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  1. Success! I fit into a size 22 dress! It's tight, but woohoo!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sarah Smile

      Sarah Smile

      Good for you! Congrads!

    3. Sarah Smile

      Sarah Smile

      Good for you! Congrads!

    4. cinwa


      Tight or not - you got into it. Congratulations babe - you're off to a great start.

  2. Oh, if only it was as easy to lose weight as it is to gain it.

  3. Over 3 Yrs Out Where Did The Time Go

    I love the "redneck" pics! Very hot!
  4. Interesting Encounter

    I had a close family friend die from complications of GB, so my family was on pins and needles during surgery. I'm sure being cross-country doesn't help either. There's a lady at church who has good intentions but just goes on and on about how her mom had the surgery and everything.
  5. Head Hunger

    Every time I see a food commercial I'm like "Ohhh that looks sooo good". My husband keeps making delicious dinners for himself and my son and I feel like I'm going crazy! I want it so bad! I'm not going to eat it obviously because I'm terrified of dumping, but still! I try to just take a walk when I feel hungry, but I feel like I'm never even in the house and I'm still healing, so I do need to rest sometimes. What did you do to conquer your head hunger?
  6. Free 24/22 3X2X Clothes-Need 18 1X Stuff Exc?

    How much btw?
  7. Free 24/22 3X2X Clothes-Need 18 1X Stuff Exc?

    I need some stuff mostly 22s. Let me know if we can meet up somewhere.
  8. I love love love watching the scale go down!

    1. Brynja


      i love love love that its going down and your eyes get to see that pleasure! :D <3

    2. Sohappyididit


      it's pretty awesome!!! good for you...

    3. Sohappyididit


      it's pretty awesome!!! good for you...

  9. Full Liquids Diet

    What types of food does the "Full liquids" diet consist of? I'm mostly wondering about yogurt and applesauce, but I'd like to know my alternatives as well.
  10. Gum Chewing

    I've always been a heavy gum chewer. I know they say it makes you swallow air which can be uncomfortable, but is there any other reason I shouldn't chew gum (sugar free, of course)?
  11. DOS July 15, 2011

    These are photos from my day of surgery.
  12. owww tried eating a popsicle but it was just too much. ugh!

    1. BethR.


      Oh... no fun! :-(

    2. acneal


      I know what you mean I love the watching the scale go down

  13. Drain Tube Removal

    Yes. You will need to sleep on your back for a while and then when you're ready you can transition to your side. I'm not sure how long until you can sleep on your stomach again, but I hope it's soon because I just don't sleep as well on my side.
  14. What Exercises Can I Do Now?

    I do quite a bit of walking but I was wondering if there are other exercises I can do 6 days post op. Any ideas?
  15. YESS! Success! 6 days post op -15lbs and HELLO Twoterville!! 299 this morning!

    1. NewMeNow2010


      woohoo! Doesn't it feel amazing?? Congrats on reaching Twoterville!!

    2. BethR.


      Yaaaahooooo!!! Rock on! Great work girl! :-)