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  1. 5 years after, incredible pain, please help!

    Rrust01 Better late than never. Im sorry I missed this! Well this has happened again and then a year ago, he placed me on Levsin. Its a smooth muscle relaxant that seems to work on the sphincter of Oddi. I do have bouts now and again, but Levsin under my tongue really lessens the severity and the length of time Im uncomfortable. No additional procedures so far and my liver enzymes remain normal. :-) Deb
  2. 5 years after, incredible pain, please help!

    I have this. Just discharged last night for it and they want to do an invasive ERCP to get to the Sphincter of Oddi via a laparoscopic (general anesthesia) entry into my proximal duodenum that still attached to my remnant stomach so they can put an endocope up inside this sphincter to clear it out and/or stent it. Im a little anxious about it and am exploring other options like taking Actigall (ursodiol) to de-sludge my bile at that point. My lipase (pancreatic enzyme) was also elevated because the common bile duct is shared by the bile duct and the duct coming from the pancreas. The pain lasted for 12 hours before it abated. Will follow up here as to what the eventual outcome will be. GB removed a little less than a year s/p RNY. Im almost 2 years out. Hope yours has been taken care of!
  3. Anyone From Pa ?

    Hi Im in Pittsburgh, PA!
  4. 1 year (2)

    Thanks much! It takes work, but you know that!
  5. Pennsylvania Post and Pre-Op Friends?

    Im in Pittsburgh and had RNY May 24, 2011 at UPMC St. Margaret with Dr Robert Quinlin. He is no longer with UPMC so I followed him to Morgantown, WV for my every 6 month checkups. Im about 23 months out and have been at goal for a year (below goal, even). I live in Indiana Township, but work in West Mifflin. Please let me know if you have questions or would like to plan a meetup! Deb
  6. New Guy from Chicago

    Welcome to TT! I was born and raised in the Chicago area (NW Suburbs) and am now in Pittsburgh. Best wishes for Monday and especially Tuesday! Any questions, dont hesitate to ask! :-) Deb
  7. 1 Year Surgiversary - May 2012

    Im coming up to my 2 year this May 2013!
  8. 1 year Surgiversary - 2012

  9. Have not checked in here for a long while. Will return more often. Hoping for support re: maintenance at nearly 2 years out! Happy Spring, all!

    1. BugdocMom


      Good to see you around!

    2. DebMcFr


      Thanks BDMom :-)

  10. Yoga?

    Im very interested in Yoga but as usual, I fear the unknown and dont want to look like an idiot. Im currently doing three days/wk of cardio (eliptical mostly) and some Zumba classes as well as strength training. I started this only this past January and am nearing my 2 year surgiversary in May. I did buy a mat. Thats as far as ive gone on the Yoga path. LOL Deb
  11. New Pictures

    adorable! You look great! :-) Deb
  12. Thanks so much hon! You are also amazing with your progress! Hope you and your family have a. blessed and happy Christmas!
  13. Awww thanks all! Ive been so lucky and blessed with an uneventful post op...until last Sunday....5 hours in the ED for what turned out to be a gallbladder attack - no stones, tho! Never had a problem and it was normal prior to surgery! Im as low fat as can be so perhaps I just havent given it much to do! :-) Lipase is up, liver enzymes are up and the angry little gallbladder isnt little right now! Going to see my PCP this afternoon so hopefull further imaging will help tell the tale of how this should be handled. Blessed holidays to you all! Hugs
  14. Finally have a nearly full length pic. Im always sitting at a table...EATING it seems! LOL Anyway, thought Id post. the First one is my 35th HS reunion last year at 272 lbs. And the other is with my grandson at his 4th birthday party last weekend. Its finally sticking with me...when I look in a reflection in a window as I walk by...that its really ME in that reflection. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, all! Deb
  15. Santa Brought Me A New Body!

    beautiful both before and after! But Ill sure bet you feel better! You look fantastic!