depressed. Never had depression or Tinnitus at all, before. Never have had any problems before. I have a appointment with my PCP Wednesday, all the therapist and psychologist, I inquired with, wouldn't take me unless I got a referral from my PCP. Just seeing if anyone had problems start years after your WLS.
  4. MeAfterAt220

    this is me now down from 330 to 220. I know I have some more work to do. but alot has already happened. enjoying vacation in the philippines.
  5. me before

    before surgery
  6. It's a battle but it's a winable battle. Congrats! Howre you doing?

  7. It's a battle but it's a winable battle. Congrats! Howre you doing?

  8. Stall, Stall, Stall, Staall!

    well right now i am at a 230 stall. today it is 229.5 tommorow it will be 231 then back to 230. I keep telling myself that this may be it. i was 330 before i started dieting before the operation. Then I was 295 before the operation. but in a few weeks it will start over again. i guess i will see James
  9. My First Year

    great story i am 5 months out and am happy with my progress JAMES
  10. Kicking Myself In The Backside, Dumping Syndrome

    not everyone has dumping, i havent yet. but is wondering if it is something that could start later ? I havent set out to cheat and i really make good choices to eat but if i eat something wiht suger my pouch gets excited but no pain or sweting or really anything. that was the main reason i got the by-pass rather then the band or the sleeve. if i would have known then what i known now then it would have been the sleeve. James
  11. ok now it is 3 weeks at same weight or i think i gained 2 pounds so at 245. i dont think i am getting enough protien and not enough water. is this the stall everyone has been talking about??? everyone who sees me say i am still loosing weight but i dont see it on the scale. James
  12. No Carbonated Drinks

    I have many friends who did the sugery but still drink carb drinks. i gave it up and have no problems, and i LOVED BEER still gave it up. so mabe you will not even care after it is done. James
  13. Sex After Vsg Surgery

    I cant remember,i went back to work in a week. so 6 days for me. but it wasnt wild or anything note worthy. see i cant remember. but it gets better and better. james
  14. Scared Im Too Young

    most of the doctors i have talked to will say "officially" that the band is a good option. but if you get them in a place where their personally beliefs are disclosed they will tell you. that the by-pass is most of the time a better option. the band is a product that they are PAID to sale. the by-pass is a Procedure that no third party is pussing to sale. just you and your doctor. James