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  1. Beth, I haven't been on TT forever! But since I'm here now, I wanted to stop by and say hi! Hope you are well and happy.


  2. Hi Lileee! Thanks for friending me. I'm 5'5" :) It's quite a journey, I wish you so much success......I couldn't be happier with my decision. I've been able to maintain my weight between 145 & 150. I never thought I'd be this weight again. I actually got down to 140 but was way to bony so decided I was better at 145 and try to stay below 150. It really hasn't been hard.

  3. Hi Robin... Me & My Husband were in the front row of Dr Callery's meeting last nite (Thursday 11/10/2010) HELLOOOOO!!! it was nice to see you there! i am starting off at 275 just like you did :P how tall are you? im so excited to even THINK that I could end up Your Size... Woweeeee!!!

  4. I found you :) Thank you for you nice comment on my pictures. I hope to see you next month at Rain's you were missed last month.

  5. WOW!!!!! Look at you! Such a difference since I saw you at Rain's house a couple of months ago! WOW!!!!!!! You are definitely transforming into the new you!
  6. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! And Happy Birthday to Mrs. Squishy. How are the Squishy's by the way! Actually, I think in my short 51 years, this has been the worst birthday EVER!! I've been sick with a summer cold & sinus infection all week and here in San Diego, there has been NO sunshine &&&&& I'm on Vacation (when you live here, it's ok to stay home for vacation LOL). So, today's highlights are birthday wishes here on TT and on FB too! Thank you ALL!!
  7. Consider yourself hugged! I've been divorced and still without a relationship, I can't tell you to stay or go, do what your heart and soul tell you. It's been 14 years. I waited til my kids were old enough and out of the house until I started dating again. That would be a LONG time with your little Olivia. Do what's best for YOU!
  8. Hey Mike! So good to hear an update from you. Not much on TT myself these days, but it's good to see old friends. I'm glad you got the a-ok from your MD. Sometimes we just get these weird gastro-intestinal "obscurities". I hope it corrects itself sooner than later. Just wanted to say hi and I'm glad you're worries are absolved.
  9. I felt it! It seemed to last quite a while and then started over again. WOW!
  10. stops...starts up again. Weird earthquake tonight, but kinda cool. Hope everyone is ok and no damage. I'll take an earthquake over flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes any day.
  11. Kel, I've been on effexor for a long time. It works wonderful and the reason I switched from some other drug was because the other one made me feel like I was starving all the time. No such side effect (for me) with Effexor. HOWEVER, I feel I haven't needed to take the drug for years now but I cannot get off it due to the side effects of trying to stop taking it. I have cut the dosage in 1/2 for quite a while now, maybe I'll reduce it further to try to wean myself. Just wanted to warn you of this (if you EVER go off it). Otherwise, it was a godsend for me while I needed it.
  12. AMEN! You will be fine and you will love your new life. It seems slow at first, but it will all be worth it in the end. Look at my photo.....I could not have gone down that slide with my 3-yr old granddaughter, if I had NOT had WLS!
  13. Where in So Cal are you? Come to Rain's support group meetings. Tonight's the night
  14. Loved it! And caught you getting more camera time by walking past during someone else's interview. LOL Can't wait to do it again!