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  1. Congrats on your marriage! Here's to many more happy years!
  2. Its been said many times here if you have a good strong relationship it gets stronger if you have a bad/rocky one it only gets worse. Thankfully I was not with anyone when I had GBS so I could only be mad at or get sick of myself. Happy to hear you have a good guy and a great relationship!
  3. My husbands ex has lived in three different states since they have divorced and CA always found her when she had a job, but she never kept a job (can't blame that on the state) when she finally filed taxes they took all her money that she got back for back support. Thankfully she has had a steady job now for a couple of years so he gets support, but for two kids he gets a whopping 211.00 a month, which pays for NOTHING! The system is messed up at best!
  4. Angel can you not serve him yourself or have a friend do it. I would serve his butt the next time we met at the mall for him to see his kids. He wouldn't even know what hit him and that would be awesome. Sorry you guys are going through so much crap for you kiddos. its good that they have great Mommy's to take care of them.
  5. WOW Ca will go after no matter what state they live in. If he files taxes they should take money from his federal taxes to pay his CS. You need to check with you AZ child suport office. I know that they do this in CA as my hubby's ex was thousands in arrears and they take all her tax return every year until its paid off. Good luck I hope they get him soon!
  6. So sorry you are having to go through this so many times. I can't answer your question of if its worth trying but you should ask yourself how much more heartache can you take, if it happens again? Are you willing to put yourself through the high and lows of it all? You are still very young so maybe waiting a couple years might help. Maybe God has another plan for you. Maybe your baby is out there but through adoption. Whatever you decide to do I wish you all the luck in the world.
  7. Be careful with Tramadol I used to take it and ended up blacking out and passing out (almost seizure like). Thank God I wasn't driving but I was holding my baby when I fell thankfully she was not hurt but I had a huge shiner bit my tongue and a lump on my head. It is one of the side effects of the medicine.
  8. Thanks for sharing your story. Addiction is a scary thing and when people are willing to be open and honest I think it helps a lot of other people as well. I hope that you are doing well in your recovery!
  9. I think everyone goes through this in one way or another. I strongly suggest that you see someone about it so you can talk about your feelings and make sure that you don't "accidently" start to sabotage yourself. You are going to be a new person but a healthier happier person. Good luck!
  10. You can get sugar free throat & cough drops. I get them all the time when I need them.
  11. Sorry about your dad! I don't know what its like to lose a parent, but I've had very close friends lose a parent. I understand your Mom is grieving but why can't you griev with her a good cry together might be something that is so needed! I know she was a wife for a long time but a Mom wants to help and protect her kids first and foremost a good long hug and body shaking cry might do you two a world of good. Not saying it will make the pain any less but might help a lot. Then you can both start the healing process and get your Mom in good health so she is around a lot longer for you and your cute little girl. Good luck to you both, and I hope you can both come of this feeling a little stronger and connected to one another! Oh yeah and STEP AWAY FROM THE FOOD I started eating my problems last year when horrible things happneded to my family and I regret every minute of it. By the time you get it under control its too late!
  12. I hope they catch those two pieces of trash (that's the nicest thing I can say on here)! I'm sure it was something that they had been calculating a while. Watching to see what time the bus arrives if someone gets off alone etc. I feel so sorry for that little girl. I hope that she can recover from this. She is going to have major issues being alone on the bus or at the bus stop, or anywhere for that matter. I'm glad that your daughter wasn't hurt. This is a true testament that you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. I'm glad she put up a fight and wasn't hurt more than she was.
  13. I had mine out last year and I was in a lot of pain right after but was and up and walking about an hour later I didn't want the gas to sit in my body. Had a little bit of pain for a couple of days, but nothing too horrible. Most of the time they send you home the same day. My surgery was late so I stayed over night. Good luck!
  14. I was denied twice as well. Don't give up!!!! I know right now you feel horrible and down and feel like this will never happen, well it won't happen if you don't fight for yourself. Go through the appeals process!!!
  15. I think you have to ask John or Cinwa to do it, but not 100% sure. I would start by sending them a PM.
  16. Tell you hubby Thanks for his service! You both look so cute! I'm sure you are busy and won't be on for a couple days.
  17. Why couldn't you met with him the day of? I've always met with the anesthesiologist they day off. They ask you a few questions have you open your mouth etc. One time the anesthesiologist called me on the phone to ask questions the night before then came into the room about a 1/2hr before I was to go under. Sorry that they are changing things, but remember everything happens for a reason!!! I hope you get in sooner than later!
  18. I used to have hair down to my butt and I was so SICK of it I went and got it cut to my shoulders I LOVED it! My hair grows pretty quick so I cut it, let it grow, cut it, let it grow etc. When I had GBS I had long hair but dealing with cleaning long hair out of the drain, on the floor, off my clothes etc I got it short and loved it. So my suggestion is cut it to your shoulders then when you lose 100 lbs do the pixe cut if you want.
  19. Jeanie

    wedding bells

    Congrats to you and your sister!!!! Weddings are great, but they are so much more awesome when you feel good about yourself. You can dance the night away in your pretty dress!
  20. I wasn't considered "high risk" and I was even in my mid to late 30's pregnant! I chose to go to an OB (didn't care for the midwife). I think you should be OK if you wait your 12 months!
  21. I have two babies post WLS and they were both natural births, I've had a few friends that have had babies also since WLS and only two had c-sections 1 was in labor for 3 days, and no signs of progressing, the other it was her 3 rd baby (1st one post WLS) and she had previous c-sections so she had to do it again. Just wondering where you read that most women have to have c section after WLS I'm curious to see where they got their info from.
  22. I think (I'm not a doc) that you should be fine. I didn't have to do a liquid diet before I had GBS, just no eating or drinking after midnight the night before. If it makes you feel better go ahead and tell you doc. Your not the 1st person nor will you be the last to cheat, just take this as a learning curve and move on and do your best to stay on track from here on out. We are all human!!!!
  23. That's horrible, if I were you I would schedule another appt with your PCP so you can sit down and talk with them about the whole thing get on the same page etc, and maybe they will count your other two appts for you. I know its hard not to be upset, but you gotta fight for you because no one else will. Good luck!
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