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  1. Awesome transformation! You are doing GREAT!
  2. Need to change something up.. havent lost a single lb in almost 5 months!! I am done with this stall!! I keep going up 3 lbs and then losing 3 lbs.. FRUSTRATING!! To say the least! Suggestions???

    1. ladyv808


      Work out harder? Cut down carbs? More protein? Lol, sorry just random notes. I am not to sure but I hope it gets better!

    2. Flooter


      I'm with ya! I keep going up and down the same 3 pounds for 3 months now. . .today, I'm cutting carbs and going into high gear with the exercise. Let's do this!

    3. NewLife4Me11


      I will try to up the protein and exercise.. i dont know what more to do... We can do this though! Thanks ladies!

  3. i wasnt sure if I could post or not, but if anyone knows of it and I am not allowed to, I will def take this off! Thanks for registering leorajs Not sure if this is okay to do on TT, but I went there and registered. I was just thinking about hunting down an Avon rep the other day. Interestingly, I used to love their products, but now with the surgery and my age, there are major issues showing up on my face, which just will not do. Will order soon.
  4. I still have social problems but I am just a tad bit more open to people now. Thanks for the good luck encouragement
  5. I tried to look around to see if I could post this or not, but I didnt see anything... I just wanted to get my name out there.. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well with their weight loss! I just wanted to throw this post out there and see how it goes. It really has nothing to do with weight loss. (but sorta does) I am starting to sell AVON. (since I recently lost my job) I just started it but since having surgery, I have gained a lot more confidence and have gone around and pretty much just started talking to people about AVON and getting clients. I would have never been able to have the confidence like I do now when I was 155lbs heavier. But if you love make-up, perfume, lotions, shoes, ect, you should try AVON. I always bought AVON so I thought, what the heck, might as well start selling it. And now it is even easier to get products. You can just go to my website and order products through AVON. They will be sent directly to your front door. No hassle. So like I said, I am just throwing this out there to see if I can make my list of clients grow a little. Its very safe and this isnt a scam or anything. This is serious and I am serious about getting clients to buy great products. But please feel free to visit and shop and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Thanks so much! AVON is a great company! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! <3 Amber Emig
  7. just came across this post! Thanks! I am feeling very dizzy and my muscles are so sore.. Like joint pain. i also have tingling in my left side (hand and leg/foot) I sometimes have rapid heartrates. Its scary. I just went to the doctors and they ordered my blood work to be done. i am hoping to find out what is wrong! But thanks again
  8. you look fantastic! You go girl!! Love that red dress on you!!
  9. Thanks for the advice! I def will look further into things. So heres the latest... I was in so much pain last week that I called for another doctor appt with a different doctor in the practice. They know I had surgery and they felt as if it once again its nerve related. So they referred me to a nerve specialist and I now have to get an EMG (?) test done.. Not really sure what this means. I just know or think they said its to see if theres nerve damage. So that appt is not until Jan 7th. I also called my gastric bypass doctor and gave her all my symptoms and she doesnt think its any issues from the surgery.. Hhmmpp!! (I guess its a good thing) but I just dont know how to feel about it. She doesnt think its too serious to me at this point but she did schedule an appt for feb 1!!! I am just getting the run around and the medical bills are starting to pile up!! So I guess i have to wait for this friday to see what the Neurologist says.. I am starting to feel helpless and this is getting really old. its depressing!
  10. I am the same way you are and honestly, to me, you look great! You look like a healthy normal person..
  11. Havent lost a single pound in a whole month!! Getting kinda depressed! :(

  12. Amazing job! You are only 4 months post op and running 3 miles!!! Just amazing!!! You look great!! You go girl!!
  13. You are doing such a great job!! Keep it up!
  14. Awesome job! Love all your cute outfits! Keep it up!!
  15. So still no answers. I just had a breast ultrasound and everything came back fine!! .. I am glad but I just wish I could be given an answer!! The past few days, I have had this weird feeling of burning sensation in my upper left breast/chest side and through my whole left arm. It is such a weird feeling. Its like drinking a cup of hot tea and its going through my left chest and down my left arm. Its so weird. Plus i feel off balance and dizzy for the past week now!! GGGRRRR. I just dont know what to think! The neurologist appt seems so far away!! I dont know if i can wait that long!!
  16. Thanks for the info! I looked up peripheral neuropathy and seriously, I have like all the symptoms. It is very scary sometimes, I feel very dizzy all the time, have the numbness, the pain, the lack of sexual activity, the muscle pain... its crazy.. I had the MRI and it all came back fine. Its not all the time, like you said, it just hits me sometimes and its mainly during the evening time and when I am aseelp. I am tired of thinking I am dying!! Cus it sure feels like it sometimes.. I know when I go to the ER, they tell me the same thing..YOU ARE OKAY.. but I just want answers and I hope to get them when I go to the Neurologist... I actually talked to the doctor last Thursday and he changed my meds to a nerve pain pill the treats seizures.. Its called GABAPENTIN and I have now been taking that for 5 days now and it seems to be helping A LOT!!! So we shall see....
  17. Congrats!! You look so amazing and so happy!! Good for you!!