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  1. Wow! You are ROCKING THAT SLEEVE!!! You look absolutely terrific! Congratulations on your incredible success so far!
  2. I could not handle the Ready-to-Drink Isopure drinks. But some folks find them tolerable when mixed with Crystal Lite.
  3. BugdocMom

    Dear John

    Wow! I have been here for over FOUR YEARS and never noticed that option! Thanks for pointing it out, Michael!
  4. I am so sorry to hear you are having trouble with your surgery. I got your PM. No worries, I can discuss it here so folks have something to refer to if they need some info in a similar situation. I have been seen by Dr. Silva at NE FL Endocrinology. He could not treat me but sent me to Mayo very quickly and helped manage my treatment in general. Mayo also cannot do much to help either because I am at a point where the only real thing that can be done is to remove my pancreas, which is not a reasonable choice right now because my condition is actually improving since my reversal. Improving very slowly, but still improving. I have been given a few "mixed meal" tests under close medical supervision (which are utterly miserable themselves) but no one EVER suggested I take an oral glucose test. It would have literally killed me. So, if you are very sensitive to carbs/sugar, I'd highly recommend you discuss alternatives to the glucose tolerance test. Feel free to PM me or to discuss it here:) edited because the font was tiny for some reason
  5. As you can see, each person seems to have a unique experience. As a matter of fact, since my bypass (which was my first surgery) I have had a couple of other surgeries and each of those has been distinctly different. A lot of folks will say it depends on your pain tolerance. But I think it has more to do with the details of your surgery and your surgeon's technique. The good thing is that the memory seems to fade pretty quickly. I remember that I was in a lot of pain on some occasions. But, like childbirth, over time I have forgotten the feeling and remember the story more than I remember the actual event... if that makes any sense. I kept a pretty detailed account of my experience in my blog if you are interested:
  6. That was good stuff! Thanks for sharing your journey! I have looked at a lot of those things as badges of honor. I think it helps that much of my skin "bounced back" a little better than I expected. Also that I became pregnant as a teen so I've had stretch marks and a not-for-bikinis body as long as I can remember. Now that I'm old and have been married for 20 years, I am not expecting to be toned and sexy just because I am thinner. I love your attitude toward the changes you are going through and think your ability to talk openly about your expectations will help you accept your new body and progress more easily through your changes-- both physical and emotional. Here was my take on my very own bat wings in my blog entry, Ninja Mom.
  7. I like Trader Joe's Spiced Chai with a little Sweet N Low. But the Haney and Sons certainly sounds yummy! Does it come with sugar added or is it just tea and spices?
  8. Thanks for your support and kind words! I will continue to post as much as I can!
  9. Yep! Preparation makes a HUGE difference. My pouch has always been extremely picky so when I wanted to try a new protein powder, I would go on a site like Nashua Nutrition and order samples. I would get AT LEAST TWO of the same samples so I could try them prepared different ways. Sometimes a water-based, blender bottle shaken drink poured over ice hit the spot. And sometimes a creamy milk (almond or soy) based drink mixed in a real blender with some ice was the best way to prepare a certain flavor/brand. If you do use the blender, pulsing it works best to keep it from getting too foamy:) I am also a HUGE fan of sipping hot protein drinks.
  10. There are many threads about the topic of what to bring with you to the hospital that will suggest a plethora of must-have items. I think a lot of people will agree that things like a robe, chap stick, your phone, etc are all pretty darn common recommendations. A couple of things I was surprised to find I really appreciated were extra pairs of my own fresh clean panties, kandoo butt wipes, and my iPad for internet access and book reading. Besides having my babies, my RNY was the first time I had been in the hospital overnight. It was an unexpectedly tough. My hubby was absolutely TERRIFIC! Since then, I have been in the hospital on several more occasions. Each one was very different and I needed/wanted different things. Sometimes, I felt well enough to spend a lot of time on the iPad surfing the net or reading (not so much with RNY), other times I was just too miserable to do anything. But, EACH time, fresh panties and chap stick were a godsend! I blogged about my RNY experience in detail if you want to read about it: http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/blogs/blog/1371-bugdocmoms-blog/?page=12 Congrats and good luck!!!!
  11. I also add them when I put the meat in. They are soft but are just fine and contribute to the yummy flavor of the dish!
  12. Well done!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!
  13. Good luck! We'll save a spot for you on the Losers' Bench!
  14. I get hypoglycemia and have a lot of food restrictions so I keep almonds stashed everywhere-- my purse, car, Mom's house, etc... I actually have to change them out every now and then because they tend to go bad before I actually need them. But better safe than sorry. I also keep a couple of cans of ready-to-drink protein drinks in my trunk (I can pour over ice from a fast food or other restaurant if needed) for emergencies. And if I plan to go somewhere that may put me in a position to not have good food choices, I will pack a couple of cold boiled eggs and a baggie of cut veggies in my purse.They will usually make it through even a really rough day without needing refrigeration.
  15. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this discomfort. Were you put on an acid reducer for a while after surgery? Have you tried an antacid or anti-gas medication like Gas-X strips? It's definitely not simply par for the course so you should bring it up with your doc and see if he/she has any ideas to help you feel better.
  16. Congrats on your new sleeve. Yep, that gas can be pretty brutal. But, fortunately, it does last long. Just keep walking.
  17. Hi there! Welcome to TT! I am so glad to hear you are doing well and finding some good advice already:)
  18. YES!! But most people say they feel magically more energetic at about 6 weeks:)
  19. When I was taking 6 Bariatric Advantage Chewy Bites (YUM!) each day, they added up to over 100 cals so I counted those calories. But I now take in fewer than 50 calories a day and I don't log them. I think it depends on you... and where you are in your WLS process.
  20. Hi there! Welcome and congrats on your sleeve.
  21. I can see where a rocking chair (in addition to walking) can help with recovery. I would think that small continual motion would help with several aspects of recovery without feeling like you were overdoing things. I actually found that rocking back and forth (in a still chair) helped me work up some of that painful post-op gas so I could burp it out. Not sure if a rocking chair would be too passive for THAT use, but it certainly can't hurt.
  22. I'm with Cinwa on the whole sanitation-for-surgery thing. Plus, you are likely wearing looser clothing and sweating/showering less than normal right now so it's less moist. Interestingly, I haven't even THOUGHT about my stinky belly button in years and I used to also get a pretty funky issue before surgery. Not sure when it stopped being an issue, but its nice to have an unexpected NSV this far out!
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