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  1. CharV

    My 6 Month Post Op Before And Afters

    Lookin' good Luke!
  2. CharV

    Need Come Encouragement/support.

    Megan, Im off all next week. Let me come and visit or run some errands for you? You are awesome and I know you can battle through this. Look how far you've come! See you soon, neighbor!
  3. CharV

    Before And After Up To 4 months BACK

    Hehe...does my butt look big in this? Yes! Ill always have junk in the trunk but these pics definitely show a smaller trunk!
  4. CharV


    We have furry children too...Cassidy and Rocky...both mixes:) You can see them in my FB albums!
  5. CharV


    Whats his name?
  6. CharV

    6 Months Post Op And Down A Total Of 84 Lbs

    You look mahvelous, dahling....way to go:)
  7. Samma, at 21, you should be dating and living your life. You should be kissing a lot of frogs because thats how you recognize when the right guy for you comes along. Just have fun, get rid of guys that don't treat you right or give a bad vibe, and try not to get too serious, too fast. Hold out for a guy that is everything you ever wanted:) Congrats on starting your master's so young and keep up the hard work. Its not wrong or conceited to know what makes you a good catch!
  8. CharV

    Baked Ham And Egg Cups

    Looks good:)
  9. CharV

    2 Months Out Today!

    Pay no attention to what others are losing. Follow the diet you were given, pay close attention to portions, and keep moving forward. A lot of people, myself included, include the weight that we lost before surgery too. I lost 31 lbs before surgery, and as of this morning Ive lost 47 since. I had surgery about 14 weeks ago. My total weight loss is 78 lbs. and I'm thrilled with it. As with anything, this is a process and you'll have some stalls that will drive you nuts and weeks where you lose 1-2 lbs every day. Keep changing up your foods and exercise and you will continue to lose:0)
  10. Thought I'd share this awesome deal with myTT ladies because we all scour the web for deals on smaller clothes.
  11. CharV

    From Fat To Beauty Queen

    While reading this article, I found another embedded in it that was also interesting! When you're losing weight, where does the fat go?
  12. CharV

    Just Curious

    My name is Char and I am a reformed gamer. Started with Diablo and moved on to WoW and Evony. WOW was excrutiating to go cold turkey from but my husband was lonely and I was diagnosed with diabetes...probably due to terrible I ate between work and gaming and of course, my severe lack of exercise. Recently, though I've been gameless and I have all this time on my hands, so I learned how to knit and started really getting into nail art but on top of that I joined another gym and I actually go. Im sure Ill fall off the wagon and start playing again (Diablo III in 2012, holla!) but now Ill keep it moderation:0). But only until the Spring when my grad school classes start. I still have gamer friends from all over the world and a large number of our couple friends have one or more gamers. Oh, the parties lol. You are not alone out here, gamer girl!
  13. CharV

    Advice Involving My New Job

    Why not simply say that you have a low tolerance for foods that are high in sugar or fat? Its basically the truth and only the most nosy people would require more info than that. If they ask more I would just make vague references to it "not being pretty" and "bathroom issues." Again, still the truth but enough info that people stop asking questions. As for your boss, thats the one person I would level with about my surgery at work. If only for them to have the backstory so that if you get a rep for being a party pooper, your boss will know the true reason why you don't partake in the party food, not to mention any appointments and such that are surgery related. Because of your last boss, it would be understandable that you would be reluctant to tell your new boss but take a boss was very supportive. It turns out that both of her daughters are overweight and one has seriously considered WLS. Isn't it crazy how you trade one extreme work environment for another? My job is very rough right now and I keep thinking I have to change it but then I worry that I might end up in a worse situation :0( I feel you, girl and I hope things get better for you. Keep on pushing yourself and working hard!
  14. I've been following James Garrison, Krista McFall, and Staci Bridwell on Facebook since their Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition episodes came on TV over the summer. If you are a fan of the show, like me, you'll be interested to know some of the things James has to say in one of his latest blogs. I was especially disappointed to find out about the lack of follow up that the show had for James' weight loss related medical problems and that he was required to take diet pills. Its a cautionary tale about how what is presented to the viewers of tv shows like EMWE and Biggest Loser and what "really" happens. Don't be discouraged by the weight loss you see on TV. James lost 313 lbs in about a year. Its an astounding amount of weight but he also shares exactly what he was told to do to lose that weight. Guess there is always another side to the story. Read his blog here.